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19 Oct 2017, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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    Captain Fubar's Avatar

    GPO updates for 1.4.18

    Why are there are AA vehicles on route e-106 when both sides only have 1 transport
    Posted 10-05-2017 at 11:35 PM by Captain Fubar Captain Fubar is offline
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    Rabbit's Avatar

    GPO updates for 1.4.18

    Looks like good changes though artillery on 2km for nuijamaa seems a bit worrisome. No off map support to straight heavy arty seems extreme. Did trans helis on nuijamaa finally get dropped to 300 seconds?
    Posted 10-02-2017 at 09:22 AM by Rabbit Rabbit is offline
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    [R-DEV]Outlawz7's Avatar

    GPO updates for 1.4.18

    Yes, all layers for Nuijamaa, Pavlovsk and Qwai.
    Posted 10-02-2017 at 06:37 AM by [R-DEV]Outlawz7 [R-DEV]Outlawz7 is offline
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    CAS_ual_TY's Avatar

    GPO updates for 1.4.18

    Will only these layers get changed? Or all layers which have the same flag routes on these maps?
    Posted 10-02-2017 at 06:01 AM by CAS_ual_TY CAS_ual_TY is offline
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    mectus11's Avatar

    GPO updates for 1.4.18

    Nuijamaa was fine as it is, stop trying to over-simplify maps by making them 2 routes only(edited) same goes for Qwai.

    Rather than doing maps that nobody asked for, how about Route gets fixed up, the caps for the routes are all over the place or Bamyan ALT, that layer is pretty shit. A10 against Taliban is pretty overkill and the US shouldn't have all flags capped from the start.
    Posted 10-02-2017 at 05:26 AM by mectus11 mectus11 is offline
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    WeeGeez's Avatar

    New T72B - "Valera"

    Double post. Stunning attention to detail. Made it my wallpaper too.
    Posted 09-28-2017 at 03:52 PM by WeeGeez WeeGeez is offline
    Updated 09-28-2017 at 03:58 PM by WeeGeez
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    SGT.CHRISTIAN's Avatar

    Infantry weapon damage changes

    Originally Posted by LordHenryWotton View Comment
    It's more realistic, that much is certain, but surely this takes time to get used to. I was 5m from a US soldier the other day, playing as an Insurgent Medic with a Skorpion machine pistol. Its 9mm cartridge did absolutely nothing, even though I dumped an entire magazine in his torso. Luckily my squadmate saved me with his AK-47, taking down the enemy in one or two hits, otherwise I'd been dead! I guess this encourages even more teamwork, which is a good thing.

    To be honest, the only change I disagree with is the nerfed sniper rifles. I've never felt that they're OP - and I've played since 0.98 - nor has anyone else I've spoken to complained about the snipers before. A sniper rifle should always have a one-shot kill, but be difficult to master due to bullet drop. There are so many dangers to contend with as a sniper, such as having to camoflague one's self, experiencing a lot of tunnel vision due to being scoped in often, and having no medic nearby. High damage should compensate for these dangers, just as it was before the patch.

    I've played Muttrah City once or twice since the patch, both as USMC and MEC, and I feel that MEC doesn't have too much of an advantage over the USMC. Although the risk of being ambushed is more of a danger to the USMC than to the MEC, the USMC still have an advantage in close-quarters combat since their M16's and M4's have higher fire rates and more ammo, and to be fair the G3 is quite big and bulky, somewhat difficult to operate at anything but a long distance.

    In short, I'd say this new system is still balanced (apart from the snipers), but it is asymmetrical balance, where different sides have their own advantages. It's kind of like an RTS game, where one unit type is stronger against one thing than another, but also comparably weak compared to another. Rock-paper-scissors, if you will.
    If you were five meters from him, why didn't you aim for the head instead?
    Posted 09-26-2017 at 09:54 PM by SGT.CHRISTIAN SGT.CHRISTIAN is offline
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    [R-DEV]Rhino's Avatar

    Twitter Rage!

    Na, they just get in the way and are the real reason for the delays of all the content I've been working on
    Posted 09-20-2017 at 04:53 AM by [R-DEV]Rhino [R-DEV]Rhino is offline
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    Michael Z Freeman's Avatar

    Twitter Rage!

    I wondered what creatures you had slaving away producing all that PR content

    Posted 08-28-2017 at 11:23 AM by Michael Z Freeman Michael Z Freeman is offline
  10. Old Comment
    Michael Z Freeman's Avatar

    Twitter Rage!

    Interesting to see those nitty gritty details. Try not to think too much about how much time & effort goes into making a PR map
    Posted 08-22-2017 at 11:38 AM by Michael Z Freeman Michael Z Freeman is offline

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