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  2. French Grenadier Issues
  3. Donation
  4. Huey Trans Icon
  5. Roadblocks destroyed by a few shots of .50
  6. Crashing when enter Warrior
  7. Pavlosk Bay Fun
  8. 1.3.8 Bomb possible bug
  9. Bleck&White when wounded ?? ++ win+G win10 recorder problem?
  10. Bugged Spawnpoints
  11. Frequent Crashing when entering Warrior or Puma
  12. v1.3.7 No SL's on map and flags
  13. v1.3.7 Turrets again
  14. Battlerecorder broken 1.3.5+
  15. Wont play local
  16. v1.3.7 MEC BTR-80 - Can't request kits
  17. v1.3.7 Repair crate bug
  18. v1.3.7 Eryx kit glitched when killed while firing
  19. v1.3.7 Floating wall on Kashan
  20. 1.3.8 Burning Sands invisible wall
  21. Burning Sands Glitch
  22. Bug in GP-25
  23. 1.3.8- Korengal incorrect vehicle information
  24. v1.3.7 1.38 Ghost Mumble and Full Auto M16A4
  25. v1.3.7 Muttrah City U.S. Spawn Problem on AAS
  26. v1.3.7 Coop - Can no longer create local map
  27. v1.3.8 Ulyanovsk tiny map bug
  28. Game still stop !
  29. Kozelsk AAS Std - No BMP3 spawn
  30. v1.3.7 Bug collections #02
  31. v1.3.7 Sbeneh Outskirts INS Alt - No T-62
  32. v1.3.7 Assault on Grozny, an unseen deathtrap for a tank
  33. v1.3.7 BMP-2 Coax Grozny
  34. Kashan Desert Map for CO-OP
  35. v1.3.7 Boragh using wrong wreck model
  36. Increase in Server crashes 1.3.6/1.3.7
  37. v1.3.7 [Grosny AAS Alt] Desertion area without warning
  38. v1.3.7 Nvidia GPU - Occasionally blacks out
  39. v1.3.6 Marlin Ins no repair station for French
  40. v1.3.7 lashkar valley coop 32
  41. weird sq bug !
  42. v1.3.7 Hades Peak vehicle respawn times
  43. v1.3.7 Silent grenades, rockets, missiles and missing effects?
  44. v1.3.7 Roadblocks
  45. v1.3.7 Namer turret turn bug
  46. Game crashs !
  47. v1.3.7 MG LOD very close?
  48. v1.3.7 UGL deviation marker doesn't work
  49. v1.3.7 COOP Black-Gold Std (64) russian attack chopper no sound
  50. v1.3.7 MEC Light Helicopter funny bug (sa341h)
  51. v1.3.7 Zhi-9b light transport helicopter lag
  52. v1.3.6 Ulyanovsk Alternative Layout Militia Base
  53. v1.3 Sbeneh Outskirts Vehicle Warfare 700 tickets
  54. visual glitch at map gaza beach
  55. v1.3.6 Kokan Tree LODs bugged?
  56. v1.3.5 loading Kashan desert v2 Crash game (close game)
  57. 1.3.6/.1 Squad Leader marker missing
  58. v1.3.6 BMP-2M Grenade Launcher Sight
  59. 1.3.5/6/.1 - Muttrah COOP 128 layer
  60. v1.3.6 Assault on Grozny INS cache bugged out
  61. v1.3.6 Projectiles don't make noise
  62. v1.3.6 Ammo bags and AA kit
  63. v1.3.6 SPG noise bugged for passengers
  64. v1.3.6 Marlin INS Hamas mainbase bugged
  65. v1.3.6 Civi Car ROE bugged
  66. v1.3.6 Burning Sands Client CTDs
  67. Soul Rebel Bleed!?!?
  68. v1.3.6 Dog ambient noise drowns out other noises
  69. v1.3.6 Cannot spawn at a FOB
  70. 1.3.5/6 - COOP bot's can't aim in tanks
  71. v 1.3.6 Ulyanosk Standard
  72. v 1.3.6 cannot kill humvee gunner with rifle
  73. F6 kp2 Grozna stairs
  74. 1.3-1.3.5 scoped AK-74's damage
  75. v1.3 [1.3.5] Slow tank turret, APCs, IFVs
  76. v1.3 v1.3.5 HK 416 sound sync problem
  77. [1.3.5] Assault on Grozny: RU spotter kit doesn't exist
  78. v1.3 Zoom killing frames
  79. v1.3 [1.3.5] Wet grenades.
