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25 Feb 2018, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Tales from the Front Share your in-game experiences playing PR:BF2.

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Old 05-28-2009, 07:27 AM   #81
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Default Re: [List] The nostalgia thread

almost crying from nostalgia here, i still remember when we switched to .6 and it all became so damn awesome. the worst is that i miss the good ol' bi ming (we really need the night map back, maybe just toned down a tiny bit) was just such a different and awesome experience)

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Default Re: [List] The nostalgia thread

oh yes, rounds on the old bi ming were epic. too bad that map always emptied servers and was almost never played

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Old 05-28-2009, 01:59 PM   #83

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Default Re: [List] The nostalgia thread

Originally Posted by MadTommy View Post
Goods Station...

Goods station was a kwl map, kinda hectic tho
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Old 05-28-2009, 02:11 PM   #84
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Default Re: [List] The nostalgia thread

Ah man, I remember Zatar, Had some of the best memories there, When counter-attack started both teams were all really going head-on.. Plain epic.

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Old 06-05-2009, 02:14 AM   #85
PR:BF2 Developer

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Default Re: [List] The nostalgia thread

Found 'first day of 0.609'

Also the old crap Mosin

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Old 06-05-2009, 06:16 PM   #86
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Default Re: [List] The nostalgia thread

THe best is the QM as it always said who was the sniper in the round, you could see a guy request sniper then on eminute later he request for another one etc. great fun laughing at those.

Something I also remember was the hide APC's near the frontline tactics so we can get a monile spawn point.

Ofc nothing can kill that feeling first time your fireing up PR for the first time and gets into a working squad, you spawn in a APC, you have no clue where you are as you step out. Good times.

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I found this sentence quite funny and since this is a war game forum I will put it here. No offense to the french just a good laugh.
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Old 06-06-2009, 01:26 AM   #87

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Default Re: [List] The nostalgia thread

Hands down, best minimod evar
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Old 06-08-2009, 02:01 AM   #88

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Default Re: [List] The nostalgia thread

Originally Posted by Outlawz View Post

Also the old crap Mosin

Mmmm Moist Nuggets

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Default Re: [List] The nostalgia thread

I was browsing some folders today and I found a txt-file namned: "readme_prmm_030.txt" and it was dated in the folder; 2006 May 10

In that information it starts with:
================================================== ======================
Battlefield 2™ Project Reality Mini-Mod 0.30 Full Install
Readme File Build
Updated May 10, 2006
================================================== ======================
and further on it goes:

To start, the Project Reality team would like to express our humble 
gratitude towards our loyal community members who have spent countless 
hours, forum posts, and PM/IM chats to provide our team with the 
necessary feedback and support over the past few months. We do 
acknowledge the important role that you all have played and we thank you!

Our PRMM testing group has also put forth a great deal of work and 
attention. Their dedication to the goal that is PRMM can be easily 
witnessed in the end product. Thanks to you!

We would also like to extend our thanks to the various community sites 
that have highlighted our progress and helped build our ever growing 
community. Thank you!

The Project Reality Team:
Management: Requiem, JS.Fortnight.A
Coding: KingOfCamelot, Ghostrider, Mortlock, eGor, MasterTom, ArchEnemy, eggman, TheRealFritz
Modelling: Wybl, Stigger, Kbar, Katarn, Azelito
Texture Artists: AirForce, Millenia
Mapping and Level Design: JavaMoose, Rhino, Ali-Tom, NikovK
Military Advisors: EvilHomer, Black Beret, UK_Force, EddieBaker
Website: Requiem
Loading Screen Maps: RikiRude
Music: Disciple
Testing: Wraith, Gaz and a whole bunch of testers!
Test Server Providers: GloryHoundZ, SAS

BF2 Community Map Contributions: Dr. Mabuse, BierPizzaChips, Khrimson, Illicit Films, Stringer Studios, Hrothgar, Mr. Burns
Project Reality Community Contributions: Thanks to OAKSider for the new icon and 2Slick4U for the new cursors!

1. Hard Drive Space 
To install this mod properly you need at least approximately 1 GB of free
space on your hard-drive.

2. Installation 
- Installer notes
Please select your Battlefield 2™ main directory in the destination location wizard screen of the setup. If any other location is selected, the mod will not be properly installed. This should be selected by the installer by default.

3. Finding PRMM Servers  
To successfully find Project Reality servers, you should change the following server browser filters: check the 'Same Mod' and 'Same Version Only' filters, and uncheck the 'Ranked' filter in the server browser.

