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18 Dec 2017, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 09-26-2008, 12:58 PM   #21

Tirak's Avatar
Default Re: Laser Targeting, and IR Chem Lites.

So two items. IR Strobes, which on the FLIR views blinks repeatedly, and IR Tags, which when stuck to a vehicle allow missile lock. Strobes are used to mark your position, tags for the baddies.
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Old 09-26-2008, 02:33 PM   #22
the other Steve

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Default Re: Laser Targeting, and IR Chem Lites.

good idea, finally something that make infantry fearable in citys while in a armor + engee get a very crucial tool to destroy enemy assets or such..

well, as list.
1. IR "granade" which behaves like a molotov, but sets a lock on marker to the target for 2-5 minutes.

2. IR strobe. used to mark friendly things to show that they are NOT TARGETS.

give the "IR locker" to the engiee and replace it whit the shotgun/or the grapling hook. the hook isnt very usefull anyway.. and the choice between laser lock VS door opening should be obiovs.

also a class who could use the "friendly marker" is the SPECs OPs, when he get close enough to throw a marker he could set c4 instead anyway. but why? simple, replace the pistol whit the IR strobes and he would be a good addition to every squad. currently a HAT/LAT dude whit some riflemens is twice as effective. the specs ops could prevent Friendly Fire whit it, or mark exstraction areas. the pistol isnt a huge sacrifice either, he got a rifle.

the officier shouldt get more, his squad is his arm, and he should fokus more on leading as whit the 9000000 tools PR has. let the soldiers handle them

and another thing mentioned in the first post
instead of just tape the marker to a target whit a lasebinuc, could something like the HAT guiding system implemented? just that it doesnt disapear or explode in impact whit something, and just move on to your crosshair.

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Old 09-26-2008, 05:51 PM   #23
Default Re: Laser Targeting, and IR Chem Lites.

Do not forget the fact that there ARE more than 9 weapon slots. (You would just have to hit F to get to it... Which I figure wouldn't kill it since they aren't NECESSARY tools, just ones to help out in situations). Engineer and Specops should DEFINITELY get both, as they would likely HAVE both, in the world of PR. Considering the amount of people who don't even know they have a grappling hook as an engy or specops, I don't expect them to be the most used thing ever, but they could be useful.

So, if the DEVs would be so kind (as I'm sure every soldier could carry around at LEAST one chemlite), they could set the friendly 'strobes' to 10 and the marking chemlites to 11.

The strobes would be useful. Now, obviously, there are things that just CAN'T be done, like trying to make soldiers 'blip' on an IR screen. However, I'm sure that an object could be dropped onto the ground and place a static, team-only (you can't lock onto the other teams lases, now, can you?), X symbols. There will be no locking system for them, nothing. Just the [X], as a visual guide. It'd be one way to give another way to coordinate CAS just a tiny bit better, and allow for some interesting attacks.

Again, the IR Chemlites are IR emitting. It doesn't matter if it is NVGs, Binoculars or scopes fitted with IR sights... in the case of PR's use, the IR Chem lites would only do one thing: show up in IR screens in helicopters/LGB's IR tracking, lock included. Perhaps the IR strobes could appear to helicopter pilots or their door gunners (perhaps by the gunner/pilots hitting F or something, that would make their view an IR overlay, with laser marks and friendly marks viewable*)

Here's another example of its usage... an infantry squad is on the roof of one of the bunkers on kashan (one of the flagged ones), keeping it clear for insertion, extraction, and staging an attack. They check with command, and are told that CAS by attack helicopter is available and waiting. Now, it might be a little risky to have the SL try to lase the floor, for fear of being shot, but also much less of a good idea if GLTDs are made to 'hold' the lase. Instead, he can yell over at his engineer, specops, or even his rifleman to just toss a chem lite down below. He then proceeds to tell another to drop their strobe near the back end of the roof, where they will post up and wait for the CAS. The attack helicopter can come in for a dive, hit the chem-lite marker, and then come in after the first missle has disrupted the enemy's party, and begin raining more accurate fire into the actual bunker, clearing out firebases and the like. During this time, the friendlies will stay on the roof, near their friendly IR strobe. Afterwards, the squad will rush (perhaps, to take 'out' an IR strobe, it would require a single stroke of the knife, to allow for there to be NO mistaking of an enemy position when friendlies had dropped a friendly ir strobe in that area. The strobe would also disappear automatically after 2 minutes or more) into the bunkers, and clear out the remaining, bruised battered and shrapnel'd enemy.

A successful attack, I would say, made extremely easy by CAS 'Missling by numbers' markers.

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Old 09-26-2008, 06:42 PM   #24

GreedoNeverShot's Avatar
Default Re: Laser Targeting, and IR Chem Lites.

Perhaps a different IR system for a "thought out (Not Bi Ming a.k.a. pitch black) night map"

Infrared is mainly used at night and in dark situations

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Old 09-26-2008, 09:02 PM   #25
Default Re: Laser Targeting, and IR Chem Lites.

Originally Posted by GreedoNeverShot View Post
Perhaps a different IR system for a "thought out (Not Bi Ming a.k.a. pitch black) night map"

Infrared is mainly used at night and in dark situations
While true, people complained about Bi Ming because of exaggerated reasons, and hated it because they couldn't understand why they sucked so bad. Bi Ming was a great night map. It had it's flaws, especially as it was the first true experimental 'night' map for PR. But it was still a good map then, and almost gave me the shakes when I was being shot at from the still of the night.

Honestly, pitch black not so much; it made the map look very... strange. VERY, VERY, VERY BLACK with just a hint of blueish moonlight, but still enough that you'll need NVGs/IR-Gs to see any detail would be perfect, imo.

By infrared, do you mean Thermal Infrared? I think that most people would complain more about super-vivid red/blue color schemes, especially ones with color deficiencies (but then again, red/green color deficiencies would make NVGs... grey), and would they be worth it? It could almost be TOO easy to spot people, considering it would have to 'render' the map in blues/purples, and every target as a heavy red/yellow.

(EDIT: Actually, I see that there are FLIR, Non-thermal, infrared goggles. Think of the level in COD4 in the Spectre, or in the helicopters/armor etc BF2... and that's basically exactly what it is. I never knew they had those in head-mounted form. I'll have to think about that. Good suggestion, by the way, Greedo. So much can be done with IR.)

For now, let's hold off on Infrared Thermals/NVGs here, I'll make another thread for it eventually when I get some thoughts, if I deem fit. For now, let's stick to topics that won't take pages upon pages to discuss (Night maps are a very sensitive and interesting subject, I don't doubt that some players are itching to hear about one).
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