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  1. v1.0 Open Beta Cellphone Animation Broken since first v1.0 Open Beta
  2. v1.1 battle of ia drang STD no Atack Huey
  3. v1.1 Burning Sands Skirmish - No Bleed
  4. v1.1 Muttrah BTR-60 lagging while driving
  5. v 1.1 Muttrah: Mosque Glitch
  6. v1.1 [1.1.6] audio clicks and ticks
  7. v1.1 Fallujah mainbase MG
  8. v1.1 Dovre Winter alt
  9. Weird Huey Rotor Bug
  10. Hit detection?
  11. v1.1 Sbeneh Outskirts can not played
  12. v1.1 [] Scoreboard block view and mouse cursor
  13. v1.1 [] Sbeneh Outskirts: Syrian Rebels truckhorn never ends
  14. v1.1 Scimitar
  15. v1.1 Non-uniform conditions for optics change (pressing 'C')
  16. Helicopter Passenger bug
  17. Windows 7 Read Me Error
  18. Sbeneh Outskirts - invisible mec
  20. v1.1 Dovre (Winter) thermals
  21. Update Crashing at 89%
  22. v1.1 No Barriers Kashan Desert Alt
  23. Update Went Awry, ReInstall wont work
  24. A-10 Front Wheel Rotating not Spinning
  25. v1.1 [BUG]Everything disappears
  26. v1.1 Bijar Canyons MEC airfield.
  27. v1.1 Stinger Handheld
  28. v1.1 Invisible Officers Bug - Ramiel
  29. v1.1 Weird overlay appearing when in vehicle (minor)
  30. Crashed by Lokal Game
  31. v1.1 Going prone with Eryx doesn't produce the sound
  32. Error connecting to server (10060) when making a profile
  33. v1.1 Black Gold Mi-24V Hind-E gunner reload sound
  34. v1.1 [CO-OP] Selecting alt weapon doesn't spawn with that weapon
  35. Black Gold CnC spawn point bug
  36. v1.1 - Operation Marlin - Alt (Co-op)
  37. PR 1.1 - CAS Huey Bug
  38. v1.1 Jet outruns explosion
  39. LAV-3, cannon round effect bug
  40. v1.1 Flare bug MI-8T and Havoc
  41. v1.1 tank shell not destroying the cache
  42. v1.1 Sbeneh Outskirts don't load mod LARGUE +Video
  43. v1.1 Huey flares
  44. v1.1 Black gold no repair station
  45. v1.1 Sbeneh Outskirts/FSA, couple of weird things occured to me
  46. v1.1 Mumble hotkeys
  47. v1.1 Dovre Menu Music, or lack thereof
  48. v1.1 V 1.4 Truck Ural-ZU-23-2 AA (crash)
  49. v1.0 bradley still have turret lock
  50. Hit box lag
  51. v1.1 Problem with updater
  52. v1.1 1.4 update - test airfield stopping updater
  53. Re: PR:BF2 v1.1.4.0 Changelog
  54. HUEY Helicopter drop just one flare after the update
  55. v1.1 V1.1.4.0 Pavlosk Bay area attack not working
  56. V1.1.4.0 update problem
  57. v1.1 V1.1.4.0 Updater Fails
  58. v1.1 Selecting Lrg Layout Loads up Std layout.
  59. v1.1 BMP-2 crew dying
  60. v1.1 Ural ZU23 in
  61. v1.1 Fallujah sum to the face in UAV
  62. v1.1 BMP-1 Wrong sight
  63. v1.1 Online Restriction
  64. v1.1 Black Gold CnC: Chinese Spawn Bug
  66. v1.1 Black Gold - Enemy squad visible to CO on map
  67. v1.1 Damage model on vehicles
  68. v1.1 M2 Browning
  69. v1.1 Stryker ICV gunner not firing projectile
  70. SPAAG recoil ridiculous
  71. v1.1 A couple of Aircraft-related bugs.