4. Changes 
IMPORTANT Single Player Notes
- In order to be able to capture flags in Single Player you will need to do the following:
--- 1. go to /mods/pr/python/game/gamemodes/
--- 2. run spfix.bat
--- 3. this will now run Single Player maps in traditional Conquest mode; 
--- 4. In order to rever this change, you will have to manually rename to and then rename
- AAS mode (gpm_cq before running spfix.bat) is not supported in Single Player
- Extraction mode (gpm_xtract) is not supported in Single Player
- Single Objective mode (gpm_sobj) is not supported in Single Player

Class Changes
- Added delays to hand & smoke grenades to avoid "nade spam"; you now have to wait a couple of seconds before using a grenade after selecting it, it takes longer to throw one and grenades take about 8 seconds to "reload". There is no reloading animation for grenades, but a reloading bar is displayed.
- Changed medic defibrulators to work on a battery charge system. Each Medic carries a battery capable of 6 revive charges. These can be re-supplied at any supply point.
- Changed medic kit to require that Medics are within 1 meter of the person they are treating. You will have to stay very close to the person to treat them.
- Added Sig P226 weapon to US Spec Ops. Note the flashlight looks cool but doesn't work at this time.
- Sniper rifle adjustments: increased M24 damage; reduced Draugonov and T88 mag count to 3; increased T88 recoil
- Added Ammo Kit and Ammo Ability to Assault Class; note that a maximum of 3 ammo kits can exist at any time from a given soldier, a 4th kit thrown will expire the first one. Also note that there is a slight delay in tossing subsequent ammo kits, the soldier must reach into their butt pack to get another kit. There is no animation for this.
- Changed ammo kit behaviour: they must now be thrown and once thrown they can't be picked up; you must stand very close to the ammo kit to take ammunition from it. Once the ammo kit is empty, it will dissapear. Ammo kits hold about half the ammunition of a supply crate.
- Removed Ammo Kit and Ammo Ability from Support Class
- Reduced Support Class sprinting ability slightly
- Reduced Assault Class sprinting ability slightly
- Added SOFLAM w Range Finder to Special Ops Class. This is based on te vBF2 SIMRAD. The laser target designation you might expect with a SOFLAM does not work, they are only binoculars. Note they can be used for spotting, both enemies and artillery calls by using the zoom and the comm rose.
- Added Binoculars to Sniper and Anti Tank classes
- Added NVG to all classes. Accessed with the "7" key. Only available on Night Maps; Night Vision is tough on the eyes; you can wear it for about 5 minutes at a time, then you need to turn it off for about 1 minute; there is an "NV Meter" that lets you know this.
- Added SLAM to Special Ops classes. This is a timed explosive device on a 15 second timer, less powerful than C4, quantity 3. Currently uses the C4 model, this will change in a future release.
- Rearranged the Anti Tank class weapon slots to be more like Vanilla BF2. Slot "3" is pistol but this should not conflict with vBF2 expansion packs, Slot "4" is AT weapon; Changed AT ammo to 3 rounds; Added binoculars to AT Class.
- Changed Assault Class to have 3 ammo bags; assault class now gets 4 grenades for the grenade launcher.
- Changed ammo kits so that they do not have reloading properties when held, the only way to get more ammo is to toss them and then pick one up.
- Removed Claymores from Snipers, added binoculars to Snipers
- Added 2 smoke grenades to Medics, removed frag grenades
- Added 2 Claymores to Engineers; removed frag grenades; Added SMG to Engineers; Added 1 high powered C4, detonated same as normal C4, note this C4 is mapped to key 8; limited AT mines to 2
- Changed Engineers so their ability does not automatically work while riding inside a vehicle. They need to be able to use their wrench or get out of a vehicle to perform repairs.
- Added tracers at 1 in 5 for all rifles. Sub Machine Guns, Sniper Rifles and Pistols do not have tracer rounds.

