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  1. BMP 1 Cannon DROp
  2. v1.3 Server crashes increased
  3. v1.3 mumble stopped working
  4. Something i hate
  5. HJ-8 bad aim angles?
  6. v1.3 SPG DAMAGE
  7. Insurgent commander not able to put down roadblocks
  8. v1.3 Unable to talk
  9. v1.3 1.3.1 Minor Kit MenuTypo
  10. Horribly slow update speed
  11. Too complicated to install 1.3
  12. Praise for 1.3 changes and additions
  13. Commander Feedback (with new possible bugs)
  14. BF PR 1.3 = more trolls / base TKing?
  15. v1.3 Roadblock wall, abuse?
  16. M113 armor
  17. v1.3 UAV maximum viewing angle
  18. v1.3 What a huuuuuge UAV refuelling time
  19. v1.3 6 Observations - Errors or bugs?
  20. v1.3 Kits requesting infos in french
  21. Remove Out of Bounds Voiceover
  22. My feedback about this modification.
  23. Request for Revert to 1.2 Flight Mechanics (All Vehicles and Anti Air Weapons)
  24. v1.3 TOW changes - Manual
  25. v1.3 Why new sounds for machine guns?
  26. My installer is bugged
  27. Creative X-Fi audio renderer
  28. [FEEDBACK] UAV - Insurgency 2.0 Alpha - 1st Test Event
  29. [FEEDBACK] Insurgency 2.0 Alpha - 1st Test Event
  30. Poor performance on really good PC
  31. v1.1 Round time, asset respawn time
  32. Job well done!
  33. Little help please?
  34. v1.1 Commander UAV is too Useful on 2km Maps
  35. Mumble Glitch? (Singleplayer/Multiplayer)
  36. v1.1 Movement speed during Iron-Sights Mode of Scoped Weapons
  37. Candy Van unBan request
  38. v1.1 PRBF2.exe - Remove process ID from window title
  39. Commander gets way less credit that he should be
  40. low settings not low enough
  41. v1.1 Rally Points
  42. Insrugent Informants Inneffective
  43. Constant server crashes?
  44. Caches not spawning until known.
  45. Cussing
  46. Weapon handling feedback
  47. Launcher stuck on verifying files
  48. Teamwork in Insurgency
  49. SHIKOTAN INS - Cache Spawnpoints
  50. v1.1 Scope Magnification ( PU and SVD ) are wrong
  51. Breacher Class Problems
  52. 1.2 Dutch vs Russians, thoughts?
  53. Sbeneh MEC uniforms
  54. 1.2 Can we change our forum names now?
  55. NATO tanks reload faster than Russians and Chinese tanks?
  56. v1.1 Effects
  57. v1.1 ZPU 4
  58. v1.0 mumble inaccessible
  59. v1.1 US Light Anti Tank kit OP
  60. v1.1 Footsteps too silent v2
  61. Sounds fucked up.
  62. Mine (IED) marker in HUD not working?
  63. Loosing HUD after tab-out
  64. More "conventional" insurgency maps\layers?
  65. Brenn4n From Free Candy Van server
  66. v1.1 Enemy Kit pickup
  67. Great Mod, terrible community.
  68. v1.1 Weapon sound updates after 1.0 release
  69. v1.1 Server size is too big
  70. This mod is absolutely amazing
  71. v1.1 Really like the mod !
  72. v1.1 Do flares need an update?
  73. v1.0 Compliments on particles and sound works
  74. v1.1 Too much Voodoo?
  75. v1.1 Grenade/expolsive power?
  76. 1.1 Insurgent Mortars
  77. "Read your fieldbook/manual"
  78. v1.1 Penetrable Bodies
  79. v1.1 Insurgency - Quantitive Analysis
  80. v1.1 Impressions on Insurgency
  81. The removal of UAV lase.
  82. Smoke
  83. v1.0 MG hip fire
  84. v1.0 Required Dependency Missing
  85. v1.0 UAV unrealistic & bad for gameplay?
