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22 Feb 2018, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Suggestions Suggestions from our community members for PR:BF2. Read the stickies before posting.

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Old 01-23-2006, 09:29 PM   #11

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I like all these suggestions, and i would love to see them implemented in PRMM.

With the AA concern, usually the only person( so far) that i watch out for in AA is [R-PUB]BrokenArrow, i think that when ever he sees a plane flying, he instantly runs to a bradly, or that other AA(cant remember name) and just hunts me down to death lol. And he has got me a couple of times, i think if people tried to concentrate in Air defense as a priority and not just some thing they have to worry about, planes wouldnt be as much of a problem.

BrokenArrow proves that.

To give planes realistic weapons would be really great, and of course in turn make the plane weaker to their real world standings i think would be great, and same thing for landing the planes, that would be nice to do as well. The only thing a probelm would need to do is make sure the air space is clear, otherwise he is an easy target on the ground.

By they way, did you have to use "plane whore" in your title, its such a hasrh word.Not all good pilots are plane whores, most, but not all

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Old 01-23-2006, 10:43 PM   #12

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Thread moved to Suggestions and Title changed.

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Old 01-23-2006, 10:57 PM   #13

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hang on a min, if project reality was to make planes more real then they'd improve them. Modern aircraft are redicluosly powerful at present. the tactical targeting systems they use are about 100000 times more advanced and accurate than hovering a green circle over a green square liek you do in bf2.

while were on this subject though, itll be cool if PR could put together a Rapier AA system. mmmm

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Old 01-23-2006, 11:05 PM   #14

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balance balance balance. It's all about the gameplay balance.

The Huey guy
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Old 01-23-2006, 11:11 PM   #15
Retired PR Developer
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Originally Posted by FlyBoy
With the AA concern, usually the only person( so far) that i watch out for in AA is [R-PUB]BrokenArrow, i think that when ever he sees a plane flying, he instantly runs to a bradly, or that other AA(cant remember name) and just hunts me down to death lol.
BrokenArrow pwns me with the AA tankmobile.
I vote for more manoverabiltiy but less armor.(Poll anyone?)

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Old 01-24-2006, 09:31 AM   #16
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Originally Posted by war_on_terra
hello PR community.

just discovered your mod; and ironically it was on a server where people were complaining about the overpowered planes in vanilla BF2. someone mentioned PR as the best hope for a more realistic and team orientated game.

i dislike the overpowered planes, but i confess it was me the other players were complaining about. and i totally understand. i was 50-4. but thats not unusual and ive seen other players rape even more extremely with planes. i think 70-1 was the worst ive seen. i turned to planes because i was sick of being the helpless prey of jets and choppers. i'm really only an average player, relatively new to the game, but its extremely easy to fly in BF2 and if i can rape with planes then you know something is wrong.

so i was wondering how high on the list of PR priorities is making the planes more realistic? or atleast making AA vehicles more realistically lethal to air units?

cheers, and thanks for your efforts

I have had 89 - 0 on Dragon Valley. Normally can get past 89 but not without killing myself trying somthing stupid.
Personally i think the planes need altering because i dont use my missiles ever. They are not as good as the auxillary gun. In all honesty its just the ground AA weapons that need to be improved. Nothing in BF2 can take down a jet that is flown by a pilot with some experience, nothing. Other then another pilot in another jet.

Ground missiles and mabe some AA cannons need to be improved vastly.

Spawn times need to be increased (stops idiots using them as high speed taxis)

Must land to re-arm and repair (stops people staying in the air 100% of the time without giving ground troops time to breathe)

As far as realistic planes....
Well they need to look realistic. That's it.
You want to make realistic planes? well go ahead and increase maps headroom along with adding laser guided bombs that can effectivly destroy 1/4 of the map with one precision hit.

The idea of this mod is to have a realistic feel FUN 'game'. Not a simulation.

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Old 01-24-2006, 10:16 AM   #17

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ihave to say the AA systems on bf2 are stupidly lame. I spent 10 minuits on one the other day, and didnt get one plane kill. got a few choppers. but as soon as its locked on and your just about to fire, the plane is in the distance and out of range, and your locks lost, you cant even get one missile away most of the time.

they should make the view distace longer in the air, and the locking should stay locked for longer so 2 missiles can be fired while still in range.

plus, it takes 2 hits to take down an aircraft. WTF? if i was in a plane and i had a metre long missle paked full of basistics piled up my engine, my aircraft would haev a serious problem!

