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24 Feb 2018, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 05-30-2012, 04:51 PM   #11

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Default Re: [0973] super gary

Bradly main gun fires at about 200rpm and i was shooting at it for about 1-1:30 minutes, as I saw him a mile out and he got stuck several times

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Old 05-30-2012, 05:00 PM   #12

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Default Re: [0973] super gary

IIRC there is a 7 second reload after each shot. 60 * 7 gives us 420 seconds. So actually I kinda downplayed the actual time needed to fire 60 AP rounds and switch to HE to fire additional 5.

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Old 05-31-2012, 10:11 PM   #13
Retired PR Developer

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Default Re: [0973] super gary

Thank you for the feedback.
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Old 06-01-2012, 09:58 PM   #14

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Default Re: [0973] super gary

I noticed this before. I usually shoot the bejesus out of the ground around it with HE. Sometimes the splash KO's the driver. But this doesn't seem legit. All that ammo going into a gary has got to do something. Whatevs. Lag, or L33t hacks. I agree the gary is a bit buggy none the less.
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Old 06-02-2012, 09:07 AM   #15
Sgt. Mahi

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Default Re: [0973] super gary

Yeah yeah and sometimes you have to put 3 rpg shots in a tank for it to go down. Life is hard!

Nerf the Gary if you must but please don't make it too weak to do anything with it. Insurgents are already nerfed too much IMO.

Peace is that brief glorious moment in history when everybody stands around reloading
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Old 06-16-2012, 12:51 PM   #16

Stealthgato's Avatar
Default Re: [0973] super gary

Yesterday on Kokan my squad hit 2 different Garys with the TOW emplacement and they survived. The first needed a second TOW hit to die and 20 minutes later when another came it got hit with the TOW and once more kept going. This also happened with the Bradley's TOW in the past and with the Abrams' cannon aswell.

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Old 06-17-2012, 05:35 AM   #17
Default Re: [0973] super gary

It also got me killed.
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Old 06-17-2012, 10:18 AM   #18
Default Re: [0973] super gary

Originally Posted by dtacs View Post
Regardless of whether or not he is exaggerating, the Gary already takes a ridiculous amount of shots to take down. An HE round to the windscreen would penetrate obliterate the occupants without question.

This is ignoring the silly concept that is the Gary anyway, a dump truck laden with two 2000lb'ers driving around rural farmland Kokan is unrealistic by its very nature. But if its insisted that it remain then some balancing has to happen both to its physics (floats across the terrain) and its hitbox/damage modifiers.
DTACS telling it like it is.

Yeh, there have been box trucks filled with thousands of kilos of explosives used in Iraq and Afghanistan (and Oklahoma), but they're really not common enough to be written into the game as the Insurgent's only reasonable counter to armour. The fact that they were introduced into this role necessitated giving them incredibly unrealistic armour that contributes to bugs like the one OP posted (though almost certainly this was primarily caused by BF2's borderline farcical hit detection).

I will hijack this thread if I go much further, but the bottom line is that if Insurgency were designed properly, the Insurgents wouldn't need a kinetic counter to armour to effectively deal with it. When Insurgency starts being something other than Operation Phantom Fury in a half dozen colour palettes and terrain sets, having armoured suicide MOABs roaming the streets won't be necessary.

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0973, gary, super
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