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Old 10-12-2008, 04:48 PM   #21
Default Re: Leading when gettin powned!

Being a squad leader on a fair basis... When and if I get stuck in a situation with enemy armor and no feasible way to take it out using my squad (No H-AT, Mines, etc.)... I go to caps lock and try and get my WHOLE teams attention, try and get any friendly aircraft in the area attention, let them now the armor position (Ex. ENEMY ARMOR D5 kp2), at that point pull out your GLTD or whatever it's called and laser that target for the aircraft. During all this, keep your squad hidden, only fire if fired upon... Remember, if the enemy armor knows your there, then your screwed, if they don't, you have the upper hand.
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Old 10-21-2008, 03:05 PM   #22

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Default Re: Leading when gettin powned!

The way I see it, if you're getting absolute clown f*%#ed then you really have to give up on trying to be some USMC by the book squad and look to the underdog tactics. Pretend you're either guerrillas or spec ops. SAS don't go head long into tanks. Tiny regiment of guys that when in a war zone ambush, fortify, attack only when they take an advantage.

Real war involves retreat too. You don't always have to keep attacking the point. If you know you alone can't make it happen let the point go, retreat and fortify along the way to the next point or as I've tried a few times skirmish into the enemy territory, attack him as he moves to the newly secured point. It seems like people think that when the map shows a point captured all the territory behind it is safe. Ambush them as they move to the point and maybe just maybe you'll buy the rest of your team enough time or advantage to take back the point.

I think also not trying to annihilate the enemy is a good approach. Just pester him, damage him, find his spawn points and knife them. Harry him. Go Vietcong on his ass. Then if your team actually turns it around you might stand a chance of doing some real territory acquisition.

But in the above mentioned scenario vs. tanks on a modern battlefield you really can't do anything except run, try and delay them as much as you can, and hope some jag off hasn't stolen the last HAT.


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Old 10-22-2008, 03:54 AM   #23
Default Re: Leading when gettin powned!

Originally Posted by cyberzomby View Post
Hey guys,

I just came from a Kashan Dessert round as squadleader where our team got ownd really hard. The beginning was all fine and dandy with my squad moving in on bunkers. When this happens I know what to say and how to lead my squad. ( well kinda, im still learning )

But as soon as our team gets owned it goes wrong. And with owned I mean: After 7 attempts defending US outpost it goes down. We got enemy armor all over and our team's armor isnt anywhere to be seen. usually when this happens I dont know what to do. We can defend the main-base but as soon as the enemy armor roles up there were dead again! What do the more experience squad leaders usualy do when this happens?
If the armour was the biggest problem, avoidance may have been a solution. Personally I would've attempted to avoid the armour till they moved after the next flag, then you can go in and cap it much faster than they are able to cap your last flag.
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