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  1. nub looking for English GMT clan
  2. Social EU dude looking for clan.
  3. [GERMAN] Searching for Clan/Community/Squad - [GERMAN]
  4. Looking for MilSim clan.
  5. Looking for an israeli clan
  6. Longtime Player Looking For Hardcore Clan
  7. Warriors Gaming Community
  8. Looking for mature milsim group
  9. Looking for Clan
  10. Looking for an GB/EU clan.
  11. [Need Support] "Clan" For Training New Players
  12. Veteran PR gamer looking for a clan!
  13. Szukam Polskiego klanu, kt?ry przyjmie nowego.
  14. New Clan! Active Duty, Retirees, and Vets only.
  15. Newb friendly gaming community
  16. ==KCS== is recruiting (German)
  17. Szukam clanu / Lookin for clan
  18. Looking for MilSim
  19. Search for polish clan
  20. New player looking for groups (pref MILSIM)
  21. We are looking for new members CZ / SK team
  22. USMC Vet Looking for Clan
  23. Looking to learn to play this game
  24. Any philippine clan here ?
  25. Looking for MilSim Clan
  26. Looking for active clan
  27. Looking for a North-American Unit
  28. Black Watch Gaming Community
  29. Swedish SOG Recruiting
  30. [tks] Clan Recruiting
  31. Looking for a spanish clan
  33. Looking for a Clan / Group
  34. Official Project Reality Tournament Teams
  35. HOG
  36. Looking for a clan to play with [GER]
  37. Any active BF2:PR Clans?
  38. Looking for israeli clan.
  39. Looking for a clan [GER]
  40. New Italian member
  41. Looking for clan
  42. looking to form clan emphasizing Asymmetrical warfare and disruption tactics
  43. New Player taking a longshot
  44. Looking for Lithuanian/European group to play with
  45. Searching French or italian clan
  46. New player looking for hispanic/spanish clan
  47. The Allied Precise Gunmen! Now Recruiting!
  48. Looking a clan or players!
  49. New Player Looking For Clan
  50. Looking to join a clan.
  51. Looking for Clan
  52. looking for regular players
  53. Returning Player
  54. Looking for Clan/Group
  55. English speaking clan / group needed
  56. One or several players for squad
  57. Community Service Group - Plan
  58. GREX - Vorsprung durch Taktik - EU
  59. 42_nd members recruitment
  60. ARC*Omega Propaganda
  61. Looking for a realism/milsim clan
  62. Sad news
  63. deutscher clan sucht Member
  64. Free MeRk Public Teamspeak
  65. Wishing there was "SquadLeader Clan"
  66. Gunny's Warhouse
  67. Apache Gaming Community
  68. Good, fun clan?
  69. Trying to get Dutch clan started, need Help!
  70. When I check the "User License Application"...
  71. Forgotten Honor PR#2 Nordic Storm
  72. Searching French Players
  73. OPERATOR- Best Clan 2013
  74. Searching Spanish clan
  75. Outnumbered clan members vs the World. Asymmetrical Warfare events.
  76. Veterans of Courage
  77. Let's get a Round Robin Clans tourney organized for PR1.0 release!
  78. -=Dutch Clan Recruiting!!=- (WOLP)
  79. Actors/Instructors/VoiceOvers/Guests Wanted
  80. PRSP-PRSpec Ops
  81. Scottish Based Clan - Mumble Infantry Teamwork
  82. =ZT=
  83. The Hearts - Teamwork and Reality Tournament
  84. Pocket Rockets - The Spades Air Detachment
  85. Clan and Community Information (Updated)
  86. Clan and Community Information
  87. Clan Forum Rules