  80. 1.3.5 COOP Karbala 64 missing
  81. v1.3 Can't go upstairs with staircase
  82. v1.3.5 - M14 EBR with ACOG isn't really the new US Army Alt Marksman
  83. Client Crashes Everytime I play Grozny
  84. v1.3 Sbeneh crashing
  85. v1.3 Server Crash galore
  86. [v1.3.5] New smoke grenade is too FPS hungry
  87. v1.3.5 - Operation Soul Rebel Command Post and Repair Bay.
  88. v1.3.5 - Korengal Valley Overgrowth Settings
  89. v1.3.5 New Kashan map tank shaking
  90. v1.3 Grozny - Wall placed too high
  91. v1.3.5 Kashan Desert - CF HAT CTD
  92. 1.35 Possible cause of server crash on Grozny
  93. Soul Rebel Vehicle Warfare death in DoD
  94. 1.3.5 Anti Air Vehicles/Vehicle turrets.
  95. Unable to move up L-shapes on Gronzy
  96. v1.3.5 Sbeneh Outskirts unplayable in COOP
  97. v1.3.5 Hitting tank with TOW possibly crashed server
  98. Death after picking up enemy kit
  99. v1.3 1.35 Minor bug Soul Rebel Harrier
  100. 1.3.5 Germans can't cap Station on Ulyanovsk
  101. v1.3 Can't check ammo with Canadian C8A2
  102. immediately shutdown
  103. I am not able to join local in coop
  104. v1.3 Changing settings kills Driver
  105. v1.3 Dragon Fly buged gun
  106. v1.3 Game freeze after couple of minutes.
  107. Random Crashes, Cleaning up Resources.
  108. v1.3 Auto balance off is not working in co-op.
  109. v1.3 Win10 Crash on Startup
  110. v1.3 cyclic not responding in game play but does in configs
  111. v1.3 Bugs/Problems with PR
  112. Invisible stairs on Pavements
  113. Loading Crash At Beirut
  114. Server Crash on Kashan: possible cause
  115. v1.3 Coop Type 86 IFV track bug/crash
  116. v1.3 Kokan Exploding assets
  117. v1.3 PR: BF2 has closed resources
  118. v1.3 Glitching through wall Black Gold (minor issue)
  119. v1.3 Karbala Coop Stryker spawn with no MG ammo
  120. JoyToKey not working
  121. v1.3 BUG On Loading Operation Barracuda
  122. v1.3 A bug on spotter kit
  123. v1.3 LAUCHER BUG =/
  124. Mk19 UI on AAVP inaccurate
  125. v1.3 Game is completely bugged out
  126. v1.3 Cas huey dive damage glitch
  127. v1.3 Display mode problem.
  128. Alternate spawn screen kits and assets removal - Not working
  129. v1.3 Vehicles that (maybe) should spawn but won't
  130. Sbeneh Outskirts INS LRG tank bug
  131. v1.3 Major bugs
  132. v1.3 Win 10 Voice chat/compass disappers after map switch/alt-tab
  133. v1.3 PR exits at once (Template not found)
  134. v1.3 Gaza graphical glitch
  135. v1.3 Error verifying intergrity of file
  136. a couple of bugs i found
  137. v1.3 !reload command
  138. v1.3 Memory error
  139. v1.3 Kozelsk Bleed
  140. v1.3 Mumble PR server connection failed: server timed out
  141. v1.3 Diving heli bug.
  142. v1.3 map and game start problems
  143. v1.3 Backup sights glitching
  144. v1.3 AAS Flag Bug
  145. Is anyone playing using Windows 10? If so do you get surround sound? I don't.
  146. BlackGold Skirmish map bug
  147. v1.3 Smoke useless at long range
  148. v1.3 Bushmaster PMV MG overpowered
  149. SHOTGUN only gains 1 intel point per insurgent kill
  150. MARTYR death is -5 intel, not -10
  151. PR Standalone Surround Sound not working - stereo only
  152. v1.3 Bijar AAS INF
  153. v1.3 Ramiel INS LRG tickets bug
  154. Black screen after lauch the game v1.3
  155. Stuck on loading 62% Geomtries..
  156. v1.3 Black screen after clicking play?
  157. v1.3 PR mumble broken
  158. help: how to creat AI for vehicle for map coop
  159. v1.3 Critical Error: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
  160. INS Sbeneh Rebel tanks not spawning and Silent Eagle AAS German CAS not spawning
  161. Chopper landing bug and the A-10
  162. game crashes on 100% loading
  163. Statickmesh error
  164. Game Broken
  165. Game Closing On Startup
  166. v1.3 Headshots don't kill?
