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22 Feb 2018, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Military Technology Discussion on military hardware.

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Old 06-29-2006, 03:18 PM   #41

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Originally Posted by MrD
the UK and IRA situation was nothing compared to whats going on in the middle east. never has been. It was resolved diplomatically and there are no real problems now.
Thats because the IRA (as far as I know, correct me if I am wrong) wanted independence for part of the land claimed by Britain. Not all of it. The Irish are a bit more humane and civilized then the palestinians is the only real conclusion you can make.

Originally Posted by MrD
What i talked about with the UN and Amnesty groups is not about their actions or strength, but the fact they consider something to be wrong should be a massive warning that crimes against humanity are happening.
The UN and AI are horribly biased against the United States and Israel. More than half of all UN security resolutions have been against Israel, meanwhile 10's of other countries commit far worse acts than Israel, and go relatively unnoticed.

AI is just ridiculously left wing, anything America does is bad. When Haditha popped up, they were quick to issue a huge article condeming an event that has not even been proved to happen, but when 2 American soliders' bodies were found brutally tortured, with IEDs rigged around thier bodies that had to be undone, AI releases a tiny little paragraph that states 'in general, torture is bad'.

Originally Posted by MrD
I'd like to think that any soldier no matter what country they are from is pulled up in front of a war crimes court in the Hague for every single case of civilians getting shot.
Bwahahaha! Do you really think that is the case? How many terrorists are there that will never pay for thier crimes? Howabout all the guys in those beheading videos? You think they hold the same moral standard as you? You think they all care about civillians? They use children AS HUMAN SHIELDS!

I'm sorry, but that line of thought is just ridiculous to me.

Originally Posted by MrD
"Collateral" damage just doesn't roll off the tongue of a native english language user I'm afraid.
Originally Posted by
When on the night of 24 August 1940 the German air force - the Luftwaffe - accidentally and against Hitler's orders - dropped some bombs over London, the British prime minister requested a retaliatory raid on Berlin. February 1942, Bomber Command was instructed to shift the focus onto the 'morale of the enemy civil population'. This new policy came to be called 'area bombing'.

The aiming points thereafter, for bombing raids, were no longer military or industrial installations, but a church or other significant spot in the centre of industrial towns. And since fire was found to be the most effective means of destroying a town, the bombers now carried mainly incendiary bombs.
Originally Posted by MrD
I could never live with myself if i deliberately fired at a civilian and hit them, fired a live round at a kid with a stone in his hand. I would hand myself into the police for doing so, not hide behind some wierd ideals.
I would do the same thing. The palestinians wouldn't. If there is a proven case of Israelis purposley targeting non lethally armed children, then that is horrible. But if they are in a crowd of people who are shooting at Israelis, and the israelis return fire... it's not the israelis fault.

Oh, and just so we can see how civilized the Palestinians are:
Statistics Speak for Themselves
Jerusalem Media & Communications Center, run by Ghassan Khatib (of the PA) as published in Ha'aretz, June 27) and the Canadian Jewish News (July 5, 2001)
Support for the intifada
79% of Palestinians support the intifadah
Almost 69% support homicide bombings against Israelis (26% in March 1999)
Goals of the intifada
45.6% said intifada is about ending "Israeli occupation" and establishing a Palestinian state based on UN Security Council Resolution 242.
41.2% said the goal of the intifada's goal was the "total liberation of Palestinian land" - meaning Israel's destruction.
9.2% consider the uprising aim to be a tactic for improving negotiation conditions
67.1% rejected ending the uprising in return for "ending Jewish settlement"
25.1% approved

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Old 06-29-2006, 03:27 PM   #42

lol @ fig using the word civilized in a topic about the middle east conflict.

Like I said, morality/civility take a back seat in a conflict like this. So can you admit that you could see the world as they (the pa) see it? Which to them probably seems bleak and they are being opressed (remember you are TRYING to see it how they see it no matter what you think being a 3rd party). So if you can, its pointless to question how civilized you think they are or not.

Before you attack me, read what I have said and make sure you don't put words in my mouth. k thx.

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Old 06-29-2006, 06:40 PM   #43

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Listen to this uneducated guy, poor thing.

Anyway the British and Americans should just destroy and split the middle east 50/50.

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Last edited by Pence; 06-29-2006 at 07:08 PM..
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