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Old 12-31-2008, 10:34 PM   #31
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Default Re: [Changelog] PR v0.853 third test build

Please people, don't complain about these changelogs. Some have fun finding out what it says, others don't care. So if you don't care, noone forces you to read this. It probably takes 10 seconds to turn the changelogs into this, so the Dev's are not being stopped from working on 0.85 by this. It'll come out when it comes out, and those of us who find those changelogs interesting are happy they get them. I didnt really read the last one, but I still find the idea good. And it doesnt hurt anyone. Additionaly, next release we'll have an idea about how long it could take from the first changelog to the release if they keep releasing it, and even now those version numbers give me an idea of how far they are, even if I do not know how many test builds it takes in total. And we get some information. - those wo dont want that, dont have to do the work to encode that whole thing.

Sorry for the rant.

Thanks for the update.
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Old 12-31-2008, 10:58 PM   #32
Default Re: [Changelog] PR v0.853 third test build

To all of you that says this joke is old, I still find it kinda amusing. Seeing you struggling to find out what it means, complaining and discussing. I always get a smile reading trough the answers of these topics

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Old 12-31-2008, 11:02 PM   #33
Default Re: [Changelog] PR v0.853 third test build

Yes I had some spare time...

KITS: Mxxxd axxxxd with the kit geometries on the mxxxxxxxxxxs (chuc)
KITS: give militia rifleman at sxxxxd axxx instead of ixxxxxxxs (fuzzhead)
KITS: give crewman 1 sxxxe (fuzzhead)
KITS: Fixed crewman kits not having repair ability. (dbzao)
KITS: Added AKM Bajonet to the taliban, ixxxi insurgents and crewman militia wxxxe axxxxxxxxe (chuc)
KITS: Fixed russian pilot pxxxxl in pxxxxxxn x. (dbzao)
KITS: Sxxxxxxd oxt wxxxxxs on pxxxxp kits to Ixxxi ixxxxxxxt gxxxxxxxxs to pxxxxxt cxxxxxxxxxc exxxxs fxxm txxxxg pxxxe (chuc)
KITS: Taliban dxxxxxxs added, with taliban flag on it (chuc)
KITS: Added ixxxxxxxxxxxxd kit ixxxs on the drop bxxs (chuc)
KITS: Sniper kit fxxxs for the Chinese, Taliban, Ixxxi Insurgents, pxxxxp kits and Crewman militia have been uxxxxxd with ixxxxxxxxl ixxn cxxxxxs (chuc)
KITS: US Army and USMC kits uxxxxxd with new dxxxxxg cxxxxxxxxxxxxs (chuc)
KITS: Russian kits uxxxxxd with new dxxxxxg cxxxxxxxxxxxxs (chuc)
KITS: MEC kits uxxxxxd with new dxxxxxg cxxxxxxxxxxxxs (chuc)
KITS: Bxxxxxh kits uxxxxxd with new dxxxxxg cxxxxxxxxxxxxs (chuc)
KITS: x give insurgent cell leader G3 (fuzzhead)
KITS: Set the MEC sxxxxxxxxt to use the Sxxxa xxk sxxxxxxt (x+x mxxs) (chuc)
KITS: Ixxxi insurgent Axxx, Taliban LxT and Taliban Insurgent x new have Axxx; Cxxxxxn mxxxc hxs AxxxxU and Cxxxxxn mxxxxxxt AB hxs Bxxxxxt Axxx (chuc)
KITS: uxxxxxd taliban rifleman sxxxxxr nxxxs to wxxxxxr (fuzzhead)
KITS: Set all convential rifleman AT kits to use normal rifleman kit geometries (chuc)
KITS: Give Ixxxi insurgent SkS spawn kit the sxxxxxxt sxxxxxn and ixxxx x Rxxx (chuc)
KITS: Rxxxxxxxxd RPG on bxxk kit geometries to look the same as the RPG rxxxxs cxxxxxxxy in use (chuc)
KITS: Nxxxxxo bxxxxxxt added to Insurgent SKS, rxxxxxxg the SKS (chuc)
KITS: Ixxxxxxxxx gxxxn the sxxxxxxt sxxxxxn, ixxxxxxxxx gxxxn the gxxxxxe txxp (rxxxxxxxg the sxxxe gxxxxxe) (chuc)
KITS: Give RKG3 to Taliban ixxxxxxxxx and Ixxxi Ak-74u insurgent (chuc)
KITS: Fxxxxxn sxxxxxxc wxxxxn pxxxxxxs added to drop geometries (chuc)
KITS: Cxxxxxd up Taliban kit texture rxxxxxxxxs (chuc)
KITS: Fixed kit bug icon on the US army pilott kit (chuc)

"- Jackson_Action"
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Default Re: [Changelog] PR v0.853 third test build

omg dis r stupid tell us real thing i pay for this mod

wait, what?

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Old 12-31-2008, 11:19 PM   #35
Default Re: [Changelog] PR v0.853 third test build

Originally Posted by [R-DEV]bosco View Post
omg dis r stupid tell us real thing i pay for this mod
wait, what?
Makes no sense. People don't pay for the mod, but that's no excuse to make things as complicated as possible for the fans.

That said, I'm completely indifferent to these topics. I just can't stand the widespread "fanboy-ism" on the PR forums.
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Default Re: [Changelog] PR v0.853 third test build


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Default Re: [Changelog] PR v0.853 third test build

So, it's new years eve.
You are for some reason stuck in a farm out in nowhere with your parents and one brother and his girlfriend...and no fireworks.
They all go to bed at 2:00 because they feel tired as it's unusual to stay up that late according to them.
You on the other hand woke up today at 15:30 and feel not a bit tired at all so you stay up a bit later, making sure you've wished everyone a good new year and stuff...takes like 20 minutes...still not tired.
You see there's a new chifered changelog up on the project reality forum.
You get the stupid idea of trying to dechifer something just because of a little curiosity and need of something to do other than playing boring flash games.
You get a little addicted to id, as it is a little like crosswords.
You start to feel a little tired, just a little bit more.
Clock turns 5:15 and you realize you've done all you can.
You feel tired.
You post up whatever you've got on this forum and write a short explanation of why you did this.
You feel very tired.

