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17 Jan 2018, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Tales from the Front Share your in-game experiences playing PR:BF2.

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Old 05-13-2009, 08:34 PM   #11

TJ-XRL's Avatar
Default Re: Your best firefight?

this wasent realy a firefight but a great capture

on kasecstan<--- if spelt right the big desert any way we was raiding north bunker i think it was we move up with armor squeds all 4 tanks the 2 apcs and 1 aa and a atack choper above us we all moved forward as one big line the eanmy team shouted in all chat **** WHERE DOOMED THEN (BOOM) 2 two apcs was taken out by mine so the tanks backed off 3 got taken out by enymy atack choper aa got taken out by tank the last crew of the last tank got out and ran "died" we was at the wall sourounded by enamy troops so we thort wheres the atack chopper then we sore 2 pilots parashooting down....... so basecly we had 2 pilots 2 crewmen and my squed we was moving to the entrence of the bunker compound then we see two black hawks coming over the ridge fully armded with hats and suplys so we made a fb then the bh came bk to pick us up 1 got masecerd by the atack choper the over got taken out with a full sq my sq i was only one there with fb destoyd so i thort whats the point picked up a hat took out the tank found a mec aa kit took out there atack choper ran in with oficers kit killd a humvee with a nade got 2 rallys and took out 2 squeds with 1 yes 1 nade now tht was best part of my pr life........

btw we won the game cuz of me and my great tactics

I am back to play pr fly choppers and hopefully join tordiments i am back and i am ready to play
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Old 05-19-2009, 08:06 PM   #12

Zeppelin35's Avatar
Default Re: [List] Your best firefight?

This happened on Karbala when I lead my squad into the little village to the west to find a cache. We entered a building to set a rally and every insurgent in the area came running at us trying to get into the building. We spend 4-5 minutes in there guarding the door and dodging molotovs until finally we decided to make a dash out to the desert. Bad move. When we left the building and tried to run a techincal mowed us down.

It was one of my most intense moments in PR ever.
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Old 05-19-2009, 08:35 PM   #13

acCA[NL]'s Avatar
Default Re: [List] Your best firefight?

this was in version 0.75.
were were mec team on jabal, full squad in vodnik rushing to west beach to cap, on the road that leads from west beach too the bridge a fully loaded humvee comes up. WE EXACTLY MIRRORED OUR MOVES. all our guys xcept the 50. got out and started shooting also our .50 was blearing away. the usa guys also all got out of their vehicle except the .50 and started dumping their mags on us.
The firefight was over in 4 seconds flat. our whole squad was somehow all alive, and the usa team was all dead

then we asked eachother, is everyone allright, apc popped up from behind the hill and slaughterd us
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Old 05-19-2009, 08:51 PM   #14
Default Re: [List] Your best firefight?

Was playing Kashan on the TTP Server, had an incompetent team but a fantastic squad. Just about the entire game, we ran around, desperately trying to cap the bunkrs alone while our team jerked off in the hills and main bickering over assets. We bought them time to attack three times (all of which they squandered), holding out in a bunker against everything the MEC had for 10 minutes, every time. We couldn't put up a rally point for longer than a minute - we had to stay alive with what we had. The worst we put up with was an attackchopper strafing us, a tank and an APC sitting outside, and two infantry squads trying to storm our positions. But every time, we held them off, until we got separated between both floors. That may have been a terrible team, but that was the best squad I ever had. By the end, we had a score of 6500, all of which was earned in combat except for two firebases we built.
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Old 05-20-2009, 03:13 PM   #15

CSM.Matt's Avatar
Default Re: [List] Your best firefight?

Asad Khal

Our whole squad was pushing up through the fields to reclaim South Village from the MEC, and even though we were outnumbered, under heavy fire and frequently breaking cover we made it to the wall. I sent 4 of my squad members to flank around the east and took one guy with me to attack through the breach in the wall. Not wanting any suprises, I pulled out a grenade and threw it into the breach and I was nicely rewarded with several screams, a pile of dead MEC troops and a "I just saw that, it was awesome." from my team mate.
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Old 05-20-2009, 04:41 PM   #16

wuschel's Avatar
Default Gibbon-6 the Ripper

It was on Fools Road. I was playing on the Chechnya side.