Vehicle Changes
- Increased the armor on all heavy jeeps (Hummers, Vodniks, and Nanjings). They will now be more difficult to destroy with all weapons. For example, a single AT rocket hit to a heavy jeep will cause the jeep to flame, but the crew will have about 10 seconds to bail out and get to safety.
- AT rockets now effect different areas of tanks differently. To kill a tank with an AT rocket: Front 3, side 2, tracks/rear/top 1
- Tank HEAT shells more effective against APC and jeep rubber
- AT rockets more effective against APC and jeep rubber
- AT rockets more effective against jeep glass
- Airstrips, Helipads and Carriers will take much longer to rearm and repair aircraft. You will need to land to repair and rearm an aircraft. Note that due to how some of the rearm and repair points overlap on carriers and runways and such, timings will be somewhat inconsistent. Expect to need 30 to 60 seconds to rearm an empty fighter jet.
- Adjusted APC armor
- AT rockets now more effective against APCs
- Added drivable Civilian Pickup. It's a white pickup on some maps (referred to as civiliancar2 in the Editor).
- Wreck fires added to all land vehicles. Wreck Smoke added to boats and all aircraft.
- Added ammo re-supply capabilities to APCs, Transport Helos and Heavy Jeeps (Hummers, Vodniks and Nanjings). This only works on soldiers, not vehicles. Note that ammo re-supply persists after the vehicle is destroyed, but there is a limited supply of ammo available from these vehicles. If the vehicle is not re-supplying you, it is out of ammunition supplies.
- Added ammo re-supply capabilities to UAV trailer. This only works on ground vehicles, not soldiers or aircraft. Note that ammo re-supply persists after the trailer is a wreck, but there is a limited supply of ammo available. If the UAV trailer is not re-supplying your vehicle, it is out of ammunition supplies.
- All Heavy Jeeps now carry 6 passengers (Hummer, Vodnik, and Nanjing)
- Added 50% increase in blast radius, 50% increase in explosion force and 30% increase in bomb damage to mk82 and MEC/PLA 250 bombs (F18, J10, Mig29)
- Added Black Armored SUV, the vehicle model is "suv_vip"; Note that the SUV only carries a driver and 1 passenger. We limited this because you can't shoot out of the SUV due to the "bulletproof" glass. Any excess soldiers probably have other things to do than watch DVDs in the back of an SUV ;)
- Added more of a "six" view to F18, J10, Mig29 and F35. This is accessed with the "C" key by default.
- Balanced loadouts of Attack Helicopters across armies to 24 rockets and 750 chain gun rounds. Equalised damage for each Army's attack helicopters. Tweaked the potency of rockets and chaingun down slightly.

Game Play Changes
- Changed supply crates to require that players are within 1 meter to re-supply
- Set AAS as default game mode
- Enabled commander by default for all game modes; this can be adjusted in
- Added attrition spawning system; for each death 1 second is added to your "you were killed" time (aka respawn time), to a maximum of 30 seconds penalty. This does not affect your "man down" time (the time which you can be revived). Each second of "You Were Killed" time is for a death, so if you have 15 seconds of "You Were Killed" time, it means you have had 15 deaths.
- Set Default AAS spawn times to 30 seconds. Combined with the Atrition Penalty system, your maximum respawn time will be 60 seconds (which would indicate you have been killed 30 times).
- Lowered the amount of ammo supplies from supply crates by about one third
- Added a squad hopping penalty system. When a DEAD player changes squads their respawn time will be increased by 30 seconds the next time they respawn.
- Enabled AAS CP scaling by default again. This had been disabled in 0.25. CP capture radius will scale, but it will be about half of what it was with 0.21
- AAS CP Scaling NOTE: AAS CP Scaling does not appear to cause the flag in the HUD to be drawn indicating you are inside the capture radius. Just look at the flag; if it is moving, you are inside the radius even if the HUD does not display the flag change graphical element.
- Added a totally new scoring system. Visit the Project Reality website forums for more details
- Your team will see a "KIA" message when one of your squad leaders or your commander is killed
- Your team will see a message when a team mate loses a vehicle or aircraft
- Removed Artillery and Supply drop capabilities from Commander. These can ONLY be granted at the request of a Squad Leader. The buttons still show in the Commander HUD, but are only there to show the reloading status of these assets.
- Removed the "spotted" menu item from the Commander HUD. Commanders will still be able to zoom in on the Battlefield, but can no longer "call contacts" for their team.
- Audited hit points of UAV and Radar stations. UAV requires 5 SLAM or 2 C4 to destroy. Radar requires 3 SLAM or 1 C4 to destroy
- Adjusted UAV and Radar so that they can be completely destroyed with enough C4 or SLAM, removing them from the map.
- On most maps UAV and Radar will never respawn once completely destroyed. When they are completely destroyed they will disappear from the map.