Yeah, that's basically me the last four hours
Originally Posted by Changelog
Core 6968:7625

PYTHON: Updated forward outpost rule to not allow deploying too closee to command post. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Updated C&C with new bleed logic. If your team has x FBs and the enemy has none, the enemy will bleed one ticket per second. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Added txxxxt lxxs to dxxxxxxxt vxxxxxxs txxxs for all gxxe mxxxs x-xx x axxxr, jxxs, axxs, hxxxxxxxxxs, fxxxxxd oxxxxxxs,x-x x txxxxxxxt jxxxs/txxxxs,x-x x gxxxxd dxxxxxxs,x-x x sxxxxxxs)x (dbzao)
PYTHON: Updated txxxxxxg to not lxxe axy txxxxxs for dxxxh or vxxxxxe damadged. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Axxxxxt to fix sxxxxxxg in wxxxg rxxxy pxxxt. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Added cxxxxxxn kit to the kits axxxxxd to pxxxe fxxxxxd oxxxxxxs/hxxxxxxs. (dbzao)
PYTHON: If a cxxxxxxxn pxxxxr kxxxs a cxxxxxxn oxxxxxe the RxE, hxs sxxxe is rxxxt to x (axd all oxxxr pxxxxxxxs axxxxxd as wxxl)x (dbzao)
PYTHON: Axxxxxt to fix the ixxxe of kxxxs not bxxxg cxxxxxd if the enemy dxxn't rxxxxxn axd the rxxxd exxxd. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Ixxxxxxxd kit rxxxxxt dxxxxxxe fxxm bxxxxxs/fxxxxxxxs to be xxm ixxxxxd of xm. Added fxxxxxxxxxxxr as xxxm rounds kit rxxxxxt lxxxxxxn to be used at cxxxxxxs. Added mxxx axc as kit rxq lxxxxxxn to uxxc if nxxxxd at Some mxxs (fxxxxxxh)x (dbzao)
PYTHON: Updated insurgency to sxxxn the rxk in the cxxxxs. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Updated insurgency to zero the sxxxe of the insurgent txxxxxr txxt dxxxxxxs a cxxxe. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Uxxxxe to more some the ixxxxxxxxs don't lxxe txxxxxs for anything but cxxxxs damadged. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Added the new sxxxxxr bxxxxs to the cxxxxxxxs fxxe. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Ixxxxxxxd wxxxxxd txxe to x mxxxxxs. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Updated txxxxxn to hxxe hxxxxxxs and no other dxxxxxxxxe axxxt. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Added cxxxxxn rxxxxxxxxxn to the lxxxxxxxs txxxk axd Removed the rxxxxxxxxxxs fxxm nxxxxl txxxxs. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Updated ixxxxxxxxy to rxxxxl the fxxxt oxxxxxxxe to the cxxxxxxxn only ~x minutes into the round. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Added a bunch of new vxxxxxxs to the kit rxxxxxxxxxxs lxxt axd sxxxxxp dxxxy (Some will not lock the txxxxxs yet). (dbzao)
PYTHON: Rxxxxxxd sxxxxxxs with the pxxxxxx for dxxxxxxxxe axxxt. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Updated sxxxxxr bxxxxs nxxxxg. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Updated txxxxt pxxxxxxxs of dxxxxxxxxe axxxxs to only cxxxt if it wxs damadged by the enemy. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Added sxxxn pxxxxs to cxxxxs in Ixxxxxxxxy txxt wxxl be dxxxxxd if the cxxxe is rxxxxxxd or damadged. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Added dxxxxxxxt mxxxxxe for ixxxxxxxxs txxxxg to dxxxxy axxxxs with the wxxxg kit. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Removed pxxxt kit rxxxxxt from militia and talian. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Added the two new sxxxxxr mec bxxxxs to cxxxxxxxs fxxe. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Axxxxxt to fix ixxxxs with not being axxe to dxxxxe some mxxxxxs. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Some changes to mxxxxxs to try mxxe txxm mxxe rxxxxxxe. You may need to wait x seconds to do an axxxxn lxxe dxxxxe oxe so the cxxe can load it. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Removed the cxxxxxn kit rxxxxxxxxxt to lxxxxxxxs txxxk. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Updated insurgency to dxxxxe the cache spawn point only when the cxxxxxxxn gxxs the rxxxxxxd mxxxxxe. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Updated kit rxxxxxt rxxxs to only accept rxxxxxxxxg from APCs axd SxxxxY CxxxxS. Updated dxxxxxxxxe axxxxs rxxxs to check for fxxxxn sxxxxxxc sxxxxy cxxxxs. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Added lxxxt of xx pxxxxxs to pxxxxc txxxxxxg seconds. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Removed rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxr to rxxxxxxxxxxxs jxxt bxxxxxe I wxxt to axd I cxn, axd nxxxxy wxxl do axxxxxxg axxxt it. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Added cxxe to dxxxxxe fxxxxxd oxxxxxt sxxxn if exxxxxs axe cxxxe. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Lxxxxxd dxxxxxxe bxxxxxn Fxs to xxxm fxxm xxxm. Also lxxxxe dxxxxxxe of axxxxs from FBs to xxxm fxxm xxxm. (dbzao)
PYTHON: Added the two new bxxxxxh sxxxxxr bxxxxs to cxxxxxxxs fxxe (dbzao)

MATERIAL: Updated wreck to only be damadged by C4, Sxxxs, Tank rounds, bxxxs, hxxxy mxxxxxxs. (dbzao)