The Fight for the Psychedelic Fortification

I was leading my squad to recapture a a fortification on the top of a hill and re-establish our firebase there. We were supported by at least one other friendly squad, and were hitting the main entrance of the fortification with technical L-MG fire. My squad was consisting of quite experienced player who knew what they had to do, and the enemy was a tought nut as well - blood was flowing down the hill.

After smoking the hill in many psychedelic colors, we tried to enter the buildings, and my squad won room for room. There was lots of shooting with rifles set to automatic. And grenades were exploding all over the places.

Finally, with a lot of luck, I managed to enter the last building, which had four levels, and kill the occupent at the first room in auto shots from my rifle. I cleared the room above with a grenade and took the stairs up, only to find a Russian soldier in front of me. We both tried to shoot - by neither of our guns was working, so we had to knife it out.
It was an instinctive move.. and would become one of my most stressful fights in PR, and the satisfaction was great when my knife pierced my enemies body that kicked me to climb to the next level, where I cleared out the top most level with a grenade and killed another guy.

I had to laugh out loud, for it was a really amazing rampage I had done. We had tried to penetrate the last building for at least five minutes, and then I had done it with one killing spree. Well, squad leaders can take point real hard if they want to..

Patient-Bear says
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Old 05-20-2009, 06:50 PM   #17

Royal_marine_machine's Avatar
Default Re: [List] Your best firefight?

Best Firefight?

Ejod Desert.
US Team, we're at the Vehicle bunkers firing at the MEC who are in the bunkers on the other side, our squad with a SAW gunner are givign covering fire for a squad that's advancing, we're badly outnumbered and suspect theres an enemy sniper or marksman somewhere, we also have a friendly APC giving us fire support, but that gets hit early on and withdraws.

So we're blazing away at the enemy locations, and trying to keep their heads down, you can see tracers flying left right and centre, and you can also see bullets hitting everywhere, the squad trying to advance are pinned down behind a rock, with an enemy squad also advancing towards them. Our SAW gunner opens up on that squad, but is hit by the enemy sniper/marksman and goes down, someone else picks up his kit and continues firing, but the enemy are starting to get more shots down on us and the SAW gunner is pinned down, along with most of the squad, we then hear a load of grenades go off, and look out to see the friendly squad that was advancing has been flanked and killed.

So now we have an enemy squad with good firesupport against our one squad, we open up with everything we've got, and manage to inflict a few casualties on the advancing squad, forcing them down into cover. The APC comes back, with a squad which had some AT, the squad gets out and the APC drops badly needed ammo, and starts giving firesupport, and we start to pin the enemy down again. Then the APC explodes, and we see an enemy tank charging out of main, firing it's .50 and co-ax at us, we all get down, except for a heroic HAT soldier, who stands up and manages to blow the Tank up as it fires it's cannon with HE, in another Epic shot that killed half our squad, and the HAT gunner.

Anyway we've got the enemy pinned down, and the enemy start a counter attack, which we fend off until we win through ticket bleed or something.


Twas cool.

Interested In airsofting, but feeling the pinch of the credit crunch?
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Old 05-20-2009, 08:29 PM   #18

GoArmy117's Avatar
Default Re: [List] Your best firefight?

My Best Firefight(s), which all were in the most epic round I have ever had -

Map - Ramiel
Faction - US Army

My squad was under fire and I was killed. Our medic was down too, so I clicked to respawn at our rally which wasn't far behind the rest of my squad. Either I missed clicking the button or it just glitched, because I ended up spawning at the Airport (as a medic).

