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  1. V-280 Valor - UH-60 Blackhawk Replacement?
  2. French Super Etendard Retired
  3. Rheinmetall 130mm gun
  4. F-16 AESA Radar Upgrade Program (F-16V)
  5. Gripen E rollout today
  6. New US destroyer ready
  7. M60 Tank Service Life Extension Program (SLEP)
  8. Japan unveils X2 Stealth Fighter Prototype
  9. Perception and combination to help the A-10 and 4th generation fighter
  10. What is this handguard on the Type 89?
  11. Famas to be replaced on French army by 2017
  12. MAKS 2015
  13. Leopard 2 Upgrades/Replacement
  14. Drone Warfare
  15. Integration of German Seebatallion with Dutch Korps mariniers
  16. Russia is going to build its own helicopter carrier
  17. JAS Gripen NG commercial
  18. US Army's New Operational Camouflage Pattern ACU
  19. Pecheneg Machine-gun 7,62mm (Modified)
  20. AK-74 Bullpup (Modified)
  21. The new generation of Russian armored vehicles.
  22. Variety of NATO jets seen from a Tu-95
  23. Railguns
  24. FN SCAR MK16-MK17 vs Heckler & Koch HK33A2
  25. Need help IDing a handguard
  26. Project Reality Aircraft's
  27. Soldiers' Kit From 1066 To 2014
  28. US Army - Ironman 500 Round Ammunition Backpack
  29. [MEDIA] Aircraft Porn
  30. [PICTURE HEAVY] - Portuguese Air Force Base
  31. Turkish F16 Really Low Approach (3 different angle)
  32. Finding the replacement for the M9
  33. G36 and its problems
  34. American Military - AR-15 Replacement
  35. Advanced Combat Rifle - In search for the M16a2 Replacement
  36. RAF B-2 exchange pilot
  37. Eurosatory 2014
  38. NASA interstellar Space Ship Concept and experimental stages warp drive.
  39. The Norwegian Military is Testing the Oculus Rift to Drive Tanks
  40. Fallujah Remake?
  41. Boot Soles Save Lives By Detecting Land Mines
  42. SUSAT with red dot sight
  43. SOLOTURK (Solo Aerobatics Display Team)
  44. New russian uniform comes up this summer
  45. Altay Tank (Made By Republic Of Turkey)
  46. Gaza Strip Crisis and Blockade
  47. China?s Soldiers Too Big for Tanks
  48. Raytheon - Anti-SAM Missile Combo : MALD, JSOW & HARM
  49. Rise of the Dragon
  50. US Army Tests new Smart Super Sniper Rifle
  51. Bundeswehr MG3KWS Upgrade Program
  52. US Navy to stick Cobra cannons on Seahawk stub-wings
  53. F/A-18 Advanced Super Hornet
  54. Swords making a comeback?
  55. PLA's long range UAV
  56. Smart sighting sniper rifle.
  57. Chilean marines acquire SCAR-L / H for its Amphibious expeditionary force.
  58. Turkish Attack Helicopter T129 ATAK
  59. 2013 SOF Annual Warrior Competition Results
  60. Chinese forces now use FY-JS sniper rifle
  61. Darpa's new robot
  62. Navy Awards Em Rail Gun Contract
  63. Russia Arms Expo 2013
  64. Rafale vs F-16 in dogfight
  65. Hearing Protection
  66. Books on anti aircraft warfare
  67. Question about Russia Combat Uniform
  68. British Army vehicles will be painted with new colour camouflage of tan brown
  69. New swedish airburst hand grenade
  70. Micro Drones
  71. V-280 Valor VTOL
  72. U.S. Navy to field first laser weapon
  73. Army IRR time question
  74. Dismounted Battlespace Battle Lab
  75. DAGR Hellfire-rockets
  76. First MH-60R w/ RHEP delivered to fleet
  77. m4s
  78. German soldiers getting HUD
  79. First tests for french Tiger HAD with Hellfire missiles
  80. History: Question about symbolism in Korean War US uniforms.
  81. Qaher 313. Iran presents its first Stealth Fighter prototype
  82. Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers
  83. Karel Doorman class JSS
  84. ABV (assault breacher vehicle)
  85. Typhoon 2...
  86. Laserz
  87. UK forces replace Browning pistols
  88. Tavor tar 21 Question
  89. Sikorsky delivers first CH-53K
  90. Invisibility Cloak?
  91. China lands first fighter on an aircraft carrier
  92. [Photos]Chinese WZ-10 attackhelo in The Zhuhai Airshow
  93. US military invests in 3D printing on the frontline
  94. any RADAR specialist around here ?
  95. COD2 Complex Optical Device
  96. MV-22 Ospreys arrive in Okinawa
  97. Chinese PLA holosight
  98. CHAMP missile
  99. Soviet troops in Afghanistan (photos)
  100. RAN LHD - HMAS Canberra
  101. Must-Read Article On The West's Modern Military Technology In Afghanistan And Iraq
  102. SR-71 Blackbird
  103. Inside a T-80
  104. All Special Forces ODAs to become HALO/HAHO capable
  105. New Ru Army Infantry Equipment
  106. Possible BAE-EADS merger
  107. PLA air force J-21 fighter.
  108. Hearts and Minds case study
  109. Article about Virginia Class Submarine
  110. ?3m in scrap metal.....
  111. New bugle for the US military
  112. Heat-protecting camouflage make-up
  113. Type 26 'Global Combat Ship' [Royal Navy frigate]
  114. Military sniping
  115. ARCHER mobile artillery system
  116. Russian vehicles perspective.
  117. MC-130 used in Son Tay raid retires
  118. Mirage 2000 [Video]
  119. New Russian pistol.
  120. First commercial production of AR-15 in Russia
  121. Is F-35 the future system?
  122. Foxhound (Land Rover replacement) arrives in Afghanistan
  123. Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle (TAPV) New for Canadian Forces