KITS: Mxxxd axxxxd with the kit gxxxxxxxxs on the mountaineers (chuc)
KITS: Gave militia rifleman at sxxxxd axxx instead of ixxxxxxxs (fuzzhead)
KITS: Gave cxxxxxn x sxxxe (fuzzhead)
KITS: Fixed cxxxxxn kits not having rxxxxr axxxxxy. (dbzao)
KITS: Added AKM Bxxxxxt to the taliban, Iraqi insurgents and cxxxxxn militia wxxxe axxxxxxxxe (chuc)
KITS: Fixed rxxxxxn pxxxt pxxxxl in position x. (dbzao)
KITS: Sxxxxxxd out weapons on pickup kits to Iraqi insurgent gxxxxxxxxs to prevent cxxxxxxxxxc errors from taking place (chuc)
KITS: Taliban dxxxxxxs Added, with taliban flag on it (chuc)
KITS: Added ixxxxxxxxxxxxd kit icons on the drop bags (chuc)
KITS: Sniper kit fixes for the Chinese, Taliban, Iraqi Insurgents, pickup kits and Cxxxxxn militia have been updated with ixxxxxxxxl icon changes (chuc)
KITS: US Army and USMC kits updated with new dxxxxxg cxxxxxxxxxxxxs (chuc)
KITS: Russian kits updated with new dxxxxxg cxxxxxxxxxxxxs (chuc)
KITS: MEC kits updated with new dxxxxxg cxxxxxxxxxxxxs (chuc)
KITS: British kits updated with new dxxxxxg cxxxxxxxxxxxxs (chuc)
KITS: I gave insurgent cell leader G3 (fuzzhead)
KITS: Set the MEC sxxxxxxxxt to use the Sxxxa xxk sxxxxxxt (x+x mxxs) (chuc)
KITS: Iraqi insurgent Axxx, Taliban LAT and Taliban ixxxxxxxt x now have Axxx; Coalition mxxxc has AxxxxU and Cxxxxxn mxxxxxxt AB has Bxxxxxt Axxx (chuc)
KITS: Updated taliban rxxxxxxn sxxxxxr nxxxs to wxxxxxr (fuzzhead)
KITS: Set all conventioal rxxxxxxn AT kits to use nxxxxl rifleman kit gxxxxxxxxs (chuc)
KITS: Gave Iraqi insurgent SKS sxxxn kit the sxxxxxxt sxxxxxn and ixxxx x Rxxx (chuc)
KITS: Rxxxxxxxxd RPG on bxxk kit gxxxxxxxxs to look the same as the RPG rounds currently in use (chuc)
KITS: Nxxxxxo bxxxxxxt added to insurgent SKS, rxxxxxxxg the SKS (chuc)
KITS: Ixxxxxxxxx gxxxn the sxxxxxxt sxxxxxn, ixxxxxxxxx gxxxn the gxxxxxe txxp (rxxxxxxxg the sxxxe gxxxxxe) (chuc)
KITS: Gave RPGs/RPKs to Taliban ixxxxxxxxx and Iraqi Axxxxu insurgent (chuc)
KITS: Fxxxxxn sxxxxxxc weapon pxxxxxxs added to dxxp gxxxxxxxxs (chuc)
KITS: Cleaned up Taliban kit txxxxxe rxxxxxxxxs (chuc)
KITS: Fixed kit bag icon on the US army pilot kit (chuc)

DEPLOYABLES: Fixed cxxxxa pxxxxxxxxxg on new deployable AA axxxxs to added z-fxxxxxxg. (jaymz)
DEPLOYABLES: New AA dxxxxxxxxxs sxxxxd sxxxn as a wreck now and need cxxxxxxxxxxn. (jaymz)

ATLAS: Updated atlas (ancientman)
ATLAS: Updated atlas (ancientman)

SOLDIERS: Fixed lxxxxxxg issue on the Russian light soldier (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Added re-pxxxxxxd sxxxxxxs for USMC, China and Russia (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Removed sxxxxxxs to new pxxxxxxs (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Sxxxxr sxxxxxr removed fxxxs added (Cxxxxt fxxxs sxxn) (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Sxxxxt sxxxxxxxxxxxxxn for all sxxxxxxs. xx seconds of sxxxxt with a xxx second rxxxxl time. only exeption is Cxxxxxxxs which have xx seconds of sxxxxt. (jaymz)
SOLDIERS: Cxxxxt fxxxs for the new rxxxxxd factions Added (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Deletedd old nxxxd factions (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Removed sxxxxxxs for PLA, Russia axd USMC to axxxxxxxxxe nxxxs bxxxxxe the uxxxxxxxxe more the gxxe sxxxl rxxxxxxxe txxt the original pxxxxx sxxxl exxxxs, txxs lxxxxxg the kits AxxxN. (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Removed sxxxxxxs for PLA, Russia axd USMC to axxxxxxxxxe nxxxs bxxxxxe the uxxxxxxxxe more the gxxe sxxxl rxxxxxxxe txxt the original pxxxxx sxxxl exxxxs, txxs lxxxxxg the kits AxxxN. (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Added more faces? for the USMC and USA factions (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Txxxxxn and mxxxxxxxxxt cxxxxxxn txxxxxxs gxxxn jxxxxr, nxxe sxxxs rxxxxxxd (chuc)
SOLDIERS: More vxxxxxxs added for the mxxxxxxxxxt soldiers (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Added x more cxxxxxe sxxxxxr vxxxxxxs (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Removed sxxxxxxs all to sxxxxxxxxxxd px_(fxxxxxn)x also rxxxxxxd cxxxxr/uxxxxxr/rxxxxr to pxxxh/pxxxs/pxxxu (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Added x more MEC soldier vxxxxxxs (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Tweaked a lxxxxe the russian uxxxxxxs (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Added x more Russian soldiers (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Sxxxxxxxd txxxxxxs on the Russian soldiers and kits (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Fixed Russian soldier x cxxxxxg cxxxh (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Added x more Cxxxxxn mxxxxxa sxxxxxxs (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Added x more bxxxxxh sxxxxxxs (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Removed txxe nxxxxd bxxxxe sxxxxxxg up axxxr gxxxg to pxxxe bxxk to x.x seconds (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Removed lxxxxh of hxxxxxxxxy sxxxxt animation when going from pxxxe to sxxxxxxg (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Fxxxl sxxxxxxxxxxxxxn of sxxxxt txxxs. xx seconds of sxxxxt txxe (xx for cxxxxxxxxxxxs)x Rxxxxl time is xx seconds. (jaymz)
SOLDIERS: Changed out a US face to look Axxxn (ixh) (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Changed UN face to look Ixxxxn (chuc)
SOLDIERS: Dxxxxt txxe-xx dxxxxxl cxxo sxxxs for the PLA Added (wxxxxxxd sxxxs new hxxe _xxxxxxxd sxxxxx) (chuc)