  86. PR Manual Printable Version
  87. 203 launcher
  88. v1.0 Does the RPG-7 need improvement?
  89. v1.0 Insurgency imbalanced
  90. v1.0 ATGM crosshair
  91. Mumble
  92. v1.0 ATGM's Speed
  93. v1.0 Why don't we have flashbang grenades?
  94. About the gunship AA missiles removal...
  95. v1.0 The Pain of Trying to Join a Full Server
  96. v1.0 IDF have too few scopes!
  97. v1.0 Russian Theme
  98. v1.0 Iraqi INS vs other INS factions
  99. v1.0 Shija Valley Soundtrack
  100. v1.0 Heartbeat sound when wounded.
  101. v1.0 no 100m sighting for RPG-7?
  102. v1.0 Blu-For iron sight kits w/out binoculars
  103. v1.0 6000-second timer/have to push 'done' is making me rage
  104. v1.0 switching between scope and iron sight
  105. Thread deleted? (Binos)
  106. v1.0 Binoculars Removal Feedback
  107. v1.0 Feedback
  108. Squad speech doesn't work, what to do?
  109. Attack Heli Underpowered?
  110. Please Fix the INS MODE
  111. v1.0 Rifle sounds are way too quiet
  112. v1.0 I like the beeps and squelches on Mumble squad chat
  113. Rifle firing sounds for British L86A2
  114. v1.0 Mumble Feedback - Dislike Current Deafen Feature.
  115. v1.0 Colorblind.
  116. Relying on one
  117. v1.0 Field Dressing Broken?
  118. v1.0 General flow of enemies.
  119. bf2 source codes!?
  120. v1.0 Helicopter Engine Sounds are Too Loud for Communication
  121. v1.0 Teamkill spawntime
  122. v1.0 Insurgency Mode Civi Kills
  123. v1.0 LAV-25 Cannon is useless
  124. v1.0 New radio squelch noise
  125. Great job!
  126. v1.0 Horrible Connection Issues
  127. Audio in video games, and in PR, an opinion of an audiophile
  128. Flares, UAV, lack of AT, asset rolling
  129. insurgent feedback
  130. PR 1.0 update question
  131. v1.0 Release Iraqi Insurgency mode is not fun :/
  132. v1.0 A confusing part on the manual
  133. Put PRSPY on the PR Loader?
  134. v1.0 Why is flying a heli with wheels now mortal combat against a piece of soap?
  135. Name tags
  136. v1.0 Unscoped IDF
  137. v1.0 no mortars on 2km maps
  138. v1.0 Bodies not flying
  139. Medic is the most anti-fun element of the game
  140. Update Error 1201
  141. v1.0 Intro Movies
  142. v1.0 ka shan map inside the dynamic clouds
  143. v1.0 AMX-56 Leclerc Glitches
  144. v1.0 Hud disappeared after alt-tabbing
  145. Explosion Clouds
  146. v1.0 Rallies
  147. v1.0 Commander
  148. v1.0 Sounds are overlapping each other
  149. v1.0 Option to use menu music for loading screens.
  150. v1.0 AK/Pecheneg firing sounds are bad (too grainy, too much clipping)
  151. v1.0 Connection problems
  152. Inevitable change and a temporary goodbye
  153. PR 1.0 - trail effects
  154. v1.0 Open Beta Binoculars for irregulars
  155. v1.0 Open Beta [FACTION] African Resistance Fighters
  156. v1.0 Open Beta Mumble & Overlay
  157. I want to say thanks for PR
  158. v1.0 Open Beta Missile sounds
  159. My 2 cents
  160. v1.0 Open Beta Combat Medic - Healing too slow?
  161. Criticism
  162. Use of NVG
  163. v1.0 Open Beta Anti-Air vs Helis/Jets - OP or Not? 1.0 Beta
  164. v1.0 Open Beta The fps drops ..
