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  1. v1.3 GTLD Range Not Accurate
  2. v1.3 Cant get in on the commander UAV Station
  3. v1.3 CTD when entering an APC
  4. v1.3 Ticket bleed - Black Gold - Vehicle warfare
  5. Crash on start
  6. v1.3 PR Not Starting
  7. v1.3 Flashing Black Screen while playing
  8. v1.3 PR Mumble problems
  9. v1.3 Close Support Bridge Bug
  10. Problems with PR
  11. v1.3 IR smoke failing to work
  12. Engineer Nerfed too much?
  13. v1.3 missing memory.dll
  14. v1.2 Project Reality Battlefield 2 Version 1.2 Setup won't install
  15. Possible bug with Panther Helicopter
  16. 1.3.1 High Mouse Sensitivity
  17. Cannot hear in-game sounds
  18. PR 3.0 Closes after intro
  19. v1.3 IDF medic melee bug
  20. v1.3 Asad Khal get stuck at the rooftops of blindings
  21. v1.3 Gaza strip file corruption?
  22. v1.3 Nujiama Large layout spawn point
  23. v1.3 Shijia Valley Skirmish Infantry no ticket bleed
  24. v1.3 Sbeneh Outskirts Skirmish Infantry minimap shifted
  25. I need help! Display Mode Bug
  26. 1.3 blood decals and body armor
  27. v1.3 Wierd PRMUMBLE glitch.
  28. Dutch Grenadier kit has the wrong animations
  29. Autobalance is off but we still can't change teams in coop
  30. v1.3 Deployable assets won't deploy on the rooftops
  31. LAN CTD
  32. v1.3 Burning Sands UAV bug
  33. v1.3 Tank taking a lot of damage from running over TOW emplacement
  34. v1.3 [Beirut std] indestructible road signs
  35. Commander issues?
  36. v1.3 Black Screen and Not Responding
  37. v1.3 1.3.1. Marlin Flag Bug
  38. v1.3 Iraqi Insurgents Medic taking damage in water
  39. project reality: BF2 not working
  40. v1.3 Shilka AA not spawning on Sbeneh
  41. v1.3 1.3.1. Ramiel Cache Bug
  42. v1.3 1.3.1. Burning Sands Flag Bug
  43. v1.3.1 Hill 488 (night map) big fps drop
  44. v1.3 Remapping mouse buttons causes problems.
  45. maps causing crashes and few other small bugs
  46. v1.3 Ramiel Alt USMC layer low ticket count
  47. v1.3 [Code]Some more possible code bugs
  48. v1.3 Trying to run a private co-op LAN server
  49. v1.3 XiangShan AAS STD French main spawnable?
  50. v1.3 Game crashes and gets stuck.
  51. Unable to spawn at the start of a Co-op match
  52. v1.3 Roadblock Bug, Warping Players Through Floor
  53. Map bug
  54. v1.3 Can't join servers
  55. v1.3 Assets List on Local Server is nil.
  56. Hades peak 15% crash
  57. v1.3 .50cal vs boat
  58. Getting in mumble channels while playing local.
  59. tr.exe help
  60. v1.3 Transport Helo TK'ing
  61. Defending 4 caches at once
  62. v1.3 Black Gold China vs. Russia Coop Crashing
  63. v1.3 Alternate Scopes Bug
  64. Unable to hear friendlies, doesn't even show them transmitting
  65. SPG-9 shouldn't be able to destroy caches
  66. v1.3 Nuijamaa FPS Drops
  67. v1.3 Error 39? Please Help!!
  68. v1.3 Crash while loading
  69. v1.3 1.3 and Bradley still have turret lock on movement
  70. v1.3 DOD active on Vadso City LRG
  71. v1.3 Crash when creating co-op local @ Ramiel INF
  72. v1.3 Crash when joining server
  73. v1.3 Hades Peak waterfall bug
  74. v1.3 Commander UAV FOV
  75. Mumble Bug
  76. Cannot play local server, starts as injured/dead
  77. MAJOR bug which needs a hotfix ASAP!
  78. PR Bug, or ShadowPlay bug?
  79. V1.3.1 Co-op Black Gold Inf Crashes
  80. v1.3 1.3.1 Showing assets on map
  81. v1.3 Problems installing V1.3.1 from V.1.3.
