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15 Dec 2017, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Suggestions Suggestions from our community members for PR:BF2. Read the stickies before posting.

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Old 01-09-2011, 05:20 PM   #101
Default Re: Suggestions to improve Insurgency.

Originally Posted by Lange View Post
I really like that idea because one of the main problems now is that civis are used for no more than dicking around or exploit and that would instantly remove a lot of it, It may be possible to code too. Would be nice for dev comment?
Well, after spending some time looking at that suggestion. I'm going to edit it in where Collaborators will go outside of the ROE if within 10 meters of any Insurgent vehicle. Because if the same suggestion that I mentioned earlier were left the same, BLUFOR would have a hard time guessing if Collaborators were near enemy Insurgents.

Originally Posted by Lange View Post
Also I really like a lot of your suggestions in the beginning, and looking at the main problem with civilians again, exploitation unable to be 100M from a cache will help this too will likely not make tanks and accidently kill civilians, as ins targets with many hold up in buildings that are near caches, so these too ideas are on to something to virtually eliminate this problem, make civi shields hard or impossible.
Collaborators are allowed to be near the cache. They would just be outside of the ROE, and they would be able to be killed just like any of the other Insurgents around them.

Originally Posted by Lange View Post
The civi should not be removed from PR because it impliments another level of strategy not seen in the game and someday when done in a more polished way will make people think more before shooting. And has many have pointed out current penalties can either work harshly or not at all due to how broken the civi system is. Mostly the penalty means nothing but we should make it where civis can't exploit gameplay so the penalties can be harsher where in most cases the civilian will have to be plain as day and seperated from all other threats so shooting at him would be for little reason or threat to you and should have punishments like you described.
I agree. The "Civilian" kit has been apart of Insurgency from its beginning and thanks for the constructive criticism.

Originally Posted by Lange View Post
When reworked I think the civi should be able to place markers and be a "informant" or even renamed to be called as such, possibly take away the medic role and give that to another kit if you go as far with the "not being within 10M" idea.
In my opinion, the Collaborator is suppose to fulfill all of the other tasks that the Insurgents can not do. Therefore, the medic role advertises to players that the Collaborator kit is a special kit and should be treated as such.

Originally Posted by Lange View Post
Another good idea maybe would be to have a civilian kit that is not a collaborator rather just unarmed with nothing to simulate even though in small numbers normal civilians, with no other role.
Would this be an additional kit? If so, how is this kit to support the rest of the team if it is just unarmed and is just about the same as dropping your kit?

Originally Posted by Lange View Post
Lastly Absolutely remove rocks from current civi as it tends to just piss off coalition players due to harassment and rocks can actually kill at times.
The rocks are to serve as defense for the Collaborators. The last time I have took down a BLUFOR player with rocks was when we had 5 Collaborators working together on Karbala.

Originally Posted by Lange View Post
Let me know what you think of these ideas.
I think some of your ideas are good. Some others need to be edited.

Originally Posted by Firepower01 View Post
The only thing I think needs to be changed about the ROE is civilians being killed by mortars. I've seen them run into mortar strikes to cause negative points to the enemy.
Do you see mortars in real life lay waste to villages and cities filled with civilians? No, they attack objectives that are confirmed to withhold Insurgents and weaponry. If certain people who use mortars can learn to control their trigger fingers, this would not be a problem. My 100 meters suggestion takes care of Collaborators trying to run into mortar fire near weapon caches.

Originally Posted by Lange View Post
Agreed, also I forgot to include that in my list, I think the amount of infinite mortars right now is rediculous for one thing, and maybe if its possible to code can't be within 100M of a cache idea is implimented that would reduce the unfairness, and mostly out of your control civis killed by mortars. Maybe just make no punishment for that because civis should not operate in a zone where your team is at anyway that could be mortared, on this im not sure though.
There would not be a punishment for the BLUFOR mortars if suggestion 12 was implemented.

Originally Posted by Lange View Post
I think less mortared being fired may be a compromise both ways with that, if you fire less then its less likely youll kill a civi or a civi can run into them.
Mortars would be fine if suggestion 12 was implemented.
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Old 01-09-2011, 05:29 PM   #102
Default Re: Suggestions to improve Insurgency.

How to improve insurgency?

Give the arty IED a wrench that can repair the cache.

No more Kiowa killing the cache, no more tank shooting once and the cache slowly smokes to death. If insurgents over-run a taken cache quick enough, they might save the cache, etc....

Would even promote team play and discourage lone wolfing on Blufor side.
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Old 01-10-2011, 02:18 AM   #103

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Default Re: Suggestions to improve Insurgency.

One blufor guy can't take out a defended cache by himself unless he is:

1. A combat engi; only 2 for US team remember
2. Good enough to kill all the defenders

Plus if the wooden door to the cache is open as well.

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Old 01-10-2011, 03:48 AM   #104
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Default Re: Suggestions to improve Insurgency.

I think the only viable option is to limit the civilians' spawn points IN the cities.

And they will be out of ROE if they step out of the city boundaries(therefore if a tank stays out of the city and has any trigger control, it will not encounter civie exploits).
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