  72. v1.1 Bomb injures people inside BMP-3
  73. v1.1 Shooting the Coffee Mug slows the game down
  74. v1.1 50 cal vs Fence
  75. v1.1 I can't join squad or create squad
  76. Could not find executable PRlauncher.exe
  77. Error 59 update?
  78. v1.1 Forklift crashes the game
  79. v1.1 PRLauncher critical error
  80. v1.1 Game cash when i spawn on Deployment/create local
  81. v1.1 No CAS Huey - Ia Drang AAS Std
  82. v1.1 There is a problem with your connection
  83. v1.1 Khamisayah - VCP spawn glitch
  84. v1.1 Jabal USMC Kit bug
  85. v1.1 mec_apc_bmp2_bf2 coax doesnt fire projectile
  86. v1.1 couple of discrepencies with lasing
  87. v1.1 BMP-2 Mec cant request kits
  88. Attack helicopter not getting lock for the AA
  89. [1.1] Korengal Valley
  90. v1.1 Incorrect map sizes on loading screen
  91. [1.1] Shijia Valley - Bugged Walls
  92. v1.1 Vadso City AAS STD
  93. Squad leader's markers end up at wrong places
  94. v1.1 MaterialManagerSettings - Potential typos
  95. Dark Fallujah
  96. v1.1 PRspy not updating, now says "33 min. - no new data"
  97. Unable to detect required dependency: Visual C++ Redistributable 2012
  98. v1.1 auto deploy
  99. v1.1 Jump On Top Of A Truck - Run Like Usain Bolt
  100. v1.1 ** DEBUG ** events: Error! onPlayerKilled in tk_punish.py
  101. v1.1 Bijar Canyons Weird Floating Building
  102. v1.1 Laser often does not work (co-pilot/spotter/officer)
  103. v1.1 allies (friends) not appear on the map
  104. XP: Prlauncer.exe is not a valid Win32 application
  105. v1.1 Hellfires
  106. v1.1 Spawning Bug
  107. v1.1 Sync'd Game Crashes
  108. v1.1 server ALWAYS crash
  109. v1.1 Area attack not working on Saaremaa
  110. v1.1 Launcher's key mapping editor is broken
  111. v1.1 Numpad 0 is mapped to vehicle secondary fire by default
  112. v1.1 French faction missing restraints on Op Marlin Insurgency
  113. Hybride button
  114. Muttrah Mosque CTD
  115. v1.1 Insurgent Caches Appear Known Only to Blufor
  116. v1.1 USA alt. LAT+grenade launchers
  117. v1.1 Eurocopter Tiger/Tigre (?) on Xiangshan, no dive !!
  118. Crash clicking on start assignment
  119. v1.1 CTD when loading Burning sands
  120. v1.1 CTD Disconnecting from Burning Sands INF CO-OP
  121. v1.1 L86A2 Tripod Animation when firing
  122. v1.1 Fools Road Skirmish Alt: AK-47 has another smoke coming from front (Demo)
  123. v1.1 PeerBlock disallows PRLauncher from starting game
  124. v1.1 Abrams Gunner sound loop.
  125. v1.1 Russian Medic still got Binos on Dovre
  126. v1.1 Mk 19 stryker shooting blanks
  127. v1.1 Cannot exit the PKM MG Emplacement, Spacebar fires
  128. v1.1 (CSB) and regular bridge demolition
  129. v1.1 ger_at_pars3lr typo
  130. v1.1 T-62 HMG not zeroed-in
  131. v1.1 Better Performance With Highest Settings
  132. v1.1 Few 1.1 problems
  133. Update Bug
  134. v1.1 Vehicle Warfare
  135. v1.1 [Vietnam] Sikorsky transport heli fire bug.
  136. v1.1 [Qwai River] Floating Tree
  137. v1.1 Taliban Machine Gun Kit Hands are bad
  138. v1.1 [Jabal-AAS] Sun shines through hill
  139. v1.1 There is a bug in the map of Beirut
  140. 1324 Error Persisting
  141. Deployed/Undeployed fire mode bug? (Hopefully the nail in the coffin)
  142. v1.1 Infinite Ammo?
  143. v1.1 Leclerc's coax position is missing [Fixed]
  144. Project Reality 2014
  145. Getting under textures in Battle of Ia Drang
  146. v1.1 Operation Barracuda Map USA vs China
  147. v1.1 1768x992 resolution
  148. Taliban Mortars are bugged
  149. Big fps problem
  150. If you are crashing when joining a server....
  151. v1.1 fraps problems
  152. Marksman
  153. v1.1 No Black-white effect anymore on Nvidia card
  154. v1.1 Bijar Canyon
  155. Rcon on practice server
  156. v1.1 A lot of Connection Lost Server Crashes
  157. v1.1 Gaming and computer crashing
  158. v1.1 No delay on cache reveal (Al Basrah Std)
  159. v1.1 Dropped CSB, then server crashed when it deployed.
  160. v1.1 UAV Kokan Lag
  161. v1.1 1 Shot Kill
  162. Chinese attack Panther lag
  163. v1.1 PR Dissconnecting me after joining a server.
