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  1. -5 EST player looking for milsim clan
  2. BASED - AlwaysBased Community
  3. Italian guy looking for a clan!
  4. Tactical Development and Training Clan Recruiting
  5. Searching for a clan
  6. Swedish player who wants to join a clan!
  7. Russian player looking for clan.
  8. Experienced MilSim Gamer,Looking for a PR clan
  9. Bastards of Men - BM
  10. A new Player who is looking for a squad
  11. The 208th Strike Regiment
  12. In search of a organized clan
  13. Spearhead - SH
  14. Searching for Realism Unit
  15. [VG] Verion Gaming
  16. 2nd Battalion, Parachute Regiment [2 PARA] - [EU / NA]
  17. 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines [Recruiting|Realism]
  18. Returning to PR, looking for teammates/group! (EU)
  19. Looking for a milsim group.
  20. Echelon Alliance
  21. Warriors Gaming
  22. Looking for a not so serious clan
  23. PR - Combat School Division
  24. 21st Mechanized Infantry Division [21MID]
  25. Looking for clan!
  26. Looking for a Realistic PR Clan
  27. New member looking for group to play with
  28. Austrian player searching for clan/community
  29. 38th Infantry Division
  30. Unleashed looking for dedicated, humble, and passionate players
  31. Looking for a Sniper/Marksman position
  32. Foxtrot -
  33. Looking for MilSim
  34. Looking for clan/Squad
  35. [82ABN] 82nd Airborne Division - Tactical Realism Unit
  36. [QRF SQUAD]
  37. Looking for a clan
  38. Looking for clan/group
  39. Looking for a clan to play with
  40. 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit
  41. [LYNX] We are reqruiting for a new squad
  42. Mechanized Force Germany - Military Simulation Clan
  43. Looking for a Clan
  44. Looking for Clan/Insergent t play with
  45. Looking for a clan.
  46. Wargamer Project [WGP] / United Utdl
  47. I need someone to play with!
  48. Looking for a group to play!
  49. 1st Air Cavalry [1AC]
  50. 75th Ranger Regiment:Regimental Reconnaissance Company
  52. 75th Ranger Regiment - Regimental Reconnaissance Company
  53. United Rescue Force(Now Recruiting)
  54. Virtual Special Operations Group (VSOG)
  55. [0] Zero Squad
  56. {APG} Allied Precise Gunmen are looking for members!
  57. Seeking PR:Milsim
  58. MSOT 8765 recruiting
  59. War of the Factions ~ Opfor Team
  60. [Ap-Int] Apache International
  61. Join the revolution, join =CCCP=
  62. Looking For team/clan Bf2
  63. Apache International is recruiting
  64. Fresh out of basic and waiting to receive orders!
  65. Krad waiting orders
  66. looking for PR/bf2/Arma clan
  67. German Newbie wants to play in a Group.
  68. New to the game, looking for a group to play with
  69. Looking for a friendly and mature group
  70. Former player looking to start up again, and join a clan.
  71. Army ROTC Cadet
  72. Noob needs training
  73. Noob looking to join mature, but fun group
  74. [Prta]-[BCG] Bad company Germany
  75. [Fox] recruitment
  76. [PA] Project Awesome
  77. GREX - Vorsprung durch Taktik - EU
  78. Searching for a Clan/Team
  79. Looking for EURO clan/group!
  80. Spearhead
  81. Looking for tactical individuals
  82. Dane looking for english/danish speak half-serious clan
  83. Looking for Clan/ Group
  84. Trying to get Dutch/English Militairy Sim clan off the ground, Please Join!
  85. Searching for a Clan!
  86. Looking for a group.
  87. (We Are) Just Soldiers
  88. Racism in HOG server
  89. Looking for an Irish Clan/any other active ones
  90. Looking for a clan, willing to make a new one if i can't find a good one to join
  91. The *Liberation Army Against Freedom* wants you!
  92. Apache Gaming Community
  93. New player wanting an active clan
  94. I would like to join an ACTIVE clan
  95. L|Detachment* looking for members
  96. [QRF] goes International
  97. [TRS] Is Recruiting!
  98. GREX - Vorsprung durch Taktik
  99. Squirrel Terrorist Faction - Recruitment
  100. Newer player looking for clan!
  101. looking for a mature/dedicated clan
  102. 101st Airborne Division
  103. [3dAC] Season 3 - Recruitment
  104. [T&T] Tactics & Teamwork
  105. 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit
  106. [PREC] is recruiting!
  107. prWARs Clan Gaming
  108. Operator looking for realism
  109. [KCS] German/Deutsch 3 Gelegenheitsspieler suchen Mitspieler
  110. 4th Special Forces Group[4SFG]
  111. [-FP-] Clan Recruitment
  112. Looking For PR: BF2 Group
  113. Binary Deli Relaunches!
  114. PR vet from years ago back in it, looking for a team
  115. New guy hoping to find a clan
  116. Looking for Clan to join
  117. =WST= International community open for members of all skill level
  118. New kid on the block
  119. =FSX= Fresh new clan looking for mature players of any caliber!