SOUNDS: Tweaks to sxxxxxn sounds. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Tweaks to Exxxxxd 3p firing sound (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Added mxxxxxg sound to lxxxe exxxxxxxn exxxxt (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Set all sxxxxxxs to use the same firing sounds (a mxxxxxxd rxxxxxxxn one), the new sounds wasn't working out. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Lxxxxxd vxxxxe of oxxxxs zoom in sound (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Tweaked Exxxxxd firing sound (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Fixed bug with mxxxxxe exxxxe sxxxxs by axxxxg sxxxxxe to the bxxxxxxxg. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: New Exxxxxd firing sound (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Bxxxxxd vxxxxe of H-AT x L-AT/RPG firing sounds (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Cxxxxxd dxxxxy sxxxd of Axxx bxxxxxt. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Tweaked RPK/Al-Quds firing sounds. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Nxxxxxxs txxxxs to vxxxxe and dxxxxxxe of mxxxxxe exxxxe sounds. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: New xxm, x.xxxm, x.xxxm dxxxxxt sxxxxs. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Sxxxxxxxxxxd xxxxl sxxxd dxxxxxxxs (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Cxxxxxxe sxxxxxxxxxxxxxn of vxxxxe and dxxxxxxxs for hxxxxxxd x sxxxxxxxxy wxxxxn firing sounds. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Bxxxxxd vxxxxe of 3p firing sound for Bxxx Bxw mg's. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Fixed sxxxd for the lxxxe exxxxxxxn exxxxt bxxxg ixxxxxxy lxxd. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Returned back to the good'ol dxxxxxt sounds (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Axxxxxe new xxxxl dxxxxxt sound from Cxxxxy. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: New British Commander voices from Txxxxxxxxxxx. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Set dxxxxxxe dxxxy to only hxxxxn wxxn sxxxd sxxxxe is xxxm or more axxy. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Sxxxxxxxd oxt ExX axr axxxxxxxxn dxxxxxxe to xxxm bxxxxe it's at mxx. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Rxxxxd vxxxxe of dxxxxxt sxxxxs (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Ixxxxxxxd dxxxxxxe of 3p reload sxxxxs (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Rxxxxd vxxxxe of dxxxxxt sxxxxs sxxxxxxy. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Lxxxxxd rxxxxy lxxd exxxxe nxxxxs on tweaks. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Added hi-fidelity txxxxxxs mxxxxxg to the txxxxxxs sound (chuc)
SOUNDS: Returned cxxxxe to txxxxxxs sound back to sxxxl-sxxxk exxxxt. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Tweaks to dxxxxxt sounds. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Lxxxxxd vxxxxe of wxxk x sxxxxt sxxxxs. Pxxt x of dynamic rxxxe oxxxxxxl. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Dxxxxxc Rxxxe oxxxxxxl Pxxt x (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Ixxxxxxxd dxxxxxxe of 3p rxxxxxs on lxxs of hxxxxxxd weapons (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Corrected loads of 3p reload sounds not being in sync with animations (jaymz)
SOUNDS: More high-end added to 3p xxxm firing sound. (jaymz)
SOUNDS: Fixed AxxxU 3p reload sound not being dxxxxxd as a xD sound. (jaymz)

HUD: Bxxxd new Russian HUD's, cxxxxxxxxxs of Gxxe axd Axxx. New Sxxxxxxl gunner sight, Fixed BMB3 Gunner sight. Bxxxd new Russian Tank/APC commander sxxxt. (jaymz)
HUD: Updated weapon selection icons (ancientman)
HUD: Fixed cxd with Bxxx xxxxx mxxxxxxs (jaymz)
HUD: Added cxxxe fxxe mxxxxxe to cxxm rxxe. (dbzao)
HUD: Dxxxxxxd oxxxxxe on the changes sxxxxxxy (chuc)
HUD: Added sxxxxxl axxxxxy icons to gxxxxxe txxp axd Rxxx AT gxxxxxe (chuc)
HUD: Added a few new vxxxxxe pxxxxxxxr icons (chuc)
HUD: Added dxxxxxxxt exxxxxt rxxxxxxs (axc axd hxxo) axd rxxxxr rxxxxxt to SL cxxm rxxe. (dbzao)
HUD: Added new UxV txxxxxr abd rxxxxr dxxxt icons to Chuc's icons fxxxxr (chuc)
HUD: Added uxxxxe Wxxxxxr sxxxxxg icon (chuc)
HUD: Added a nxxxxr of new vxxxxxe pxxxxxxxr icons (chuc)
HUD: Updated sxxxxxn sxxxxxxxn icons (chuc)
HUD: Rxxxd Mxxx Pxxa sxxxxxxxn icon (chuc)
HUD: Added new sxxxxxxxn icons for APCs no bxxxxxt (chuc)
HUD: Added x new axxxxn icons from [R-CxM]Voxination (ancientman)
HUD: Gave Axxxxxxxy IED its own icon (chuc)
HUD: Added and updated a wxxxe bxxxh of selection icons (chuc)
HUD: Changed Gxxxxxxx on gxxxxxc APC HUD to added cxxxxxxt. (egor)
HUD: Added bxxxxxxxg sxxg sxxxxxl axxxxxy icon (chuc)
HUD: Updated a few selection icons (chuc)

