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Old 08-28-2009, 10:37 PM   #21

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Default Re: Anyone good at calculus based physics? I need some help

My solution for 1.a:

As stated before you'll have to find out the volume of said gold-sample by:

Mass / Density = Volume
4.831g / (19.32g/cm³) = 0.25005176 cm³

I also use a square as my base of calculation of the 'leaf':

length x width x height = volume of square / leaf
l x w x 4.562x10^-6m = 0.25005176 cm³

-> l x w = 0.00025005176 m³ / 4.562x10^-6 m

l x w = 54.8118719... m² nevermind the l x w, solution is: 54.8118719... m²

Will try and solve the rest

Using the volume from 1.a:

Volume cylinder = r² x pi x h |h = height = what we're looking for
0.00025005176m³ = [2.600x10^-6 m]² x 3.1415 x h

0.00025005176m³ / ([2.600x10^-6 m]² x 3.1415) = h
0.00025005176m³ / 2.1237x10^-11m² = h

Will quit now, good luck anyways

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Old 08-28-2009, 11:03 PM   #22
Default Re: Anyone good at calculus based physics? I need some help

Thanks for the effort all of you. I appreciate it a lot but it appears none of the answers were right for the first question :/ It might have been my calculator work but the second question, I got everything correct except B.

Answers for question 2
(b)2.40e1 kg* this one was incorrect, I didnt have it in kg, i just had it in grams
(c)2.64e-2 kg/min
(d)-1.61e-2 kg.min

Answers for question 1
(a)0.05481 m^2
(b)11750 m

I ended up with a 12.33/15 for this homework. I might be dropping this class but who knows. Thanks again for trying to help me. You guys were awesome.
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Old 08-29-2009, 05:31 AM   #23
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Default Re: Anyone good at calculus based physics? I need some help

Actually if you look at what I wrote for 1)a) that's not as wrong as your teacher thinks :
I wrote the surface of one side of the leaf is 0.0548 m2 and the whole surface of gold is twice as big (which is true).

for 1)b) I think you made something wrong with the calculator, I get Length = 11771 m for :
Length = 2.5x10^-7 / ((2.6x10^-6)^2 x Pi )
Which is pretty close to what you have to find (again, I use the window calculator and cut a lot of numbers after the dot).

Good job with the second, this one was rather difficult.

Many thanks to everyone involved in the making of the best videogaming experience ever !
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