  167. v1.3 "Robot" Mic Issues Win10 Update. PR only.
  168. v1.3 Spastic Taliban Std. spotter
  169. v1.3 Crash on start
  170. v1.3 Loss of Sound upon Joining Server
  171. v1.3 Helicopter Flare Bug (Kinda major)
  172. v1.3 Can't hear anyone
  173. v1.3 AAVP Primary canon and HUD are interveted
  174. v1.3 M14 EBR no Iron Sights available
  175. v1.3 Wanda Shan AAS INF Hill Flag
  176. v1.3 Grenades not exploding (beirut)
  177. v1.3 Civies fallujah
  178. v1.3 Unable to find root BF2 directory. Please Reinstall.
  179. v1.3 Game will black screen then crash when I try to launch it
  180. v1.3 project reality crashes when joining a server (not my pc)
  181. v1.3 GTLD Range Not Accurate
  182. v1.3 Cant get in on the commander UAV Station
  183. v1.3 CTD when entering an APC
  184. v1.3 Ticket bleed - Black Gold - Vehicle warfare
  185. Crash on start
  186. v1.3 PR Not Starting
  187. v1.3 Flashing Black Screen while playing
  188. v1.3 PR Mumble problems
  189. v1.3 Close Support Bridge Bug
  190. Problems with PR
  191. v1.3 IR smoke failing to work
  192. Engineer Nerfed too much?
  193. v1.3 missing memory.dll
  194. v1.2 Project Reality Battlefield 2 Version 1.2 Setup won't install
  195. Possible bug with Panther Helicopter
  196. 1.3.1 High Mouse Sensitivity
  197. Cannot hear in-game sounds
  198. PR 3.0 Closes after intro
  199. v1.3 IDF medic melee bug
  200. v1.3 Asad Khal get stuck at the rooftops of blindings
  201. v1.3 Gaza strip file corruption?
  202. v1.3 Nujiama Large layout spawn point
  203. v1.3 Shijia Valley Skirmish Infantry no ticket bleed
  204. v1.3 Sbeneh Outskirts Skirmish Infantry minimap shifted
  205. I need help! Display Mode Bug
  206. 1.3 blood decals and body armor
  207. v1.3 Wierd PRMUMBLE glitch.
  208. Dutch Grenadier kit has the wrong animations
  209. Autobalance is off but we still can't change teams in coop
  210. v1.3 Deployable assets won't deploy on the rooftops
  211. LAN CTD
  212. v1.3 Burning Sands UAV bug
  213. v1.3 Tank taking a lot of damage from running over TOW emplacement
  214. v1.3 [Beirut std] indestructible road signs
  215. Commander issues?
  216. v1.3 Black Screen and Not Responding
  217. v1.3 1.3.1. Marlin Flag Bug
  218. v1.3 Iraqi Insurgents Medic taking damage in water
  219. project reality: BF2 not working
  220. v1.3 Shilka AA not spawning on Sbeneh
  221. v1.3 1.3.1. Ramiel Cache Bug
  222. v1.3 1.3.1. Burning Sands Flag Bug
  223. v1.3.1 Hill 488 (night map) big fps drop
  224. v1.3 Remapping mouse buttons causes problems.
  225. maps causing crashes and few other small bugs
  226. v1.3 Ramiel Alt USMC layer low ticket count
  227. v1.3 [Code]Some more possible code bugs
  228. v1.3 Trying to run a private co-op LAN server
  229. v1.3 XiangShan AAS STD French main spawnable?
  230. v1.3 Game crashes and gets stuck.
  231. Unable to spawn at the start of a Co-op match
  232. v1.3 Roadblock Bug, Warping Players Through Floor
  233. Map bug
  234. v1.3 Can't join servers
  235. v1.3 Assets List on Local Server is nil.
  236. Hades peak 15% crash
  237. v1.3 .50cal vs boat
  238. Getting in mumble channels while playing local.
  239. tr.exe help
  240. v1.3 Transport Helo TK'ing
  241. Defending 4 caches at once
  242. v1.3 Black Gold China vs. Russia Coop Crashing
  243. v1.3 Alternate Scopes Bug
  244. Unable to hear friendlies, doesn't even show them transmitting
  245. SPG-9 shouldn't be able to destroy caches
  246. v1.3 Nuijamaa FPS Drops
  247. v1.3 Error 39? Please Help!!
  248. v1.3 Crash while loading
  249. v1.3 1.3 and Bradley still have turret lock on movement
  250. v1.3 DOD active on Vadso City LRG