  124. EFV
  125. UK MoD balances it books
  126. MV-22 Osprey crash in Morocco
  127. F/A-18 crash in Virginia
  128. What America lost over Libya
  129. What dose GR Stand for?
  130. Apparent AH-64 Apache Crash At FOB Sharana
  131. C-130J "super Hercules" Crash
  132. A mug for Bob?
  133. BAE: GCV
  134. RAF orders 8th C-17
  135. Guided Bullets
  136. France's Dassault beats BAE Systems to clinch Indian government fighter jet contract
  137. Sea Ceptor
  138. Kalashnikov AK-12 Unveiled
  139. C-130 YMC-130H Lockheed Hercules
  140. UK MoD replacing VBS2?
  141. Army test-fields Carl Gustav in conventional units
  142. New combat uniforms for US Army
  143. The Successor to the B2 Stealth Bomber
  144. Canadian military developing stealth snowmobile
  145. US Army Issued Clothing Bag FY12
  146. What's the name of this insurgent weapon
  147. 4195: The Final F-22 Raptor
  148. What are these guns.. ?
  149. Blue Devil Airship is Getting a Super-High-Speed Optical Laser Downlink Upgrade
  150. Kamaz Triumph
  151. First UK F-35 rolls out
  152. AK 3rd generation
  153. Pentagon?s new bomb kills long before you hear it
  154. U.S. Marines Test New Energy-Efficient Weapon in the War On Trash
  155. Quantum communication for submarines
  156. Wildcat makes first landing at sea
  157. Does the Iraqi miltiary use the TOW (BGM-71)?
  158. ?1bn upgrade for British army's Warrior vehicles
  159. Blackwater and other Private Military Contractors
  160. Iowa National Guard Built Their Own Predator-Style Ammo Packs
  161. Abandoned Russian Military Vehicles in the Woods
  162. Is this possibly the Stealth Hawk?
  163. Under-Armor . . . literally
  164. Whats your Favorite Helicopter?
  165. Foregrips
  166. Lockheed?s New STOL Airlifter Design
  167. Vehicle based water purification
  168. Heat invisibilty
  169. Scimitar 2.0 makes its debut in Afghanistan
  170. The evolution of Infantry
  171. Modern Infantry vs WWII Infantry
  172. Tanks test infra-red invisibility cloak
  173. New Russian uniform
  174. Something isnt right with the Brits....
  175. Russia's New Plane
  176. How dangerous is white phosphorus smoke?
  177. China's first aircraft carrier on sea trials
  178. Is the S10 respirator going out of service?
  179. GTK Boxer - New German-Dutch armored fighting vehicle
  180. 8-bit Cammo APCs (and probably other vehicles)
  181. Zastava M09 Light Machine-Gun
  182. Royal International Air Tattoo 2011
  183. BAE Putting Lasers on Mk 38 Naval Gun
  184. How do I make the entrenchment tool become rigid?
  185. Prototype Blast-resistant HMMWV
  186. Guess the Explosive Weapon Thread
  187. Soldiers May Soon Have Lighter Machine Gun