There was a chopper squad, so I hopped in the black hawk and gave the pilot some co-ordinates right outside the front of the city. We touched down and I got out, thanked the pilot, and then hid in a bush beside a small alley-way to tell my squad where I was. As I was doing so, an insurgent passed in front of me. I as quick as I could put a burst right in him.

I rounded the corner to look down the alley-way and took a shotgun hit. Lucky for me, he was farther down and the shot didn't kill me. I returned fire and took him out. I went back into the bush I had been in and healed myself. After I stopped the bleeding, I stepped across the alley-way into one of those apartment like buildings. As I went across it though, I saw three insurgents coming towards me. I sidestepped my way into the building firing at them, hitting (most likely...) but not killing them. I went to the balcony of the apartment building and peeked over the edge to see if the insurgents were there yet. I noticed one had an RPG, so I stood up and fired three or so bursts, taking him out. His two buddies opened up on me and I ran down stairs. I tried to do the sidestepping fire across the alley-way again, but they were closer then I thought and I took at AK to the face.

I'm telling you. That round was the most amazing round of PR I have ever had.

After that firefight, we got the black hawk to take us to the intel which was in the north-west of the map. He landed us too close and we started taking sporadic fire from buildings to the north. We all popped smoke and me and a squadmate ran up an alley way to flank. I saw a guy with a PKM and took him out. An insurgent popped out behind me and my squad-mate nailed him. Then I was killed from somewhere and my squad-mate picked up my kit, revived me, and we kept on fighting together.

Another squad started moving towards that cache as well, so we all moved towards the next and last one. We split up because someone had gotten separated and killed, so we, me and another medic, headed to get him. We revived and healed him, then continued on a parallel road to the rest of our squad. I'm not sure what happened the the other three of our squad, but the three of us came on a road and started taking AK fire from a doorway in a wall on the other side of the street. The other two with me suppressed him and I ran to the other side of the road and got alongside the wall. An Insurgent tossed a grenade over the wall, but it was far enough away that I only took minor damage, which my team-mate took care of. I moved in to the doorway and took out an insurgent hiding behind one of our ammo boxes (don't know how it got there), then took out on that was facing the other direction.

From out of nowhere, my squad leader shows up and we move into the compound. We take fire from the roof and my squad leader goes down. I revive him while I think someone threw a grenade onto the roof. It turned out, the last cache was at the base of the building and we destroyed it happily.

That was the first time I had ever been a coalition force, and won an Insurgency game. I ended that game second place on my team with 1300 points, 16 kills, and 8 or 9 deaths.

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Old 05-20-2009, 10:13 PM   #19

shribey22's Avatar
Default Re: [List] Your best firefight?

Fallujah West

We were searching for a cache somewhere in the B3 region when me (being the medic) and kwcool? (specialist) decided to check this one house without the rest of our squad. While making sure the house was empty, I came across one of those doors that can be shot open. So the specialist quickly breaks it open and we rush in, catching 4 insurgents shooting out of windows. We make quick work of them. As we start reloading, I see a lone insurgent start running into the building. When he pops his head out, we open a full stream of lead... and somehow don't kill him. Desperately trying to heal myself, my squad mate keeps the enemy pinned down until he throws a molotov in between us. kwcool dies and i make a daring rush to take down the insurgent. I go back, revive cool, and head back downstairs. We finally decide to move out of the compound that we were in and... we get cut down by and RPK. Never had so much adrenaline pumping....
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Old 05-20-2009, 11:29 PM   #20

ChiefRyza's Avatar
Default Re: [List] Your best firefight?

Best firefight/s would be on Ejod Desert Infantry layer. Either between Gas Station and the City, or between Gardens and North Desert, it gets incredibly intense and the best games I've had on Project Reality in 0.85 have been on this map/layer. It's very balanced, everyone sticks together because it's so hard to move up, and fighting across the trenches/tank bunkers are incredibly fun! There is nothing like the feeling of 64 soldiers locked in symmetrical combat...

Current project: Operation Tempest
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firefight, list
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