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27 Jun 2017, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Gameplay Videos Part 11
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Posted 01-14-2012 at 06:14 PM by [R-DEV]dbzao

Welcome to another set of Project Reality gameplay videos!

If you want to know how I make these videos, check this blog post and hopefully you will feel motivated to record your own.

Feel free to check out my other PR videos, all the way back from PR v0.32!

YouTube - dbzao's Channel

Op. Marlin - Canadian Mechanized Infantry (16:01 - 7 likes)
Working with multiple squads via PR:Mumble. Assaulting enemy position by the Construction Site. Falling back and regrouping. Flanking the enemy and pushing them off the map. Tactical Gamer server.

Op. Barracuda - Chinese Forces fight over the Trenches (06:04 - 23 likes)
Working with multiple squads via PR:Mumble. Engaging enemy infantry with APC support over the trenches area. Tactical Gamer server.

Iron Ridge - Russian Mechanized Infantry Patrol in Forest (03:03 - 23 likes)
Multiple squads working together in PR:Mumble. Clearing the forest from enemy infantry with APC support. Tactical Gamer server.

Iron Ridge - Russian Assault on Enemy City (06:01 - 21 likes)
Multiple squads working together via PR:Mumble. Flanking enemy position with support from APCs and other infantry squads. Assaulting and clearing enemies in buildings. Tactical Gamer server.

Medic, medic... meeeowwwwww (00:12 - 101 likes)

Vadso City - Holding enemy boat assault at the Islands (00:50 - 15 likes)
Not really their best assault.

Vadso City - Russian Combined Assault on Vadso Airport (03:43 - 65 likes)
Working with multiple squads with PR:Mumble. Pushing towards the tunnel with T-90 MBT support. Assaulting the airport control tower with Havoc CAS. Tactical Gamer server.

Vadso City - Failed Russian Assault on Enemy Forward Outpost (02:39 - 20 likes)
If only we had the grenadier.

Vadso City - British Squad Ambushed on the Beach (01:55 - 13 likes)
In a few seconds they were all gone, but we knew others were also close.

Op. Marlin - Canadian Mechanized Infantry Firefight (02:52 - 40 likes)
Quick engagement with LAV-3 support. Tactical Gamer server.

Silent Eagle - Assaulting the Central Village (28:25 - 49 likes)
Multiple squads working together via the new PR:Mumble beta. Regrouping with friendly squads via helicopter insertion. Coordinating multiple squads for the attack. Intense close quarters engagements inside the village. Tactical Gamer server.

"Mr. Sniper, look behind you..." (00:52 - 83 likes)
360 no scope!

Vadso City - British Infantry Combat (08:45 - 33 likes)
Working with multiple squads via the new PR:Mumble beta. Engaging enemy infantry with support from other squads. Getting intel from sniper on enemy movements. Tactical Gamer server.

Pavlovsk Bay - USMC Mechanized Infantry (26:52 - 41 likes)
Working with multiple squads via the new PR:Mumble. Defending East Beach from Russian infantry and APC attacks. Assaulting Derevnya with AAVP7 support and holding against infantry and mortars counter-attack. Tactical Gamer server.

Tad Sae - USMC Assault on POW Camp (37:16 - 53 likes)
Working with multiple squads via the new PR:Mumble. After a failed assault, the entire team moves in for the attack. Tactical Gamer server.

Dragon Fly - British Mechanized Infantry Assault (30:03 - 77 likes)
Multiple squads and commander working together via the new PR:Mumble 1.0 BETA. Assault supported by Warrior APC and Challenger MBTs. Close quarters engagements with enemy infantry. Suppressive fire and maneuver. Tactical Gamer server.

Muttrah City - USMC Infantry Squad Engagement (02:40 - 36 likes)
Funny moment getting pinned down by my own squad mate =P

Lashkar Valley - German Assault on Taliban Weapons Cache (07:50 - 24 likes)
Firefight over the main village for a cache controlled by the Taliban.

Karbala - US Army Infantry Patrols and Assaults (25:51 - 68 likes)
Engaging enemy insurgents with support from our Humvee. Getting ambushed by enemy technical. Assaulting warehouse with Kiowa and Armor support. Close quarter engagements in the suburbs and rooftops.

Kokan - Taliban SVD (02:45 - 40 likes)
Killing some US Army soldiers in the cache compound.

Kashan - Calling CAS and feeding trolls (03:20 - 54 likes)
nom nom nom.

Is that active? (01:16 - 113 likes)
*runs in circles*

Shijia Valley - Chasing enemy AT squad with APC support (01:56 - 42 likes)
Helping the Warrior stay alive by chasing a chinese AT squad.

Updated 09-16-2013 at 02:54 PM by [R-DEV]dbzao
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  1. Old Comment
    MaSSive's Avatar
    Nice collection and a lot of work involved, with tons of fun.
    Posted 01-15-2012 at 10:13 AM by MaSSive MaSSive is offline
  2. Old Comment
    =Romagnolo='s Avatar
    Posted 01-16-2012 at 03:26 PM by =Romagnolo= =Romagnolo= is offline
  3. Old Comment
    Portable.Cougar's Avatar
    Always a good time when we can team up.
    Posted 01-17-2012 at 06:53 PM by Portable.Cougar Portable.Cougar is offline
  4. Old Comment
    Adriaan's Avatar
    Another great compilation db!
    Posted 01-18-2012 at 02:51 AM by Adriaan Adriaan is offline
  5. Old Comment
    Zulnex's Avatar
    Awesome videos db!
    Posted 02-02-2012 at 01:59 PM by Zulnex Zulnex is offline

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