BUILDS: Fixed bug where pxxxxn axxxxs weren't dxxxxxd from core build. (egor)

VEHICLES: Removed militia sxxxxxt jeep, no longer used due to bxxxxxxs and cxxxxxxxs (fuzzhead)
VEHICLES: Set vxxxxxxs to lxxe only xxp when uxxxxe down so they'll lxxt much lxxxxr. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Removed Txxxxxxxxxg oxxxxt txxt doesn't exxxt from Fxx. (dbzao)
VEHICLES: Fixed zoom.cxxxxxxxxxt issue in rxxxxxxxxxx. (dbzao)
VEHICLES: Removed updated pxxxxxt lxxxxxg sound from avenger. (dbzao)
VEHICLES: Fixed lxxk txxe/bxxxs for sxxxxxr and gxxxxn. (egor)
VEHICLES: Updated sxxxxxr to use new (Fixed) hud. (egor)
VEHICLES: Added fixed up sxxc map on the rxxxxxn lxxxxxxxs txxxxs (chuc)
VEHICLES: Lxxxxxd pxxxxxxxxe dxxp on Axxxxk Hxxxxxxxxr changes to sxxxxxxe axxo-rxxxe fxxxxxs. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Added fixed Lxxx txxxxxxs to the rxxo. (rhino)
VEHICLES: New BTR-90 Added (jaymz)
VEHICLES: New BTR-90 Added (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Some gxxxxxl PR'ixxxxxn to the new BTR-90. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Updated vxxxxxxs to dxxxxy fxxxxxn sxxxxxxc sxxxxy cxxxxs. (dbzao)
VEHICLES: lxxs added to BTR-90 (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Fixed dxxxxxg on BTR-90 wxxxxs. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Fixed up BMP-3 dxxxxxg. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Updated the Lynx mesh and textures. (rhino)
VEHICLES: Updated sxxxxy cxxxxs to be dxxxxxt rxxxt-cxxxk on lxxxxxxxs txxxxs. Removed bxxxxp bxxp fxxm txxxxs. Added the rxxxxr cxxxe to Fxxxe key. (dbzao)
VEHICLES: Updated the Lynx from Txxxn and also added the tweak back in txxt I by mxxxxxe dxxxxxd here. (rhino)
VEHICLES: Added gxxxxxc, uxxxxxxxe, APC pxxxxxxxr vxxxxxg pxxt to Bxxxxxy, Lxxxx axd Wxxxx. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Added a "woodland" version of the Lynx wxxxxxt axr fxxxxxs to the rxxo, perfect on Qinling ASS map, needs testing to confirm it's fully working thou sxxxxxn't have any problems. (rhino)
VEHICLES: Rxxxxxxxxxxd the two dxxxxxxxxs sxxxxxg on the back of the Mxxx to be sxxxxxg down on the bxxxxxs. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Gave a lxxxxn in "using a sxxt xxx" to Mxxxxn pxxxxxxxxs. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Put Blackhawk pxxxxxxxxs x x x into sxxxs (Pxxxxxxxr x is so exited he's on the edge of his seat, lxxxxxxxy!x (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Added gxxxxxc pxxxxxxxr HUD to Bxxxxxy pxxxxxxxxs (falkun)
VEHICLES: Added cxxxxa to T-72 (falkun)
VEHICLES: Added zoom cxxxxxxxxy to Gxxxxn gxxxxr (chuc)
VEHICLES: Added x rxxr sxxxs to UxZ jxxxs (egor)
VEHICLES: Fixed cxxxxa pxxxxxxxs of Wxxxx in order to added z-fxxxxxxg issues. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Rxxxxxxxxxxd Sxxxxxr pxxxxxxxr vxxxs to Added z-fxxxxxxg (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Added generic pxxxxxxxr HUD to Wxxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Removed rxxxxm dxxxxxxxe of Txx cxxxxa. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Fixed pxxxxxxxxs rxxxxxxg in txxxr sxxxs on the Mxxx (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Sxxxxxd UH-xx pxxxxxxxxs rxxxxxxg in txxxr sxxxs. (jaymz)
VEHICLES: Cxxxxr axxxxxxd the Huey to be cxxxxr to the bxxxxh model on the Cxxxa (chuc)
VEHICLES: Added dxxxxt/wxxxxxxd txxxxxe vxxxxxxs for vxxxxxs axr vxxxxxxs (chuc)
VEHICLES: Set changes both Axxxxe vxxxxxxs to rxxxxxt txxxr RL cxxxxxxxxxxs. (jaymz)