EA should have planes destoryed by one hit instead of 2. seeingas they only stay locked on long enough to get 2 fired anyway.

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Old 01-24-2006, 11:15 AM   #18

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In my humble opinion the game engine is far too limited to accomplish any type of realistic aircraft combat. The maps are too small to allow jets to accomplish realistic speeds, the maximum flight hieght is SEVERLY limited, there are no pilot limitations possible (blackouts, white outs, red-outs) and there are so many things that the plane itsself is lacking for realistic flight that really makes the limitations show. However, we must work around the limitations we are delt with.

We CAN achieve a level of surrealism with the Combat aircraft. The biggest factor in doing this involves map design and better runway systems. Better runway systems would not only stop people from jumping in the jets and just whizzing off but it will add a level of realism to gameplay that has yet to be seen in the battlefield game engine. We need Hangars and Taxiing to run-ways.

Along with that, personally, I think that longer take-off and landing distances should be required. As they are now the jets can take off in rediculously short distances. Pull back on the stick, full throttle it, and within 15-20ft you're in the air. In real life it takes at LEAST 200ft for a jet to take off. (unless on a carrier, but then they are aided by the catapult.) Landing distances are a little shorter but still, same concept.

The major factor that deciphers any type of realism in a combat jet is re-arming after the payload is expended. No more in-air reloading. That has got to stop in my opinion. If there are only 6 missles or 2 bombs on the jet when it leaves the ground. Thats how many it gets to use in the air, not 12 or 4.

Now in addition to that we must look at the methods of re-arming the plane. Right now all you have to do is whizz by the runway and vuola, you have more bombs. Jets should have to be landed to re-arm. Once landed they have to turn that sucker around, line up on the runway, and take-off again. (runway design is key here, runways should be designed so planes do not have to reverse because irl, they cannot do so without the aid of vehicles..)

Other then that the only other thing I can think of that needs to be changed is the speeds. Maybe a SLIGHT increase in top speed? I mean, after-all, these jets cruising speeds are well above 400mph. A small increase in their speeds would make it look right from the ground. After-burner speeds should be increased quite dramatically. They shouldn't be easy to control in after-burn.

Just a few of my thoughts on this subject.

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Old 01-24-2006, 11:22 AM   #19

Remember, EA values gameplay over reality. Granted they still screwed up the AA, but that's precisely why it takes two missiles instead of one. The best way to down aircraft and choppers is to lock on to them, wait until they fire their flares, then shoot your missiles once you re-acquire your lock. I can normally down jets and choppers quite easily using this method.

I agree with landing to re-arm and repair but there needs to be longer runways and taxing areas which require map changes. The aircraft does not seem to stop as fast as it takes off which can be an issue when landing on some of the maps where the runway is in close proximity to mountains or trees.

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Old 01-24-2006, 11:51 PM   #20

I think that, in general the air vehicles are horrendously overarmoured.

Why is it that a 3 second burst from the so called "AA" vehicle leaves a chopper in good enough condition to slowly turn around (while be shot at, and hit sporadically) line up the rockets fire and destroy not one but TWO dedicated AA vehicles .... WHAT?!

The best AA vehicle I have used is the friggin' M1A2 Abrahms because the 120mm cannon is near instant firing, and when you hit a plane/ chopper it ACTUALLY dies. When I see a plane raping my base what do I run for? A plane? No way. A chopper? No. AA vehicle or emplacement perhaps? Nope, I'll just hop in that tank-killer and shoot the plane down with no problems

The Linebacker is equipped with HE ammo right? 1 HE round to a jet's superstructure will cause some serious damage, the plane will have to limp back to an airfield to get time-consuming repairs, in PRMM, if you manage to land that hit, it does almost negligable damage, then the plane proceeds to take you out with it's cannon ...

I'm fine with air vehicles having the proper amount of damage with respect to their bombs, cannons and missiles, but something must be done about their armour
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aircraft, plane, suggestions, whores
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