  165. Mumble Local
  166. v1.0 Open Beta Mines/IEDs and Teamkills
  167. 1.0 open Beta RPK 47/74's missing semi
  168. v1.0 Open Beta Two small animation bugs
  169. v1.0 Open Beta Menu Screen
  170. v1.0 Open Beta Commander UAV Feedback and Ideas
  171. v1.0 Open Beta Insurgency Game Mode is Still More Fun as Blufor
  172. v1.0 Open Beta Quick question regarding BUIS
  173. v1.0 Open Beta Getting to the Battlefield
  174. v1.0 Open Beta Mumble not being used like it was designed to be
  175. BF2 v 1.0 Chinese AT deviation/sights misaligned?
  176. v1.0 Open Beta Graphic options
  177. 1.0 Cap radius feedback
  178. v1.0 Open Beta Black Gold Arabic Sign is Wrong
  179. PR 1.0 Beta Some changes that i think should be made
  180. v1.0 Open Beta Spawn time and no suicide
  181. v1.0 Open Beta After entering PR 1.0 game mouse can not move, I ask how to solve?
  182. v1.0 Open Beta Muting local mumble during deployment
  183. v1.0 Open Beta SPAWN TIMER
  184. v1.0 Open Beta Visual Effects Feedback Thread
  185. Save Mumble Settings
  186. v1.0 Open Beta Commander feedback
  187. Default Gunner View
  188. Laser Designator Crash to Desktop
  189. v1.0 Open Beta 100% health after EPIPEN?
  190. v1.0 Open Beta Deactivated-Nametag Change
  191. v1.0 Open Beta The DEV appreciation thread.
  192. v1.0 Open Beta Medic Patches feedback
  193. Mumble and Windows 8
  194. Curious as to load times
  195. v1.0 Open Beta Don't mess with the nametags
  196. v1.0 Open Beta New Specialist Kit Layout and New C4 Charges Feedback
  197. Anim: AK-74 folding stock with scope
  199. v1.0 fps drop
  200. Remove Contact Report?
  201. v1.0 Open Beta FOBs
  202. v1.0 Open Beta Mumble Doesn't Work in the Loading Screen
  203. v1.0 Open Beta Footsteps too silent
  204. PR 1.0 BETA some personal feedback
  205. v1.0 Open Beta Graphics settings
  206. v1.0 Open Beta More US servers
  207. [Official] Binoculars Removal Feedback
  208. v1.0 Open Beta Black Gold Graphics Glitched
  209. v1.0 Open Beta Project Reality Mumble has Stopped Working
  210. v1.0 Open Beta Mumble local overlay
  211. v1.0 Open Beta Current FOB indicators on the Map
  212. v1.0 Open Beta Server issues
  213. v1.0 Open Beta I updated! -.-
  214. Mumble is not stable
  215. v1.0 Open Beta [Official] General Feedback
  216. v1.0 Open Beta [Official] Launcher/Updater feedback
  217. v1.0 Open Beta [Official] Rally Point Feedback
  218. Admins vs bad SLs
  219. AA Lock On
  220. Fix how Hilltops disappear?
  221. Value of life
  222. unrealistic ATGMs?
  223. Rifleman Ammo
  224. Mumble when flying
  225. Commander if UAV goes out of bounds
  226. Commander Interface needs overhaul
  227. Some ideas from the community
  228. Quads are OP
  229. Squad specific kits
  230. Holy crap! (Weapon immersion appreciation)
  231. Keep Binoculars in 1.0
  232. changes for current gameplay
  233. New PRspy
  234. Rotors having no collision
  235. Please go back to the good old times !!!
  236. PR Not using older military gear
  237. One fix needed for deviation.
  238. [Mortars] Insurgent mortars "too fast"?
  239. British uniform patch...
  240. Distorted Perspective
  241. Server Crashes...
  242. pr2.vbios
  243. 0.97 Projectile Deviation Bandwidth heavy?
  244. PR:Vietnam - Feedback
  245. Winter Maps
  246. Server waiting list.
  247. Map Loading Music Lacks Martial Spirit
  248. Change squad when dead.
  249. [100p] Rallypoints
  250. Russian Anti-tank missile 9M133 kornet-E's thermal