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22 Jun 2017, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Gameplay Videos Part 20
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Posted 05-15-2016 at 08:53 PM by [R-DEV]dbzao

YouTube - dbzao's channel

Project Reality Action Clips #7

IDF Armor Tracking
Using Heavy AT against enemy T-72s, lasing for CAS on enemy AAV and calling for Merkava support on the tracked vehicles. BASED server.

WW2: Normandy Armor Infantry Push (3 POVs)
Our infantry squad supported by two Shermans push inland to the crossroads near Omaha Beach. BASED server.

2x Challengers vs Soldier Standing Still
Man, this guy is elusive.

Squad Pinned By Militia Sniper (3 POVs)
Assaulting a weapons cache and retreating under sniper fire. HOG server.

Bradley vs UAZ
Sometimes getting (really) close to the enemy is the only way to survive.

Smoke 'Em Out (Dual POV)
Russian squads attack a weapons cache from multiple directions with smoke cover. HOG server.

WW2: Wehrmacht Trenches Assault
By the books, we setup two fireteams to suppress and assault the enemy in the trenches. BASED server.

WW2: US Army Armor Fire Support
We move our Sherman tank and halftrack to provide fire support for the infantry assault on Carentan. BASED server.

Fire and Maneuver
Great example of how suppressive fire combined with a flanking unit can take care of an enemy position.

Syrian Opposition: Day 5
BMP-1 gunner action. HOG server.

Surround and Destroy (4 POVs)
Our mechanized infantry squad assaults an enemy outpost from multiple angles with suppressive fire. BASED server.

French Forces Mechanized Push (3 POVs)
Engaging russian infantry and armor in the forest with APC and mortar support. HOG server.

British Fight for Alva
Jungle fighting and CAS bombing. HOG server.

Last Man Standing
Latency is the real MVP. HOG server.

Hind CAS Friendly Fire (Dual POV)
It was pretty awesome, then it wasn't anymore. HOG server.

Russian Attack on Refinery (Dual POV)
Two squads supported by MTLBs attempt an attack on a heavily defended oil refinery. HOG server.

BMP-3 Mechanized Infantry Assault (Dual POV)
We push on a chinese desert forward outpost with IFV support. HOG server.

USMC Squad Outpost Assault
We push on enemy Forward Outpost with AAVP7 fire support. HOG server.

Lasing for Close Air Support
Working as a support squad with mortars, anti-air and anti-tank emplacements, I move forward to find targets for CAS. HOG server.

BMP-3 vs PGZ-95
With added breachers trying to place C4.

Impromptu Firing Squad
Dealing with one pesky Russian. HOG server.

Saving the Day
Intense infantry close quarters combat gets interrupted by APCs, but I step up to the challenge. HOG server.

Vietnam: FOB Assault (4 POVs)
Rushing an enemy FOB in four different point of views. HOG server.

Rope Bridge Stalemate
Sniper problems trying to cross the rope bridge. HOG server.

British Warrior Mechanized Infantry
Pushing through the city with APC support. PRTA server.

AH-1 Supercobra Close Air Support
We try to support our team by engaging enemy air, armor and infantry in the forests of Saaremaa. HOG server.

Syrian Opposition: Day 4
We push through the city as an infantry squad with T-60 tank support. HOG server.

Lighthouse Defense Squad
We setup defenses against enemy air, armor and infantry attacks. HOG server.

Warning: loud screaming.

Suppressive Fire Works (Dual POV)
Two infantry squads support each other with covering fire and flanking maneuvers. PRTA server.

MEC Forces Swarm
Street by street we push the rebels out of Sebeneh with BMP-1 support. HOG server.

French Forces VBCI Gunner
Supporting our infantry squads to retake the UN Outpost. PRTA server.

Lance-Roquettes Anti-Char
Keeping the enemy armor in check. PRTA server.

Dutch Forces Airmobile Infantry
Full squad engagements don't always go our way. PRTA server.

I should stick to infantry
I want to pew pew pew with the big guns, but it's just not my thing. HOG server.

USMC Combined Arms (Full Round)
Fight after fight we push the enemy out of the island with LAV-25, AAVP7 and V-22 Osprey support. HOG server.

French Forces Mechanized Push
Combined arms operations of two mechanized infantry squads in APCs supported by two Main Battle Tanks. PRTA server.

No Towns Allowed
Russian flanking squad. PRTA server.

BRDM-2 MEC Infantry
Using light vehicles to assault enemy positions. PRTA server.

Shilka Squad
Fighting the Syrian Rebels' Air Force. PRTA server.

Vietnam: NVA Beach Defense
Holding against enemy attacks on the island. PRTA server.

Vietnam: Suicide Squad
We are not Rangers, we leave men behind! PRTA server.

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    Welcome to Dbzao's personal Youtube Showcase. Click a video to show your support.
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