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[Ger]BaSh 04-18-2010 06:52 PM

Hy Guys,
i´m playing "PR" now since 5 month.
And in this time i´m most time sniping.
But i have some problems with the fairness of the different sniperrifles.
For example the American and British sniperrifles have in my opinion a much better Scope then the MEC.
Expecialy if you try to hit a moving target.
With "Mildots" you can just look how far he comes in for example 3 seconds. Then you just have to look where he is at this point. If he is now running and runnning you can just hold the recorded lenght forward to definitly hit him.
I know that there are definitly great differences between Russian and the Britishscopes.
But i think a real sniper would prefer it to have a mildotscope even if it is an insurgent-sniper.
So thats what i think to snipers.
So at next i saw a few old videos of "PR" and in this videos the binoculars have something like a scale. I think that if there would be a spotter class this would be a perfect thing in form of a monucolar like the army uses them for sniper/spotter training and operations.
With this monucolar it should be possible to say a sniper how far he has to aim higher to hit the enemy.
So my idea is to create a spotter kit with this monucolar and a short range weapon.
I hope you guys can use this or just understand what i mean.

And if i just written something wrong i´m sorry.


Bob_Marley 04-18-2010 08:20 PM

Re: Sniper/Spotter
Firstly, Suggestions go in the suggestions section of the forum.

Secondly, the spotter class has already been suggested on several occasions. Example.

When making a suggestion please do read through the already suggested suggestions thread and make thorough use of the forum's search function, remembering that someone may have made the same suggestion using different terminology.


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