New Game Modes
----- EXTRACTION (gpm_xtract) : The USMC/UK must escort a "target" from one location to another. When the target reaches the destination USMC/UK wins the round. Each time the target is destroyed, USMC/UK is penalized tickets. If they get enough penalties, they will lose the round.
----- EXTRACTION MODE MAP SUPORT: Strike at Karkand: 16,32,64; Karkand Night Ops: 16,32,64; Mashtuur City: 16,32,64; Mashtuur Night: 16,32,64; Sharqi Peninsula 16,32,64; Sharqi Night 16,32,64;

----- SINGLE OBJECTIVE (gpm_sobj) : USMC/UK must destroy the MEC/PLA Radar and UAV to win the round. 
----- SINGLE OBJECTIVE MODE MAP SUPPORT: Mashtuur City 16,32,64; Sharqi Peninsula 16,32,64; Gulf of Oman 16,32,64; Dragon Valley 16,32,64; Sharqi Night 16,32,64; Mashtuur Night 16,32,64; 
----- SINGLE OBJECTIVE MODE MAP SUPPORT NOTES: Note that the 32p configurations have been "optomised" for Single Objective and should be regarded as the preferred configuration for this mode.

New Maps
- Project Reality Mini Mod v0.30 ships with 22 playable maps:
----- 4 Project Reality maps, 4 Night Maps from the BF2 Modding Community optomised for PR, 6 Maps from the BF2 Modding Community optomised for PR, 8 vBF2 maps optomised for PR
- New Maps with 0.30: 
----- Muttrah City by Rhino from the Project Reality Mapping Team
----- Jabal Al Burj by Ali-Tom from the Project Reality Mapping Team
----- Road to Kyongan’Ni by NikovK from the Project Reality Mapping Team
----- CP Abadan by Ali-Tom from the Project Reality Mapping Team
----- Jungle Fever by Dr. Mabuse
----- Operation Nightshift by BierPizzaChips
----- Zhianjing Security Area by Khrimson
----- El Alamein XXL by Mr. Burns
- Maps from 0.25 are included in 0.30:
----- Steel Thunder by Illicit Films
----- The Oasis by Dr. Mabuse
----- Strike at Karkand 2 by Hrothgar
- Night Map conversions added courtesy of Stringer Studios (
----- Sharqi Night
----- Karkand Night Ops
----- Mashtuur Night 
- Project Reality optomised vBF2 maps included with PRMM 0.30:
- note: we may add more vBF2 maps in the future, but are focussing our efforts on custom maps
----- Strike at Karkand
----- Mashtuur City
----- Sharqi Peninsula
----- Dragon Valley
----- Dalian Plant
----- Gulf of Oman
----- FuShe Pass
----- Zatar Wetlands

Map Changes
- Audited most maps for play balance purposes (starting CP ownership should now be evenly distributed)
- Audited most maps for Vehicle Respawn Timers: Boats: 1 minute; Jeeps & Transport Helos: 3 Minutes; APCs & AAVs: 4 Minutes; Tanks, Attack Helos & Aircraft: 5 minutes
- Audited most maps so that 16p configurations have only Jeeps and Transport Helos on 10 minute respawn timers for primarily Infantry focussed play
- Replaced Light Jeeps with Heavy Jeeps on most maps as the light jeep vehicles represented in BF2 are not typically used in real world military operations
- On most maps all CPs can now be captured, including Aircraft Carriers. The last CP owned by a team will take a long time to capture and the radius is very large.
- Removed F35s from most maps; Removed Fighter Bombers (F15, Su30, Su34) from most maps and replaced them with Fighters (F18, J10, Mig29)
- Set most 16 player configurations of maps to be primarily infantry combat with limited Heavy Jeep support and in some cases transport helicopters
- Audited most map ticket bleed so that a bleed will only occur when one team is down to their last CP. Tickets should only be consumed now when players are killed.
- Added new custom Project Reality music sound tracks from Disciple
- Began adding custom Project Reality loading maps; not all maps have them yet
- Corrected an error with Steel Thunder and Road to Kyognan'Ni that was causing performance problems; hopefully this should fix the lag on these maps

Miscellaneous Changes
- Removed more "you scored points" messages from the HUD
- Added PR specific support for Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Spanish, Swedish and Thai; Note many messages will still display in English, but we have improved international support quite significantly
- Rearranged the server configuration to give a more "Project Reality" experience with the default configuration
- Moved all server configuration variables to /mods/pr/python/game/ These are documented within that file. Server admins can edit these values to configure servers.
- Set game start timers to 45 seconds for XTRACT and SOBJ, 30 seconds for AAS and CQ. These are configured in /mods/pr/python/game/
- Set respawn timers to 10 seconds for XTRACT, 30 seconds for AAS, SOBJ and CQ. These are configured in /mods/pr/python/game/ Respawn timers are subject to atrition penalties.
- Added sv variable definitions into PR game mode files to ensure consistent configuration by server admins. Editable values are in /mods/pr/python/game/ Comments within the file document the settings. We STRONGLY recommend you leave these as default values until you have played the mod for a bit. Some of them take some time to "grow on you" but are there for a reason!