  188. British armed forces planning for future wars
  189. Cartwright: Get Rid of the New Bomber
  190. Why is China Buying MRAPs?
  191. Airbus Military/Elta C-295 AEW
  192. ATK Building Next-Gen Abrams Ammo
  193. The t-90
  194. M-ATV
  195. M27 IAR is going Corps-wide
  196. USN Riverine Squadrons well-deck certified
  197. Britain orders 7.62mm Minimi (SAW), Britain and France consider Telemos UAV
  198. Wired for war
  199. British Army Mastiff 3
  200. Sonar questions
  201. What makes the Screeching noise....
  202. New Canadian Helicopters
  203. Stealth Helicopter used in bin-Laden raid?
  204. Tanks anti radiation/ chemical protection.
  205. Tanks vs HE shells qestion
  206. Pick Your Weapon
  207. No idea what this is... need a gun-nuts help!
  208. Protecting your jewels in a war zone
  209. A tale of Modern Gatling Guns(long email[no sources but still])
  210. US Cav Develop New MOLLE Extreme Uniform
  211. How are APCs organized IRL
  212. Lockheed Martin - MC-130J Combat Shadow II
  213. Do you wear your ESS goggles? ? ?
  214. Here's one for active duty Marines- Woodland MARPAT?
  215. CL/CA Ships (I haz question)
  216. The densest metal on Earth is Osmium why doesn't US&UK use this instead of Chobham?
  217. Strange Mosin-Nagant Addons
  218. M110, what's happened to it
  219. Electronic Sniper Locator
  220. Images of the Modern Canadian Weapons (Not many images useful for drawing on Google)
  221. Mirage Camouflage pattern, better than Multicam?
  222. LAV25
  223. Camouflague/Uniform Identification Resources
  224. Lets Talk About Red Flag... Air Force Topic...
  225. Photo ID on RAF Tornado GR.4 Equipment?
  226. Battlefield2 Euroforce soldier equipment
  227. Is it just me or noboby cares about the paper tanks we have today?
  228. Do tracers work both ways?
  229. USMC - M240G Optic
  230. Aircraft Identification
  231. The big NATO Forces thread
  232. Need Norinco VN3 info
  233. Tactical Nav - iPhone app
  234. First Chinook HC4 undergoes flight testing
  235. Marine Snipers Getting Model 110 SASS
  236. Brits get Magpul EMAG's
  237. why do crewmen wear such funny hats?
  238. M1 Abram treads
  239. AMAP-ADS Active Protection System
  240. blitz bomb damange movie
  241. The big Chinese forces thread(+others)
  242. Why do the US marines use the f-18?
  243. Pentagon Considering Cancelling EFV Project
  244. Insurgents use remote control car artillery IED (RC-XD much?)
  245. Irish Air Corps SU 30? ? ?
  246. Chinese 'carrier killer' ballistic missile now operational
  247. OMG
  248. first pics of China's 5th gen stealth fighter
  249. AK-200
  250. Would plastic landmines work?