GENERAL: I Removed wxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxs to x for all vxxxxxxs (fuzzhead)
GENERAL: I all vxxxxxxs with wxxxxxxxxy txxe xxxx and wreck HP xxxx (fuzzhead)
GENERAL: Fixed issue with bxxxd sxxxxt axxxxxxxg .sxn fxxxs in the (dbzao)
GENERAL: Axxxxxt to load PR sxxxxxs without using pr.exe. Removed wxxxxxg vxxxo. (dbzao)
GENERAL: Set rxxxxr dxxp txxxxxxe to use new rxxxxr dxxp from Rhino. (jaymz)
GENERAL: Added rxxxxxxxg cxxe to new rxxxxr dxxp. (jaymz)
GENERAL: Fixed rxxxxr dxxp sxxxxxg dxxn hxxxs. NEEDS TWEAKING. (jaymz)
GENERAL: Only one rxxxxr dxxp axxxxxd at a time. (jaymz)
GENERAL: Set rxxxxr dxxp to dxxxxxxxr axxxr xxxxxs. (jaymz)
GENERAL: Pxxxxxx uxxxxe fxxm Fxx. (jaymz)
GENERAL: Removed dxxxy txxxr on rxxxxr dxxp to xxxxs. (jaymz)
GENERAL: Fixed sxxxxy cxxxe cxxxxxxg bxxxxxe of dxxxxxt.dxs txxxxxe rxxxxxxxxs (chuc)
GENERAL: I gxave insurgent sxxxxr SKS (fuzzhead)
GENERAL: I gxave insurgent axxxm ixxxxxxe (fuzzhead)
GENERAL: rxxxxxxd lxxt (jaymz)
GENERAL: Updated sxxxxxr pxxxe axd jeep dxxxxs to be lxxxxr bxxxxxn txxxxxxxxxxs, sxxxxd sxxxe a lot of the dxxxxxn dxxxxg as txxxe's a x sxxxxd dxxxy from lxxxxxg a jeep to going to pxxxe, as will as sxxxxxxg up from pxxxe (axxxxxr x sxxs) (chuc)

OBJECTS: Fixed issue with sxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxe. (dbzao)
OBJECTS: Fixed issues with txxxxxn axd mxxxxxxxxxt sxxxxxxs. (dbzao)
OBJECTS: Added fxxxxxxxxxxxr oxxxxt. (dbzao)
OBJECTS: Added pxxxxxx dxxxy oxxxxt. (dbzao)
OBJECTS: Fixed dxxxxxxxxe xxxxxs and pxxxxxx txxxxxe cxxxxxxg (where is my F dxxxe? D (chuc)
OBJECTS: Added new fxxxxxxxxxn obhect to cxxxxe ixxxxxxxe sxxxn pxxxxs. (dbzao)
OBJECTS: Added the "rxxxxxxxxxp" to the rxxo, needs cxxxxg. (rhino)
OBJECTS: Uxxxxe pxxxxxxxxxxxxxe to be a sxxxxxxxxxxt. (dbzao)
OBJECTS: Added fxxxxxn sxxxxxxc sxxxxy cxxxxs. (dbzao)
OBJECTS: Added the fxxxxxn sxxxxxxc sxxxxy cxxxxs "wxxxxxs" to be Added to the txxxxs/hxxxs. (dbzao)
OBJECTS: Updated fxxxxxn sxxxxxxc supply crates to only give ammo to his own team. (dbzao)
OBJECTS: Axxxxxt to more sxxxxy cxxxxs not dxxxxxxxxxxe by sxxxl axxs. (dbzao)
OBJECTS: Updated sxxxxr fxxxs for sxxxxy cxxxxs to use ixxxxxxxxl gxxs (chuc)
OBJECTS: Added fxxxxxn sxxxxxxc txxxxxxs to sxxxxy cxxxxs (chuc)
OBJECTS: Updated the Ammo Dump textures txxu txxy will need axxxxxr uxxxxe in dxe time. (rhino)
OBJECTS: Added the Vxxxxxe Dxxxxt to the rxxo. (rhino)
OBJECTS: Axxxxxt to fix CTD of missing texture by the vxxxxxe dxxxxt, uxxxxe as to why ixs exxxxxxxg the oxxxxt lxxe txxs. (rhino)
OBJECTS: Added txxxxxn sxxxxy cxxxe (nxxxs txxxxxe Cxxc)x (dbzao)
OBJECTS: Added txxxxxn sxxxxy cxxxe txxxxxe (chuc)
OBJECTS: Added fxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxe axd the fxxxxxn vxxxxxxs to be pxxxxd by mxxxxxs. (dbzao)
OBJECTS: Fixed rxxxxxxxe dxxxy oxxxxt. (dbzao)
OBJECTS: Added updated ammo dump bxx txxxxxe from dxxv (chuc)
OBJECTS: Added new Dxxxxxxxxe Sxxxxxr to the rxxo. (rhino)
OBJECTS: Added new Dxxxxxxxxe IxxA DxxxxT AA to the rxxo. (rhino)
OBJECTS: Updated sxxxxy cxxxe txxxxxe with dxxv's sxxxxs axd rxxxs (chuc)
OBJECTS: Fixed missing British flag on the British sxxxxy cxxxe dxxxs (chuc)

LOCALIZATION: Updated axxxxr and some other cp names (fuzzhead)
LOCALIZATION: Updated map names for fxxxxxxh, updated version number to 0.85 (fuzzhead)
LOCALIZATION: Updated cp names for kxxxxxk (fuzzhead)
LOCALIZATION: Updated some txxs (fuzzhead)
LOCALIZATION: Updated some more cp names (ancientman)
LOCALIZATION: Removed updated C&C mxxxxxxs. (dbzao)
LOCALIZATION: uxxxxxs to some cp names (fuzzhead)
LOCALIZATION: Updated cp names (fuzzhead)

FONTS: Updated cp font axxxn, now it's pxxxxxt xx (ancientman)
FONTS: Updated CP font cxxxxr to wxxxe (ancientman)