  82. v1.3.1
  83. v1.3 Tows and Bots
  84. Weapon Bug
  85. v1.3 Russian commander vehicle not enterable
  86. v1.3 Pavolosk Bay alt coop crash
  87. v1.3 Hind weaponry bug
  88. 1.3.1 idf_tnk_merkava_bf2 zoom Bug
  89. Bf2 PlayerID no where to be found
  90. v1.3 1.3.1 Hades Peak CTD
  91. v1.3.1 Hades Peak 128 AAS layer causes crash
  92. Mumble
  93. Update to 1.3.1 has screwed up my install
  94. v1.3 Will not update to 1.3.1.
  95. v1.3 Sbeneh Outskirts AAV not spawning
  96. v1.3 ins bug, critical
  97. v1.3 Shijia Valley - China "Tunguska" (AAV)
  98. Can't select spawn point
  99. Won't install for some reason(AIDLL.dll??)
  100. BF2 Dedicated Server error
  101. British L7A2 warm-up
  102. v1.3 [Code]ObjectTemplates created multiple times
  103. v1.3 T-90 HMG can only aim forward
  104. v1.3 Unable to launch game, fullscreen.
  105. v1.3 Destroyable buildings/walls not being destroyed
  106. v1.3 HMWS float in water and take no damage
  107. Really blocky shadows
  108. 1.3 Fallujah West Coop Gate
  109. v1.2 Hades Peak skirmish Russians have no supply crate in main
  110. v1.3 Kashan STD
  111. v1.2 Albasrah skirmish No Insurgent pickup kits
  112. v1.3 Nuijima load to Kokan
  113. v1.3 Sbeneh Outskirts AAS Standard - No Shilka
  114. v1.3 Isreal has no way of arresting unarmed
  115. 1.3 Icons
  117. v1.3 Black Gold skirmish messed up spawn points
  118. Video.con error
  119. 1.3 vehicles ground damage
  120. v1.3 Image tearing/artifacting
  121. v1.3 Unable to Contact Verification Server
  122. v1.3 30: Machine Error
  123. v1.3 Black Gold Inf Grenades/Smoke Grenades
  124. v1.3 1322 Launch Error
  125. v1.3 Old HE-Frag bug is back
  126. v1.3 Kashan_desert/client.zip Corrupted?
  127. v1.3 Pavlovsk Bay Bleed
  128. PR Mumble and Sprinting
  129. v1.3 Auto Disconnect
  130. v1.3 UAV refuelling faaaar too slowly RU team on Vadso
  131. v1.3 Non-removable mortar pit
  132. v1.3 No GUI if alt+tab
  133. v1.3 Alternate Militia rifleman (AKM) still has AK-47 with bayonet
  134. v1.3 [minor bug] Stuck on mortar pit
  135. v1.3 Vadso Ciy Russian carrier Mi-17 not repairing/reloading
  136. v1.3 Commander Screen
  137. Transport and logistic vehicle explode 1 minute after exiting
  138. v1.3 Transparent Textures
  139. AKM bayonet bug
  140. v1.3 Karbala cache glitch
  141. 30: Machine Error
  142. v1.3 Nuijamaa map crash after a few minutes
  143. v1.3 Supply crates doesnt give kits on some ground levels. (possible minor issue)
  144. v1.3 Hill 488 - Connection problems
  145. v1.3 Dovre Winter wrong camo for RUS
  146. v1.3 Critical Error
  147. v1.3 invisible squad leader icon bug
  148. v1.3 Server Crash when requesting kit from enemy supply crate?
  149. v1.3 Flarebugs on helicopters
  150. v1.3 Unlimited Kits become unavailable after death
  151. v1.3 Cannot play more than 15 minutes before disconnecting, in ANY server.
  152. v1.3 Getting error 'you have failed to connect' when joining multiplayer
  153. Got this error while playing PR 1.3
  154. v1.3 T-72M1 HMG ammo bugged?
  155. v1.3 unbuilt roadblocks cannot be driven over
  156. Instant crash on map load
  157. Wrong version on the download button
  158. v1.3 APC AP ammo
  159. memory.dll error
  160. v1.3 khami, ins, cache location
  161. v1.3 Black Gold Inf crash
  162. v1.3 Commander - Erase command not working on FOB Map markers
  163. v1.3 One grenade become two when flying.
