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16 Dec 2017, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 07-11-2011, 07:38 PM   #101
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Default Re: ArmA2 Training for the PR Community

If you have the Steam version, right click on the launcher and select "Combined Ops", otherwise you only launch Arrowhead. Tonight, the first mission was on Chern, so launching with Arrowhead only would kick you from the server...

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Old 07-12-2011, 05:00 AM   #102
Default Re: ArmA2 Training for the PR Community

Gents as a beginner to Arma2 MP I have to say I didn't find your game last night very beginner friendly.

Lets start off with the positive first:
1. You guys are welcoming and have a great attitude to just come in and play.
2. Players respected the wishes of the admins regarding use of TS.
3. There was generally good intentions of players to work as a team.
4. Despite server problems early on you got things up and running.

Not so hot (from a beginners PoV):
5. Organisation in game was poor.
6. Very few people seemed to know what they were doing and those that did weren't communicating or leading others as to what to do.
7. I can only guess that the server was on somekind of realism mode as pretty much all the helpers/markers you see on SP (normal mode) were not there. Most notable was not being able to see where the squad leader is and where you are on the map. PR obviously is going to favor realistic settings but you need to explain how to cope with the change in gameplay settings to a beginner.
8. The map/level was respawning players many KM away from the action with no obvious way to get back into the game. I got shot and killed twice without even seeing where the incoming fire came from only to then sit and in some area remote area away from the action for ages.
9. Its a bad idea to allow experienced players to use long range weapons in game with such a mixed range of experience.
10. I didn't really see much evidence of teamplay, not because players weren't prepared to more because players got seperated, communication was very poor, not enough player knew what to do and those that didn't just got ignored.

All in all I can see how Arma2 MP could be fun, I think you need to change a few things when arranging 'ArmA2 Training for the PR Community'.

Would like to give it another shot though, there is the potential here to have some gg's.
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Old 07-12-2011, 07:22 AM   #103
Default Re: ArmA2 Training for the PR Community

Thanks for the great game last night, It was a blast.

I do agree in-game organization was a bit poor, but that was hardly due to RIP members. I loved the expert settings, without markers on the map. It was tricky to find out where to go and where I was, but the experience was good all around. I also fell prey to some expert sniping, but that made the game all the more fun.

IF i had to compare this to my other A2 online experience id have to say this was the best. I've only had the game for a few days, but the rest of my time in multyplayer was spent crashing to desktop(wrong mods), and running around huge maps playing against boring AI, and generally horrible organisation. The normal settings are dull, with crosshairs, and map markers for everything, and even with all the added features it doesn't translate into better coordination.

Also I think the trend for most A2 multyplayer is co-op only, which i don't understand at all. It was great fun, despite my having trouble finding my way, and at least 1 friendly fire incident.

thanks for organizing the event, ill be back on wednessday, and hopefully friday for the hunting mission ;p
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Closed Thread

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