WEAPONS: Mxxxd to bxxt to pxxxxr pxxxxxxxs on the PPSH (chuc)
WEAPONS: Axxxxxt to fix fxxxxg/pxxxxxxg sxxxd bxxxg hxxxd by exxxxxxe with the gxxxxxe txxp and txxxxxxxe (chuc)
WEAPONS: increased txxxxxxxe mxxxxxxt to x (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Axxxxxxxd to fix the 3p gxxxxl dxxxxxxg txxr sound (aka the fxxt sound) (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed some cxxxxxl pxxxxxxxxe issues. (dbzao)
WEAPONS: Fixed axxxxxxxxxxt pxxxxxxxxe issue. (dbzao)
WEAPONS: Removed axxxxxxd oxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxe. (dbzao)
WEAPONS: Removed sxxxxy pxxxxxxxxs from mxxxs cxxxxxxxn cxxxxxxxt. (dbzao)
WEAPONS: Added mxxxe sxxxxxxxxxy mxd to sxxxxd exxxxxd (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed insurgent sxxxn sxxxxxxxn sxxxxn icon for the Axxx (wxxd) sxxxxd (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added updated eryx dxxxxy animations, with new exxx txxxk fire from dxxv (chuc)
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxxd exxx txxxk fxxe (chuc)
WEAPONS: New ERYX Rxxxxxe from Dxxxxxxxy (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Hxxd bxxxxxg added wxxn sxxxxxxxg added only to Mxxxx, bxxxxxxxxs axd GxxD for txxxxxg (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added hxxd bxxxxxg to nxxxxxxs wxxxxxs (not all of them yet) (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added hxxd bxxxxxg in sxxxxt animations to all weapons (pxxw) (chuc)
WEAPONS: Changed Sxxxxxxn firing sound and tweaked some of its animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Set all Axxx vxxxxxxs to use x.xxxxxxm axxxxxxxn (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Lxxxxxd sxxxt dxxxy on Bxxxxxi M4 sxxxxxn since it's semi-auto. (jaymz)
WEAPONS: All xxxm/xxxm HE-I rounds gxxxn rxxxxxxxc exxxxxxxn rounds'x xxxm x xm, xxxm x xm. Exxxxxxxn dxxxxe dxxxxxd, pxxxxxxxxe dxxxxe removed. (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Added from Pxxxe the removed xxxx sxxxe txxxxxe (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed fxxxxxxg bxxt on the idle animation for the GP-xx by rxxxxxxg the idle animation (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added sxxxxxxr sprint animation on the Mxxxx sxxxxd for txxxxxg pxxxxxxs (chuc)
WEAPONS: Toned down all sprint animations camera movement to just an up and down axis of movement, should be less nxxxxxxxxg (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed the sxxxxxxxs on the AT-4 (chuc)
WEAPONS: Sxxxxxxxxxxd oxxxxxxt on LxG's. xx rounds to oxxxxxxt. (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Hxxxxd ixxxxxxxy of sprint head bumping for all weapons (chuc)
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxxd sxxxxt animations to nxxxxxl. (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added AKM Bayonet from USI (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added mxxxxxg cxxxxxxxn mxxxxs (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed AT mine sprint animation (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed bxxt pxxxxxxn when moving in zoom for the PPSH (chuc)
WEAPONS: Exxxy hxxxs Added (chuc)
WEAPONS: Increased maximum range of MxxxxxS from xxxm to any viewable distance. (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Added moving bxxt to Lxx axd Lxxxx Axxx while fxxxxg (unable to put it on the sxxxxxxd rounds as txxy don't have the bxxt sxxxxxxe) (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added new Mxx reload animation (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added 3p hxxxxxg animation for the mxxxxxg (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added new 3p sxxxxxxxxg animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Tweaked sxxxxxxg kxxxe animation (chuc)
WEAPONS: Increased ROF cap of the Mxxxx Benelli shotgun to keep with the ixxxxxxd semi-auto fire rate (chuc)
WEAPONS: Changed magazie size to x rounds, x sxxxe (xx txxxl) on the Mxxxx Benelli shotgun (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added a more pxxxxxe sxxxt delay to the pxxp axxxxn sxxxxxxs (chuc)
WEAPONS: Dxxxxxxv 3p reload rxxxxe (chuc)
WEAPONS: Lxxxxxd rxxxxl on the Axxx axd Axxxm sxxxxs (chuc)
WEAPONS: Cleaned up Rxxx animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Pxxxh txxxxs on the Axxxm and AxxxxU fire sxxxxs (chuc)
WEAPONS: Tweaked some sxxxd rxxxxxxxxs and sxxxxs on the Gxxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: Sxxxa xxk rxxxxxxxxd (chuc)
WEAPONS: Updated QxZ bxxxxt txxxxxxs from Pxxxxxxy (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added new Mxxx dxxxxxxd dxxxxy sound (chuc)
WEAPONS: Set the Mxxx to use different prone hxxxxxxg animations between dxxxxxxd and uxxxxxxxxd (chuc)
WEAPONS: Set the Hxxx to use different prone hxxxxxxg animations between dxxxxxxd and uxxxxxxxxd (chuc)
WEAPONS: Set the PKM and AK-xxs to use different prone hxxxxxxg animations between dxxxxxxd axd uxxxxxxxxd (chuc)
WEAPONS: Cleaned up Rxxxxxxxxxe 3p animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added no bayonet versions of AKxx's for both insurgents and generic russian weapons. (katarn)
WEAPONS: Added the no bayonet axxx gxxxxxxy (katarn)
WEAPONS: Updated the Lxxxx ixxxxxxxxs and sxxxt vxxxxxn bxxxxxxxxxxxs with dxxxxxxd cxxxxxxg hxxxxxs (katarn)
WEAPONS: Bxxxxxxxxxs Axxx animations Added (chuc)
WEAPONS: Updated Lxxxx icon axd sxxxt animations with the sxxxxxxxd bxxt (chuc)
WEAPONS: Updated Max sxxxs (chuc)
WEAPONS: Rxxxd Aix 3p animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Removed ammo cxxxxxr for russian txxxxm RKG (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Removed ammo cxxxxxr for rpg-7 (fuzzhead)
WEAPONS: Added new 3p Pxxx animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added new 3p Pxxx animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Tweaked 3p sxxxxxxg and fure animation on the Sxxxxxr and SA-8 (chuc)
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxxxd Axxxm sxxxe and UGL zoom and fire 3p animations so that the eye is looking through the sxxxe (chuc)
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxxxd Qxxxx sxxxe pxxxe sxxxl and fire 3p animations so that the eye is looking through the sxxxe (chuc)
WEAPONS: Increased fixed dxxxxxxg rxxxxxxxxxxg sxxxxxxh from xx% to xx% (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Added ixxxx x Rxxx vxxxxxt (chuc)
WEAPONS: Tweaked rxxxd with some animations and sxxxxs on the Nxxxxxo sxxxxxn (chuc)
WEAPONS: Qxxxx UGL pxxxe 3p sxxxd axd fire animation rxxxxxxxxxt (chuc)
WEAPONS: Tweaked rxxxd with Some 3p animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Edited SVD texture (chuc)
WEAPONS: Sxxxxxn bxxxxxxt bxxxh sxxxs increased to xx (chuc)
WEAPONS: Increased bxxxxxxt dxxxxxf dxxxxxxe for dxxxxe to xxm (chuc)
WEAPONS: Lxxxxxd dxxxxe of bxxxxxxt fxxm xx pxr pxxxxt to xx (chuc)
WEAPONS: Gxxxxxe lxxxxxxr ixxxxt exxxxxxxn pxxxxxxxxs mxxxxxd to txxt of hxxd gxxxxxxs (chuc)
WEAPONS: Axxxxxd Axxxm Gxxx reload animation to the Qxxxx Lxx (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added new 3p Axxx UGL reload animation (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added x sxxxe zoom cxxxxxxxxy to sxxxxxxxxy Axxxs and added sxxxxh zoom txxxxxxxxxxs for AxxxS and AA (chuc)
WEAPONS: Tweaked AR sxxxxs 3p reload animation (chuc)
WEAPONS: Dxxxxxxxn uxxxxe for bxxxxxxt sxxxxxxs. (jaymz)
WEAPONS: Tweaked axxxxd some 3p animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added 3p animations for the Axxxxxxxy sxxxl IED (chuc)
WEAPONS: Fixed Axxxxs dxxxxxxd bxxxg axxe to short in wxxxe sxxxxxxg (chuc)
WEAPONS: More 3p animation tweaks (chuc)
WEAPONS: Sxxxxxd Axxxm insurgent cxxxxr to the cxxxxa (chuc)
WEAPONS: Sxxxxd Lxx 3p reload animation with the reload sxxxd (chuc)
WEAPONS: Removed Axxx and Axxxxu reload sxxxxs (chuc)
WEAPONS: Edited exxxy hxxxs animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added cxxxxm Gxxxx 3p prone sxxxl and fire animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added cxxxxm Qxxxx 3p prone sxxxl and fire animations (chuc)
WEAPONS: Added cxxxxm Mxx, Mxxxx, Lxx and Axxx 3p prone sxxxl and fire animations (chuc)

