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  1. Bomb Truck wheels doesnt spin
  2. v1.4.16 Laggy PRBF2 Object Editor - loading Huey's
  3. Flying VBCI
  4. Nuijiama flying bushes
  5. Pavlovsk Bay- bots gets stuck in building
  6. Buggy handgrenade - idfhgr_m26a2
  7. v1.4.16 Route 106 map
  8. v1.4.16 Dovre suimmer cq std ticket count
  9. v1.4.17.0 No uav on dovre
  10. v1.4.16 Al Basrah INS using Blufor RHIB?
  11. Hill 488 Skirmish - no crates
  12. m14 no automatic
  13. v1.4.16 Disconnecting
  14. v1.4.16 Coax overheat
  15. Launcher Error When doing Manual Update
  16. Helicopter sound bug
  17. Please fix grenade launchers on m4s
  18. v1.4.17 Lack of AA missile trail effects
  19. v1.4.16 In fallujah west bots bunch in the hospital
  20. Jabal cq alt rebel repair station
  21. PR won't launch
  22. 1.4.17 Minor sound bugs noticed
  23. After 1.4.17, I cant enter game anymore
  24. Unexploded LAT damage to vehicles
  25. v1.4.16 Temelin Coop/SP crash with memory message
  26. v1.4.16 LAV-25 0 water speed and mines
  27. I shout random things when I move
  28. v1.4.14 Fallujah West - fire bug
  29. Driveway_3
  30. v1.4.14 Burning Sands Mec Main - One stair is too elevated
  31. Elevator no hitbox
  32. Vadso Elevator
  33. F-18 landing gear
  34. v1.4.15 Dovre Summer Evening: Rifles "Fire" When Running
  35. tornado paveway laser munition not tracking squad lead lase
  36. v1.4.15 Ia Drang comrose audible
  37. Chinese aav Type-95
  38. Repairing an immobilized vehicle
  39. v1.4.14 Shilka guns hitting itself
  40. SPG Small zoom
  41. v1.4.14 Bijar Canyons coop
  42. v1.4.14 Flares
  43. v1.4.14 Black Gold VW loading discrepancy
  44. v1.4.14 Route E-106 - BETA: Russian Spawn Blocked Mid-Game
  45. v1.4.15 ctd on round end
  46. v1.4.13 Unable to see local games when on insurgency
  47. v1.4.14 Unable to change
  48. mumble: Can't change Local speech and Squad radio keys.
  49. v1.4.13 TOW vs T72
  50. v1.4.12 M4 w/ M203 US Army ALT sounds like a HK416
  51. v1.4.12 Level: Dragon Fly - Navmesh
  52. v1.4.12 Dedicated Server - Banlist gets Wiped (Known Issue) - Temporary Solution
  53. v1.4.12 Route 106 has minigun sound bug.
  54. Dutch saw missing deviation indicator
  55. Cant spawn on local servers
  56. v1.4.12 Mumble Transmit / Game profile name mismatch
  57. v1.4.12 I Can Hear Everyone On Mumble
  58. Certain mouse buttons don't work
  59. v1.4.12 Mumble Error
  60. v1.4.12 Some people don't have mumble names shown when speaking to ANYONE at all.
  61. v1.4.12 No squad leader name in radio HUD
  62. v1.4.12 CTD on Auto-Join
  63. Temporary solution for broken mumble settings.
  64. Speaking in local
  65. Mumble_app.dll error -3
  66. Near-death Black & White Screen Never Appears
  67. v1.4.11 BMP3 secondary guns bug
  68. PR closes randomly mid-game
  69. Jets do not act like they are landing when on ground with gear down
  70. v1.4.11 Blue and yellow text on screen
  71. Fallujah west invisible wall
  72. v1.4.11 Cache bugged in Gaza
  73. v1.4.11 Error: 1103: There was an error linking to the game process. Please try again.