  164. v1.3 Black screen
  165. v1.3 Spikes when looking around
  166. v1.3 MG magcounter Operation Ghost Train
  167. Got stuck in static MGs on Dovre Winter co-op
  168. Silent Eagle AAS LRG tickets
  169. Standalone Visual bug
  170. v1.3 Can't use remotely detonated IEDs due to missing phone
  171. v1.3 BTR-60 and Deployable Roadblocks
  172. v1.3 Black Gold - Abandoned Farm flag
  173. Cannot see asset list in the squad menu (CAPS LOCK menu)
  174. v1.3 CTD sort of
  175. v1.3 Mumble not working
  176. v1.3 Critical Error
  177. v1.3 Mines/IED disappear on Fallujah when kit disappeared
  178. v1.3 Razorwire
  179. v1.3 Map layout window problem
  180. v1.3 There is no 3d sound with 5.1 configuration.
  181. Video.con error
  182. v1.3 Bots taking all boats
  183. v1.3 Keybinding Left Shift to Crouch
  184. v1.3 Russian HAT kit
  185. v1.3 Are my Screenshots gone now?
  186. Mumble not installing
  187. v1.3 Its keeps on running with integrated graphics, no matter what I do.
  188. v1.3 Project reality 1.3 d3dx9_25.dll missing (not my pc my buddie's)
  189. v1.3 Unlimited LAT kit?
  190. v1.3 Game Crash when going to option menu in game
  191. Mumble hotkeys problem
  192. Dovre - Netherlands Supply/Repair Station
  193. Very poor performance on new gaming rig
  195. JET F15 - Pilot can't see laser
  196. v1.1 WZ551(ATGM) Coax HUD
  197. [Help] Black screen and crash to desktop on startup
  198. multiplayer voice comms in co-op bot match
  199. v1.1 IDF Grenadier Spawn Screen Icon
  200. Suppressed marksman
  201. [Help] Bots make squads
  202. v1.1 Failed to connect to server, please check your network connection(s) and try again
  203. Problem with game start up
  204. Crash when clicking Audio in Settings
  205. Start-up crash issues
  206. Random Ban PRTA-EU #1 - EU
  207. Tab Out >> Interfaces Gone Issue
  208. Canadian supply crate Black gold 1.21
  210. Khamishiyan map fps drops
  211. return to desktop problem
  212. Kicked for excessive teamkilling
  213. Can't verify files
  214. Flare gun missing textures
  215. AA launcher drop twice after fire
  216. Bug/Help needed.
  217. v1.2 Wandashan ricefield hole
  218. v1.2 Insurgency Cache-TK Bug
  219. Why am i banned from every server?
  220. BMP3 coaxial front hull guns bugged (not killing?)
  221. Laze not sticking bug
  222. v1.1 Canadian Sights - Disappearing lines.
  223. Can't play
  224. v1.1 EAX in Forest Environments.
  225. T-62 vs. Eryx HAT
  226. v1.1 No black and white screen
  227. Assigning keys for Mumble
  228. Tab-Out causes Interfaces to Stop Working
  229. v1.2.1.0 Stryker 40mm or MK19 kit request
  230. mouse won't move
  231. Absurd projectile drop on scoped RPG-7 with tandem warhead
  232. BTR-60 Gun
  233. v1.2.1.0 [Vietnam]M20 Superbazooka can shoot through walls
  234. Tornado and F-35 bugs.
  235. T-62 water riding
  236. White Dragon CTD issues.
  237. AH-64 Saraph missile sound-speed Bug
  238. v1.1 De-allocate kit on disconnect bug
  239. Graphics is always set to low
  240. Cannot join squad (bug?)
  241. Mumble: I can hear everyone at once
  242. V 1.2 Kashan Desert Large
  243. The invisible man!
  244. 1.21 SMAW vs. MTLB
  245. Game Crash (RendDX9)
  246. Mumble Issue
  247. kit disappearance Dovre
  248. v1.1 Hit detection once more.
  249. Challenger exit bug
  250. Inconsistent UAV spotting