  120. [RIP] Rusty in places
  121. PR Mujahideen - New Insurgent Clan
  122. -=Dutch Clan Recruiting!!=- (WOLP)
  123. Canadian Clan
  124. Team DDsO. Recruiting
  125. Looking for PR Clan
  126. Brigata Italiana Ariete is recruiting
  127. Looking for EU team/clan
  128. [3rdID] Third Infantry Division
  129. ]CIA[ Gaming is recruiting!
  130. Looking for a clan to join
  131. Looking for a clan to join
  132. Looking for a clan to on
  133. 434th COB
  134. Looking for a clan
  135. [pt] pimelteror
  136. GREX - Be part of the pack
  137. Jabhaat Al Nusrah - Clan
  138. Experienced Platoon Commander/Instructor Seeking Officer/Advisor Position
  139. Looking for a German or English speaking Community
  140. Deutscher Clan gesucht
  141. Looking for Milsim/Tactical clan to join!
  142. Looking for training/game partner
  143. [PRTA] The Project Reality Teamwork Alliance
  144. Looking for Clan
  145. Looking to learn the right way to do thing
  146. LF Clan *Played For 5+ years*
  147. Royal Regiment - Recruitment Thread
  148. Looking for Clan!
  149. Sneaky Snakes Group - Recruitment Thread
  150. New guy eager to learn looking for a tutor/clan!
  151. Carolean Legion SWEDISH TACTICAL CLAN Recruiting!
  152. L|Detachment* is recruiting!
  153. Looking for a english speaking clan
  154. Looking for a clan or group
  155. Australian Platton
  156. Looking for a group/team to play with!
  157. Looking for UK/English speaking clan
  158. Looking for a clan!
  159. Looking for a realism unit EU or North American Timezones
  160. Recruitment
  162. Wish to join a SF clan
  163. [PA] Project Awesome - Global milsim community - Come play with us!
  164. prWARs
  165. =BIA=
  166. Any Aus clans?
  167. VGE/LGS Clan
  168. Looking for a clan!!
  169. French Squadron
  170. 109th Airborne Detachment [109AD]
  171. =BW= Blackwater
  172. IRC = a small German clan is recruting
  173. Looking for a tactical unit.
  174. HS24/7 Gaming Recruitment
  175. Just Smile Gaming Community - Needing Admins To Run PR!
  176. Looking for clan
  177. =HOG= is recruiting
  178. Looking for a Clan
  179. Want to join a clan.
  180. Dedicated Squad
  181. Recruiting for a special "clan".
  182. 4th Special Forces Group
  183. 434th COB Recruiting
  184. Looking for a clan
  185. Brothers in Arms - Enlist today!
  186. New recruit
  187. Arab Clan
  188. [R-Coy] Red Company - Part 2
  189. Noakesy here!
  190. Jortsa reports
  191. Marine Corps Team
  192. 26th MEU - Recruiting!
  193. [1st ID] 26th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division BF2:PR Realism Unit
  194. Solo Operative Looking for Clan
  195. [QRF] Quick Reaction Force | International!
  196. [82nd] 82nd Airborne Division - Recruiting
  197. Looking for a Clan!
  198. Buscando clan.
  199. [3dAC] Season 2 - Recruitment
  200. 434TH COB
  201. Newbie in need.
  202. Looking to join a clan
  203. Looking for a clan.
  204. Looking for milsim gameplay, casual out-of-game feel
  205. Looking for a relaxed clan for PR
  206. Looking for a clan (Newbie)
  207. Looking for a newbie-friendly clan
  208. 2D Marine Regiment
  209. Looking for a clan. From NA or English Speaking.
  210. VooDoo People
  211. Looking For Clan (BST +/- 1 hour Timezones)
  212. =TAG= Clan UK
  213. Ragnarok's Rangers
  214. I am looking for a MilSim clan
  215. I would like to join a Clan.
  216. Looking for a small(ish?) UK/European clan.
  217. 2nd Infantry Division :: Second To None
  218. Looking to join a clan
  219. =International Conflict=
  220. 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit [26MEU]
  221. 434th COB
  222. 82nd Airborne (LNA 26th MEU) Recruting Mature Players
  223. LT looking for clan
  224. [3rdID] 3rd Infantry Divison
  225. BFcom.org
  226. The Project Reality Clan League!
  227. I join clan please
  228. =SEALs= United States Navy SEALs
  230. Looking for a CLAN -AL
  231. Looking for a clan
  232. i join guild
  233. Red Company: Now Recruiting!
  234. Looking for clan
  235. Looking for well structured clan
  236. [1stMD] 1st Marine Division
  237. Looking for a clan
  238. =RGC= Clan recruiting for midwest server
  239. Looking for a clan
  240. The Crimson Eagles
  241. EU player looking for an active EU clan in bf2:pr
  242. 434th COB
  243. EpicElite01 looking for clan
  244. 33rd Canadian Brigade Group
  245. Looking for a UK/US MilSim Unit.
  246. ISAF TacSim Clan Recruiting! NA Based
  247. Looking for a US based clan...
  248. Suche deutschen PR Clan
  249. [25thID]The 25th Infantry Division is Recruiting!
  250. [3-75] 3rd Ranger Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment RECRUITING OPEN!