  164. v1.1 CTD Kokan Insurgency
  165. v1.1 CAS' rocket sound bug
  166. v1.1 Khamisiyah lrg F15 flare and pilot kit bug
  167. v1.1 Stryker Mk-19 firing blanks
  168. v1.1 Medic still blocked until deselect
  169. v1.1 'requestreinforcements.wav' never comes
  170. v1.1 External textures of NH90-NFH disappear
  171. v1.1 50. cal emplacement French on Marlin
  172. v 1.1.1 Mortar HUD broken
  173. v1.1 Couple of Hamas bugs
  174. v1.1.0.0 Few ied types not destroying fobs
  175. v1.1 [Al Basrah Ins] Iraqi Insurgents can use MG Emplacements at VCP
  176. BF2 Memory error
  177. v1.0 MG3 magazine linkage
  178. v1.0 1.1 khamisiyah- out of bound jet
  179. PR Broken terrain on Dovre
  180. v1.0 Mouse sensitivity maxed out in-game
  181. Mortar aiming interface broken
  182. PR Phone Bugged
  183. PR intro
  184. v1.0 M72A6 LAW Adjustable Sights
  185. Unable to detect Visual C++ 64 bit
  186. v1.0 Burning Sands FOB bleed
  187. v1.0 Local COOP: Can't Spawn
  188. Civi bugs
  189. Squad members not hearing me on mumble
  190. v1.0 Backwards Left/Right Sounds
  191. Visual C++ 2012 update 1 error
  192. v1.0 Can,t intall the BF2/PR, they say incorrect password
  193. v1.0 id like to report bugs ive encountered?
  194. v1.0 Mumble slider not working
  195. All of a sudden
  196. Spawn Menu not appearing.
  197. v1.0 Running UAV Lags Server
  198. v1.0 Game crash
  199. v1.0 Mumble Connection Failed : Connection Timed Out
  200. v1.0 Deploy smoke AAV on Jabal -> server crash?
  201. Locked server bug
  202. v1.0 Korengal Valley map bug
  203. v1.0 British AAV CTD when lock on
  204. Binoculars left click
  205. Not sure if bug or not but...
  206. v1.0 Video playback on 2nd screen stops, while launching PR.
  207. Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 1
  208. Performance Test III - pr_fpstest3
  209. v1.0 Unable to detect required dependency
  210. v1.0 Crashing when joining multiplayer servers
  211. CLR20r3
  212. Problems with PunkBuster
  213. Project Reality: Mumble Audio Weird Noises
  214. Unable to open door at D6-1 (Korengal Valley)
  215. v1.0 Error missing c++ redistributable 2012 update 1 86x
  216. Secondary sights
  217. Valid CD key gets 'invalid cd Key error'
  218. v1.0 Sound cracking bug
  219. v1.0 SPG-9 Bug
  220. v1.0 Error 75
  221. v1.0 Crash on Creating server and joining a server
  222. v1.0 Cobra Muttrah LRG crew CTD
  223. v1.0 Burning Sands: Flag through ground
  224. v1.0 Muttrah - MEC able to capture North Suburbs despite USMC capturing North City bug
  225. v1.0 updater bug?!?
  226. v1.0 Milan deployable glowing on thermals
  227. v1.0 Crash on exit (launcher)
  228. 6000 second respawn AAS
  229. v1.0 Could not respawn bug
  230. v1.0 'All Squad Leaders' com. & 'Mouse button 1' Mumble bug
  231. Translation error
  232. v1.0 Vietnam CAS Huey Gunner Bug?
  233. v1.0 Out Of Memory Exception
  234. update acces denied
  235. Performance Test II - pr_fpstest2
  236. v1.0 Launcher crash on update
  237. v1.0 Error 1004
  238. 1004: Error connecting to server. (10013)
  239. Stuck on joining server menu.
  240. v1.0 Pr v1.0 Launch Crash
  241. v1.0 Khamisiyah map starts , after 2 steps CTD ( singleplayer)
  242. v1.0 Little Launch Prob
  243. Can't spawn one-man Leclerc
  244. Gunships cannons very OP
  245. Performance Test - pr_fpstest
  246. v1.0 Project Reality Launcher Crash
  247. v1.0 [Possible bug] CAS No missile marker for gunner
  248. Cd-key is not valid
  249. v1.0 Mumble Bug (And How to fix it)
  250. v1.0 Beirut grass and trash texture bug