  74. v1.4.11 Cannot use backup sights on guns only
  75. v1.4.11 Dovre floating structure - minor - clean up
  76. v1.4.11 Unspawnable FOBS
  77. v1.4.11 Missing textures
  78. v1.4.11 Avenger .50cal recoil
  79. Solo co-op/deployment respawn unavailable
  80. v1.4.11 Gaza Water barriers
  81. v1.4.11 Crash To Desktop When Going Inside Apc/Btr
  82. v1.4.11 Silent Eagle Sinkhole
  83. v1.4.11 Graphical bug
  84. v1.4.11 BMP2 Lowrider
  85. CROWS humvee
  86. v1.4.10 Fallujah West (Possibly more) DShK Deployables Bug
  87. v1.4.9 US Grenadier sight issue when set to 50m on certain maps
  88. v1.4.9 Ulyanovsk invisible water planes
  89. v1.4.9 Ulyanovsk floating rocks
  90. HK 416 Sound bug
  91. Vietnam M113 driver in wrong pos.
  92. v1.4.9 Fallujah Car bomb
  93. v1.4.8 Sahel vehicle sliding
  94. v1.4.8 BUIS Problem
  96. v1.4.8 Game crashed upon clicking server to join.
  97. Cabledrum render distance
  98. Mumble doesn't work on coop at all
  99. Update validation
  100. Obrez misaligned sights
  101. v1.4.7 Jabal COOP 32/64 crash clients
  102. v1.4.7 Invisible enemy
  103. v1.4.6 Uniform BUG
  104. v1.4.6 Spowned inside a car
  105. There is a problem with your connection
  106. v1.4.7 Sahel Cache in DOD
  107. Mumble is down
  108. Helicopters variometer
  109. v1.4.4 Dijit AA
  110. Cant Update
  111. Error while updating.
  112. 1.4.6 Hades Peak
  113. v1.4.4 Mumble dosn't work since last update for me
  114. Launcher enforces non Ultra High audio settings
  115. v1.4.4 WIN 10 - 1324 issues plus
  116. 1.4.6 Undefusable mines
  117. v1.4.4 Map DoD bug - AAS maps.
