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  1. Oskar's Basic Squad Leader Training - April 29th 2017, 18:00 PRT
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  17. Why should I stop critisizing my own team and make effort to initiate communication?
  18. downtime for making a plan vs. "being on the move all time"
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  37. Ok -- some elementary firebase stuff
  38. No more bullsh*t. This is how you run a squad, no questions asked.
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  55. How to NOT waste time. Being laid back
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  61. SL - Be The Best
  62. After you build, destroy.
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  65. Excellent Squads, excellent teams
  66. Terrible squads.
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  73. Commanders without experience
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  75. Proper Communication for Players
  76. Standard Operating Procedures: Squad Configurations
  77. Stop sitting around, charge in!
  78. SQUAD with SL and FTL
  79. Air maneuvarable engineer squad
  80. How to decide what to do
  81. The proper SQL
  82. Infantry squad, fireteams that actually work (wow?!)
  83. Named and shamed
  84. most common sentence as an SL
  85. Active squad-leading - fireteams
  86. Confusing: Rally Point Stacking
  87. Radio Check/VOIP Check
  88. Repair squads
  89. Milita SL..
  90. Communications and VOIP Guide by Darkpowder
  91. General Squad Leader Guide by =HR= Drayu (PR 0.5)
  92. Engy squad for Commander
  93. PSD Convoy
  94. OiSkout's Non-Com Doctrine/Philosophy
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  96. Fast Assault squad
  97. leading , literaly
  98. Balanced Squads
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  103. fast rally drop