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  1. War of the Factions ~ Opfor Team
  2. [Ap-Int] Apache International
  3. Join the revolution, join =CCCP=
  4. Looking For team/clan Bf2
  5. Apache International is recruiting
  6. Fresh out of basic and waiting to receive orders!
  7. Krad waiting orders
  8. looking for PR/bf2/Arma clan
  9. German Newbie wants to play in a Group.
  10. New to the game, looking for a group to play with
  11. Looking for a friendly and mature group
  12. Former player looking to start up again, and join a clan.
  13. Army ROTC Cadet
  14. Noob needs training
  15. Noob looking to join mature, but fun group
  16. [Prta]-[BCG] Bad company Germany
  17. [Fox] recruitment
  18. [PA] Project Awesome
  19. GREX - Vorsprung durch Taktik - EU
  20. Searching for a Clan/Team
  21. Looking for EURO clan/group!
  22. Spearhead
  23. Looking for tactical individuals
  24. Dane looking for english/danish speak half-serious clan
  25. Looking for Clan/ Group
  26. Trying to get Dutch/English Militairy Sim clan off the ground, Please Join!
  27. Searching for a Clan!
  28. Looking for a group.
  29. (We Are) Just Soldiers
  30. Racism in HOG server
  31. Looking for an Irish Clan/any other active ones
  32. Looking for a clan, willing to make a new one if i can't find a good one to join
  33. The *Liberation Army Against Freedom* wants you!
  34. Apache Gaming Community
  35. New player wanting an active clan
  36. I would like to join an ACTIVE clan
  37. L|Detachment* looking for members
  38. [QRF] goes International
  39. [TRS] Is Recruiting!
  40. GREX - Vorsprung durch Taktik
  41. Squirrel Terrorist Faction - Recruitment
  42. Newer player looking for clan!
  43. looking for a mature/dedicated clan
  44. 101st Airborne Division
  45. [3dAC] Season 3 - Recruitment
  46. [T&T] Tactics & Teamwork
  47. 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit
  48. [PREC] is recruiting!
  49. prWARs Clan Gaming
  50. Operator looking for realism
  51. [KCS] German/Deutsch 3 Gelegenheitsspieler suchen Mitspieler
  52. 4th Special Forces Group[4SFG]
  53. [-FP-] Clan Recruitment
  54. Looking For PR: BF2 Group
  55. Binary Deli Relaunches!
  56. PR vet from years ago back in it, looking for a team
  57. New guy hoping to find a clan
  58. Looking for Clan to join
  59. =WST= International community open for members of all skill level
  60. New kid on the block
  61. =FSX= Fresh new clan looking for mature players of any caliber!
  62. [RIP] Rusty in places
  63. PR Mujahideen - New Insurgent Clan
  64. -=Dutch Clan Recruiting!!=- (WOLP)
  65. Canadian Clan
  66. Team DDsO. Recruiting
  67. Looking for PR Clan
  68. Brigata Italiana Ariete is recruiting
  69. Looking for EU team/clan
  70. [3rdID] Third Infantry Division
  71. ]CIA[ Gaming is recruiting!
  72. Looking for a clan to join
  73. Looking for a clan to join
  74. Looking for a clan to on
  75. 434th COB
  76. Looking for a clan
  77. [pt] pimelteror
  78. GREX - Be part of the pack
  79. Jabhaat Al Nusrah - Clan
  80. Experienced Platoon Commander/Instructor Seeking Officer/Advisor Position
  81. Looking for a German or English speaking Community
  82. Deutscher Clan gesucht
  83. Looking for Milsim/Tactical clan to join!
  84. Looking for training/game partner
  85. [PRTA] The Project Reality Teamwork Alliance
  86. Looking for Clan
  87. Looking to learn the right way to do thing
  88. LF Clan *Played For 5+ years*
  89. Royal Regiment - Recruitment Thread
  90. Looking for Clan!
  91. Sneaky Snakes Group - Recruitment Thread
  92. New guy eager to learn looking for a tutor/clan!
  93. Carolean Legion SWEDISH TACTICAL CLAN Recruiting!
  94. L|Detachment* is recruiting!
  95. Looking for a english speaking clan
  96. Looking for a clan or group
  97. Australian Platton
  98. Looking for a group/team to play with!
  99. Looking for UK/English speaking clan
  100. Looking for a clan!
  101. Looking for a realism unit EU or North American Timezones
  102. Recruitment
  104. Wish to join a SF clan
  105. [PA] Project Awesome - Global milsim community - Come play with us!
  106. prWARs
  107. =BIA=
  108. Any Aus clans?
  109. VGE/LGS Clan
  110. Looking for a clan!!
  111. French Squadron
  112. 109th Airborne Detachment [109AD]
  113. =BW= Blackwater
  114. IRC = a small German clan is recruting
  115. Looking for a tactical unit.
  116. HS24/7 Gaming Recruitment
  117. Just Smile Gaming Community - Needing Admins To Run PR!
  118. Looking for clan
  119. =HOG= is recruiting
  120. Looking for a Clan
  121. Want to join a clan.
  122. Dedicated Squad
  123. Recruiting for a special "clan".
  124. 4th Special Forces Group
  125. 434th COB Recruiting
  126. Looking for a clan
  127. Brothers in Arms - Enlist today!
  128. New recruit
  129. Arab Clan
  130. [R-Coy] Red Company - Part 2
  131. Noakesy here!
  132. Jortsa reports
  133. Marine Corps Team
  134. 26th MEU - Recruiting!
