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19 Jan 2018, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality: BF2 modification.

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Default Re: Worth To Get Back Into The Game?

Originally Posted by [R-DEV]Psyrus View Post
I know there is all that e-drama between the PR team and various members in the community (yourself included)
No see I understand that, but that is what frustrates me. I enjoy myself a good bit of drama of course, but one of the things that I enjoy the most about the Project Reality community... is that there is a point when the Project Reality project itself is more important than any trivial disagreement from the internal sub-communities.

That is what I'm most frustrated with. I think there was a point where the Project Reality project lost that mentality... and became more of a clique than a community. Which is annoying.

I didn't have to be involved with the PR:A3 project. I wouldn't want to have been. I would have happily donated everything to the core community. If they didn't want me leading it... which quite frankly I would have totally understood... I would still have happily handed it over and supported it, easily.

However we've gotten to the point with this community... where we can have this entire beautiful revival mod we made, that is everything the original PR:A3 project was working towards... and we can't even get the official community on board with it... because of bias against individuals from entirely superfluous e-drama history.

Which in my opinion is ridiculous.

That is what I think the biggest issue with Project Reality currently... letting personal disagreements get in the way of building the primary project, and moving the entire community forward. It is saddening and frustrating. When I talk about building a system for contributors... that is what I'm talking about. A centralized, universal, and more aggressively unbiased solution that allows the community to dynamically contribute content built by the Project Reality community... without letting the personal bias of community developers interfere.

Like for instance with Rhino. Rhino and I mutually dislike each other, and disagree on a huge list of issues. However would I ever let that get in the way of doing something to help the primary Project Reality project? Of course not. Which is why I'm disappointed... because I feel like the Project Reality team has lost that sentiment. That communal sentiment is one of the fundamental qualities that has kept everyone in this community around for so long (at least in the past.) That the belief in the Project Reality project is something more than any single community or individual.

Originally Posted by [R-DEV]Psyrus View Post
I think if PR:A3 had continued under your leadership, there could have been real branding synergy between the two mods.
I wouldn't want that. We thought about it long and hard, and I wouldn't want it. If there is no official process for curating a leader for a project like that... and if all the requirement is... is to be the first person to take the name, then it would quickly devolve into a power struggle.

Again, we've discussed it at great length internally... and I think if there is no way to allow the Project Reality community to continue as a single homogeneous community... then I don't think I would want it to continue. At least I wouldn't attempt to continue it myself... even under the same name, or another name... because that neutral "common ground" spirit that made the Project Reality community so great, would be lost.

Like I genuinely want a neutral ground. I don't want to run anything, because I am not neutral ground. I want to be able to get into shit fights with other communities, because I think it is healthy... and promotes progress. However if any one community (even like my own) were to take power in that way, and abuse it to oust people we disliked... it would defeat the entire purpose

This needs to be something that is technically and legally built to be a neutral platform that everyone can be a part of, and that no one can unfairly (or unequally) exploit for their own agenda or personal gain.

By the way, all the best with your game-creation ventures, the various projects you're working on seem interesting to say the least
Thanks, I appreciate it. I like what we're working on, and its been an enjoyable endeavor. It has also definitely been a journey of learning and ambition, and I hope that in the future we will continue to grow in our capability.

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