  118. Strange server bug
  119. Militia HAT kit
  120. v1.4.4 Dutch Leopard 2A6
  121. v1.4.4 Qwai River bleed flags
  122. v1.4.4 Lashkar Cave culling
  123. Not Hearing Mumble
  124. Cant Launch game
  125. v1.4.4 Grozny AAS Alt
  126. v1.4 Wrong vehicles in Ramiel AAS
  127. [1.4.6] Hamas alt KIT
  128. v1.4.6.0 Sbena Outskirts INS All Cache Locations Appear
  129. v1.4.4 French VBCI Gun alignment
  130. v1.4.4 Mec combat engie removing mines
  131. v1.4.4 Rally Point causing people to fall from the sky
  132. Beirut Floating building
  133. v1.4.4 Silent Eagle AAS 64 German Spawn points
  134. I can select only one Weapons Kit,and the picture is too dark!
  135. Dutch grenadier kit on Dovre inf
  136. v1.4.4 Stormer Driver Smoke HUD
  137. v1.4.4 Mec Soko Camera/HUD binds
  138. v1.4.4 Kiowa Weapon 7 camera
  139. v1.4.4 Dovre AAS 64 Dutch Hud
  140. v1.4.4 Camera kit not usable
  141. v1.4.4 (1.4.5) Khamisiyah AAS Alt Su-22 spawn too close to eachother
  142. 1.4.5 Bamyan Mortars
  143. v1.4.4 Vehicles causing crashes
  144. Floating building/terrain lower - Grozny
  145. v1.4.4 VADSO - Coop Lrg
  146. v1.4.4 Jabal get inside a building glitch
  147. Cd Key hash Being reissued to other players
  148. v1.4.4 NVA Dropkit Icon
  149. No Lost Music for Canada
  150. v1.4.4 SMLE No. 1 front post
  151. Mec Alt Hatkit
  152. v1.4.4 config_private.py reads CO settings wrong
  153. Server-wide CTD?
  154. Placing hideouts as INS on Kokan is hazardous to your health
  155. v1.4 Unable to obtain an update list
  156. v1.4.4 Mines not visible on lower settings
  157. v1.4.4 SU-34 Cant out from the bunker In silent eagle
  158. PR keeps closing
  159. v1.4.4 Puma IFV bug
  160. v1.4.4 Unsupported operand type(s)
  161. Mumble bug
  162. v1.4.4 [minor] Russian jet HUD ADI roll inverted
  163. v1.4.4 Falklands Commander Window
  164. Pipeline on Al Basrah INS being a trap for vehicles
  165. Ammunition amount not displaying for scoped simonov
  166. v1.4.4 Getting Notifications of a different Squad
  167. v1.4.4 Falklands Bren texture quality
  168. v1.4.4 Kashan desert AAS alt
  169. v1.4.4 Norinco FAV gunner hitbox
  170. v1.4.4 Falklands AAS Infantry Layout [Night???] - Unlimited supply of GB Chinooks
  171. v1.4.4 SLME No.1 MkIII Sights not lining up properly
  172. v1.4.4 Rifleman AP detonator disapears
  173. can,t get PR running, please help
  174. v1.4.4 SPG not rearming on Sbeneh
  175. v1.4.4 VN-3 armor too stronk
  176. v1.4.4 Squad CTD
  177. v1.4.4 Marker for CAS and GTLD of commander are having problems
  178. v1.4.4 Mirage IIIEA
  179. v1.4 See Through Silo in Beirut
  180. v1.4.4 invisible IED/mines, fallujah west, crashing(smoke),
  181. Unable to update Client
  182. v1.4.4 Self-suppression
  183. v1.4 Little bird view
  184. v1.4 Yamalia fields lag
  185. German NH90 texture bug
  186. v1.4 Beirut static Tow Bug
  187. v1.4 Ramiel ARF pickup SVD missing BUIS
  188. v1.4 Muttrah city static problems and more.
  189. v1.4 Rcon commands not working in COOP
  190. Argentina cant recapture flags on Falkland vehicle
  191. [v1.4.3] Khamisyah tank thermals
  192. Negev overheat
  193. grozny ins commander issue
  194. v1.4 Harrier, Hover pitch inverted
  195. v1.4 Lashkar valley INS standard
  196. v1.4 Fallujah West INS
  197. v1.4 Grenade Launcher Smoke
  198. QBB95 magazine number doesn't match between Deployed and Undeployed
  199. v1.4 Numerous bugs with FOB HMG emplacement cameras
  200. v1.4 Harrier GR.3 CAS GPB turning bug
  201. Bug
  202. v1.4 Sprite visible through wall
  203. bots not joining squads in local COOP
  204. Patch 1.4.3 mumble issue
  205. v1.4 Gaza (co64) flag not capping
  206. M1A1 turret collision mesh?!
  207. v1.4 IDF HAT piercing
  208. v1.4 Harrier LAG
  209. Tank Side armor bug
  210. v1.4 cant firn root directory
  211. Update error
  212. Can't select kits from USMC APCs on Khami
  213. v1.4 Hades Peak Alt
  214. v1.4 .2 Main Menu music
  215. v1.4 Starting a server crash.
  216. Silent Eagle GER main red spawn dot
  217. GAZA Ins STD, glitched cache
  218. v1.4 Many coop maps led to crashes.....
  219. v1.4 stuck
  220. Cleaning up resources
  221. Bug in GP-25 version 1.4 P. R. still is..!
  222. v1.4 Groose Green minimap
  223. v1.4 Bmp 3 AtGM
  224. v1.4 PLS HELP ME!
  225. v1.4 [Silent Eagle] Cannot Re-Arm Jet (GER Airfield)
  226. v1.4 Bullet impact sound bug?
  227. v1.4 Launcher Issue
  228. v1.4 Vehicles firing multiple times
  229. 1.4 Lazer bug
  230. v1.4 Jumping minor bug!
  231. v1.4 Players get switched automatically on middle round + Broken Laser
  232. v1.4 COOP map change crash & capping
  233. v1.4 Unable to add process job?
  234. v1.4 Startup bug?
  235. v1.4 Mines not working properly
  236. v1.4 Minor Bugs and Inaccuracys
  237. v1.4 M163 Vulan Gun Overheating
  238. v1.4 T90/Merkava DMG/Armor bug
  239. v1.4 CTD in-game (image)
  240. Uninstall Oversight
  241. v1.4 Tickets stuck to "0" in local co op w/bots
  242. v1.4 Falkland AA lock sound far too silent compared to engine sound
  243. .50 inaccurate&CTD
  244. v1.4 Falkland ship minigun AA overheat cooldown too long
  245. v1.4 Bamyan - Bombcar
  246. v1.4 Switch command allegedly broken?
  247. BUIS not working and crashes
  248. v1.4 Tiny code bug
  249. v1.4 Problem with join to servers
  250. v1.4 MEC HAT broken