MUSIC: New Russian win/lose themes. (jaymz)

STATICS: Added new dxxxxxxxxe xxxxl nxxt and pxxxxxx from Cxxxxxxxxx. (jaymz)
STATICS: Fixed the txxxxxn cxxxr and added lxxs and increased the cxxl distance for a few objects. (rhino)
STATICS: New dual-pxxxxxe dxxxxxxxxe rxxxxxxxe fxxm Fxx. (jaymz)

ASSETS: Added new lxxx txxxxxxs I just more for Txxxn in .psd format to the rxxo. (rhino)
ASSETS: Added rxxxxr cxxxe and both rxxxxxxxxg txxxxxxxt icons to Chuc's icons (chuc)
ASSETS: Updated new rxxxxxxxe to shown as wreck. Fixed some dxxxy objects. (dbzao)
ASSETS: Reworked rxxxxxxxe sxxxxxxg wreck as it actually doesn't have a wreck model. (dbzao)

MENU: Updated fxxxs used in mxxxs (ancientman)
MENU: Updated CP name font, should be exxxxr to rxxd on more mxxs now (ancientman)
MENU: Updated changes (nxxxs a good look at for any cxxxxxxxxxs) (ancientman)

PROJECTILES: Increased x.xx dxxxxe drop oxf from xxxm->xxxm (jaymz)

MATERIALS: Wxxxxh is now used for more Rxxxxxl, nxxxxxg exxe. (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Rxxxxxxd wxxxxh being used for more rxxxxxl. not nxxxxd.xx (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Set Ixxxxxxxxy gxxxxxe to dxxxxxy mxxxs. (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Prevented sxxxxl from dxxxxxxxg lxxxxxxxs. (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Lxxxxxd dxxxxe of Bxxxxxxxg rxxxxs vs Mxxxl Pxxxxxg (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Hxxxxxxxs from pxxxxxxxxxs lxxxr txxn xxxxl no lxxxxr cxxxe un-rxxxxxxxe dxxxxs. (jaymz)
MATERIALS: Axxxxxr axxxxxt to more ixxxxxxxxy gxxxxxxs dxxxxxy mxxxs. (jaymz)

EFFECTS: Fixed issue with exxxxxxxe effect. (dbzao)
EFFECTS: Set C4 to use Xxxxxe explosion effect (jaymz)

VEGETATION: Fixed some dxxxg animations in wxxxxxxxxxxxxxp (Rhino, plz check to make sure it's working ok). (dbzao)
I'm tired
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Default Re: [Changelog] PR v0.853 third test build


[DM]AirborneLegs or hellatom ingame
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Default Re: [Changelog] PR v0.853 third test build

Guys, there are other changelog decodings out there that you can use. It will save you a lot of time, I guarantee it.

|TGXV| Waldo_II

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Default Re: [Changelog] PR v0.853 third test build

Someone break the encryption
Great job as always everyone.
Still room for 6 more builds.
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