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Reviving this thread as people need a reminder about it and for the new people just joining in. A whole lot of great information in here.

Razick brought up a good point. It's extremely helpful to have another organized player in your squad that is effectively a fireteam leader. NCO position as portrayed by Razick is ideal for this. So much so that I almost wish there was an NCO Kit in some way. Currently I've seen a fireteam leader often take a Scoped Rifleman kit as it's generally the same as the Officer's kit but without flashbang, SOFLAM, less med kits and no ability to spot.

Some random musing of possible NCO Kits:
- A Scoped Rifleman Kit with an extra medic pack and a GLTD/SOFLAM also and of course the ability to target enemy.
- An Officer's Kit without the flashbang, one less medic kit and a shovel.

The Spec Ops kit could fill the role but it's really not necessary to have that in a squad for a NCO type position since it's limited to 2 on a full 64 player game. I don't know honestly if a NCO kit is even needed but it would give clear definition to a NCO position as well as give an true infantry squad a second in command. It's really a shame that you can't designate someone as SL if your SL happens to disconnect to leave the squad. At least then the NCO would automatically become SL. The biggest bonus to a NCO kit would honestly be the ability to spot enemy and maybe also be able to drive command trucks.

Regardless I find that Squad Leading is an art form and requires a much better understanding of the game, maps and the responsibility to lead and of course set rally points. A NCO position is very helpful for squads that separate in fire teams and for giving advice to the SL.

Can't really say anything more than what Razick and Fuzzhead have already said.
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