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PR:BF2 General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality: BF2 modification.

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Old 10-26-2007, 08:48 PM   #21
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When in my squad, and we are not doing "FWD OPS" tactics,

there are only 2 rules,

1.Never request the sniper kit,
2.Never spawn as Spec Ops *

* is you get the kit after you spawned then you are a uber 1337 spec ops with body armor

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Old 10-26-2007, 11:25 PM   #22

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My makeup.

One Fine Officer...Five Good Men.

I'm usually a bit liberal with kits, and only choose to assign kits when the situation demands it. I don't mind a sniper in the squad only if they follow orders and position themselves where I need them. Otherwise it's a kick out of the squad. But overall, as long as our objectives are accomplished, it doesn't matter how we do it, just so long as it gets done.

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Old 10-27-2007, 01:19 AM   #23

Depends on what roles we do.

Reg Army/Militia.

Regular Infantry squad.
Officer x1
Medic x1
Rifleman x1
Engineer or any kit of the persons choosing that will help us cap/defend cp'. x3

Assault Infantry Squad.
Officer x1
Rifleman x1
Medic x1
Support x1
Grenadier x1
Marksmen or Light/Heavy AT depending on situation. x1

Special Infantry squad
Officer x1
Medic x1
Whatever the commander asks us to specialize in.

Building squad.
Engy or Rifleman.

Forward Ops squad.
Medic x2
Rifleman x2
Engineer x1

Spec ops squad.(One of my favorites when played right)

Officer x1
Medic x1
Spec ops x3
Sniper or Marksmen x1

Officer x1
Spec ops x4
Medic x1

Demo Squad(Kinda like spec ops)
Officer x1
Engineer x3
Rifleman x1
Medic x1

Sniper squad.(Yes we do help but you never seem to notice it)

Officer x1 (Some times takes the role of spotter)
Sniper x2
Medic x1

Sniper x2
Rifleman x1 (As spotter sometimes)

Bastard Squad.(To piss off the enemy)
Officer x1
Whatever the hell my squadies want as long as we annoy the enemy in any and every way possible to make them lose! x5


Vcp Squad.
Civi x1
Insurgent x2
Ambusher x1
War vet x1
Rpg or Support x1

Apc Hunt Squad.
Civi x2
Insurgent x2
Rpg gunner x2

Ambush Squad.
Civi x1
War Vet/Insurgent x1
Ambusher x4

City defense(Rare but effective)
Anyone can have what they want as long as they keep the brits out of the city.

Special Ops(Yes they're are insurgent spec ops)
War Vet x1
Civi x1
Ambusher x2
Svd Sniper x2

Driveby squad (My favorite!)

Me with dual Uzi's on bike with a buddy taking on enemy Rovers, Support trucks, Etc.

Civi x1
Rpg gunner x2
War Vet/Ambusher/Insurgent as driver and gunners. x3

Spawn car
Insurgent x1
Civi x2
Rpg gunner x1
Pkm gunner x2

Pick up truck
Insurgent x1-4
Pkm gunner x1-2
Rpg gunner x1-2
Civi x1
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Old 10-27-2007, 04:01 AM   #24

Originally Posted by Eddiereyes909 View Post
1.Never request the sniper kit,
2.Never spawn as Spec Ops *
I think snipers have a place in the game right, but, the way I usually operate my squad is as a front line blitzkrieg squad, so it's extremely rare for a sniper to be of use to my squad, unless we're up against a specific situation.

I don't mind if my squaddies spawn as spec ops, but only if we're in a close range fight. So, for example, we have an APC parked near an urban flag, well, if I have my rally down already, even I spawn as SpecOp, because it just owns so hard in close range battles. Then when we're on to further range battles, I never pick specop because it doesn't have the zoom capability of the rifleman.
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Old 10-27-2007, 07:24 AM   #25

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Originally Posted by pureperversions View Post
but due to there lack of zoom the medics are a lot better at close range battles

besides you get a better rate of fire with 4 rifleman alive and one medic than 5 riflemen having to respawn all the time due to death and bleeding out so unable to fire as accuratly
Yeah they are a bit but against rifle men in most situations they lose. Plus in long& mid range scope battles there just no room to treat the wounded and in those situations Medic's useless. And like tub said the medic usually get killed trying to revive or heal so you lose two men instead of one. Some thing need to be done med is just to crap at the moment. And don’t try and argue with me people like you did last time I stated the obvious or ill deck yu.
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Old 10-27-2007, 08:51 AM   #26
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i have 2 rules in my squads. No Sniper or marksmen, H-AT. If it is needed we will get it but otherwise no. I mostly carry officer and let the rest choose wheat they like but they must stay with the squad.

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Old 10-27-2007, 08:58 AM   #27

gazzthompson's Avatar

i like SF in urban maps , 1 or 2 men to take point , good CQB weapon.

i normally let people be what they want . they are *normally* sensible to see what others are and adjust accordingly

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Old 10-27-2007, 09:51 AM   #28

if im runing an Inf squad i tend to set up my squad as this but if i need to make changes ill make them other wise its an kick

1x SL
2x Riflemen
1X medic
1X L-at/AA
1X Support

1X sniper = kick

oh for Insurgent
its like this "must have mic on all of the civs"

2X civs "with bikes"
2X Ambusher "with C4"
2X Insurgent "ammo" or one get the AA kit
i have my ambushers sit back after and turn the bikes into bike booms. the civs drive the bikes out to the brits. "throw rock what even to get the brits over to them or just pull up the the APC and give the word. ambusher blows the C4. and insurgent give ammo to the ambusher so they can to it all over again and protect the ambusher from the brits.
i find this set up with the insurgents realy good
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