5. Bug Fixes
- Fixed M24 accuracy bug from 0.25
- Fixed issue from 0.25 where M203 Grenades did not have a proper 3p explosion or sound, but still caused damage
- Fixed issue from 0.25 where GP30 Grenades had a collision mesh error
- Fixed getting in armor stopping players from bleeding
- Little Bird windshield problem fixed where you used to be able to shoot through the glass
- Little Bird collision mesh problem fixed where you used to get a bit "stuck" when first entering the helicopter and trying to take off
- Incorporated BF2 1.21 bugfixes
- Validated inclusion of BF2 1.22 bugfixes

6. Known Issues
- 030 BUG: When riding in an APC in any position, or when riding in a Jeep in the gunner or driver position there is no resupply indicator in the HUD although you are being resupplied
- 030 BUG: The first time a player joins a squad when they are dead, they are punished as though they changed squads. Workaround is to only change / join squads when you are alive.
- 030 BUG: Wreck Fires do not cause damage to players; will fix in a future release
- 030 BUG: BFHQ is missing some weapon descriptions and images; will fix in a future release
- 030 BUG: You should FIRST turn on your Soldier NVG before getting into a helicopter, then turn on the NVG in the helicopter for a better picture. We are looking into this issue for a future release.
- 030 BUG: On Extraction mode maps the attacking team (not the escort team) cannot enter certain areas of the map (to avoid camping the spawns). You will get an "outside the combat area" message but there are no red stripes indicating the boundaries. We will investigate this for a future release.
- 030 BUG: Some users have reported black textures on buildings on night maps when running dynamic shadows on HIGH settings. We do not know what the cause is. Work around is to run dynamic shadows on medium settings; the visual difference is not that significant and we decided to release it with this bug and work around.
- 030 BUG: Not all map / game mode combinations have loading maps yet; will fix in a future release
- 030 BUG: The light signature from firing weapons at night does not properly reflect off all surrounding surfaces; will fix in a future release
- BF2 1.2x BUG: Problems zooming in or out when armor is reloading or overheated.
- BF2 1.2x BUG: Secondary weapons do not play the overheat sound
- BF2 1.2x BUG: Mods will show their size as the total size of the BF2 installation including all otehr installed mods and maps. This is innacurate. Project Reality 0.3 uses about 900mb of disc space.
- BF2 1.2x BUG: Empty friendly vehicles show up on the minimap as occupied

7. BF2CC Support

BF2CC Multimode Support
BF2CC (as of version 1.2.2303) does not support adding multiple game-modes to maplists. Currently, the easiest way to create such a maplist is to:
- Create the desired maplist in BF2CC, but leave all gamemodes at gpm_cq
- Save and Apply the Profile
- Manually edit the profile and replace gpm_cq with gpm_xtract or gpm_sobj where desired
- Restart BF2CC

BF2CC Import of default PR Maplist
The following HOWTO is one way of loading the default maplist.con file provided with PR 0.3:
- With BF2CC and the BF2 Server running, overwrite the active maplist.con (generated by BF2CC) with the desired one
- On the server console, type "maplist.load" then verify it is correct by typing "maplist.list"
- In BF2CC, go to the maplist and click Refresh Maps
- Change something trivial in BF2CC and then change it back so that you can save the profile
- Apply the Profile

8. Commercial Trademark Acknowledgements
Chevrolet, GMC, Suburban, and all trademarks including the Chevy logo relating to Project Reality Mod's "2001 Chevrolet Suburban" with B7 armoring are trademarks or registered trademarks of General Motors Corporation., in the United States and other countries.
Battlefield 2 is published by Electronic Arts, Inc. ( and developed by DICE ( © 2005 Digital Illusions CE AB.

Project Reality Mini-Mod Copyright © 2006 Project Reality

Those were the days my friends!

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Old 08-01-2009, 09:53 AM   #90
Default Re: [List] The nostalgia thread

bah, all old 0.25-0.6 screens are long gone. my oldest are from 0.75

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