  135. [1st ID] 26th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division BF2:PR Realism Unit
  136. Solo Operative Looking for Clan
  137. [QRF] Quick Reaction Force | International!
  138. [82nd] 82nd Airborne Division - Recruiting
  139. Looking for a Clan!
  140. Buscando clan.
  141. [3dAC] Season 2 - Recruitment
  142. 434TH COB
  143. Newbie in need.
  144. Looking to join a clan
  145. Looking for a clan.
  146. Looking for milsim gameplay, casual out-of-game feel
  147. Looking for a relaxed clan for PR
  148. Looking for a clan (Newbie)
  149. Looking for a newbie-friendly clan
  150. 2D Marine Regiment
  151. Looking for a clan. From NA or English Speaking.
  152. VooDoo People
  153. Looking For Clan (BST +/- 1 hour Timezones)
  154. =TAG= Clan UK
  155. Ragnarok's Rangers
  156. I am looking for a MilSim clan
  157. I would like to join a Clan.
  158. Looking for a small(ish?) UK/European clan.
  159. 2nd Infantry Division :: Second To None
  160. Looking to join a clan
  161. =International Conflict=
  162. 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit [26MEU]
  163. 434th COB
  164. 82nd Airborne (LNA 26th MEU) Recruting Mature Players
  165. LT looking for clan
  166. [3rdID] 3rd Infantry Divison
  167. BFcom.org
  168. The Project Reality Clan League!
  169. I join clan please
  170. =SEALs= United States Navy SEALs
  172. Looking for a CLAN -AL
  173. Looking for a clan
  174. i join guild
  175. Red Company: Now Recruiting!
  176. Looking for clan
  177. Looking for well structured clan
  178. [1stMD] 1st Marine Division
  179. Looking for a clan
  180. =RGC= Clan recruiting for midwest server
  181. Looking for a clan
  182. The Crimson Eagles
  183. EU player looking for an active EU clan in bf2:pr
  184. 434th COB
  185. EpicElite01 looking for clan
  186. 33rd Canadian Brigade Group
  187. Looking for a UK/US MilSim Unit.
  188. ISAF TacSim Clan Recruiting! NA Based
  189. Looking for a US based clan...
  190. Suche deutschen PR Clan
  191. [25thID]The 25th Infantry Division is Recruiting!
  192. [3-75] 3rd Ranger Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment RECRUITING OPEN!
  193. Tactical Gamer Irregulars |TG-Irr|
  194. PrWars
  195. 4th Special Forces Group
  196. Snake956 is looking for a clan
  197. toxic is looking for a team
  198. [5-75] 5th Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment
  199. Looking for Clan Allies
  200. [3dAC] 3rd Armored Cavalry
  201. 1st Infantry Division - Milsim Unit
  202. Combat Operations Community[Launch Date 01/03/2012]
  203. Lookin For A clan
  204. =WSS= Why So Serious! recruiting a few groupies
  205. u|Fear Gaming community
  206. Player looking for a clan!!! (Application/Stats)
  207. United Kingdom Special Forces
  208. 75th Ranger Regiment
  209. Should i join a MilSim clan?
  210. =CoV= is recruiting!
  211. [82AD] 82nd Airborne Division Air Assault Infantry Open Recruiting!
  212. [RGG] - Regiment of the Grenadier Guards
  213. Looking for Clan
  214. Mitspieler gesucht! German Clan recruiting new Members
  215. prWARs
  216. Looking for a clan...
  217. Looking for an European Military Realism Unit
  218. =Freelancer's Union=
  219. =RW= Reality Warfare Gaming
  220. Is clan a good idea?
  221. Looking for a casual clan
  222. Casual Clan
  223. =]EC[= Easy Company Recruiting!
  224. Task Force Raven
  225. 10th Mountain Division
  226. Tiger Platoon Promotional Video.
  227. Experienced Admin Looking For Clan
  228. Covert Infiltrate Assault
  229. Teamwork And Reality Tournament [TART]
  230. 10th Mountain Division
  231. MeRk Recruitment is now open!
  232. MeRk Recruitment is now open!
  233. Looking for a clan please help
  234. 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit (SOC)
  235. Clan Search time...
  236. Looking for an Active Clan
  237. 3rd Infantry Division
  238. Group Idea
  239. [QRF] Quick REaction Force
  240. 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit
  241. Dingo Bongo!
  242. UK Based
  243. Looking for US based Clan
  244. Tips for people looking for clans.
  245. Looking for a serious UK/US Project Reality Clan
  246. Looking for a Uk/EU clan/unit
  247. Once again!!
  248. Looking for a Uk/europe clan
  249. PR:BF2 Player looking for new clan
  250. Looking for a German Clan/Suche deutschen Clan