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Posted By: [R-DEV]Mineral
Posted On: July 25, 2016 | 1:06 am

Forum Breach

Some of you may had a glimpse at some threads (that we removed) or heard rumors, but it's true that our forums have been breached in recent months. At least once that we know of. This breach included emails, usernames and possibly passwords. As we couldn't find several users in the breach it's likely the breach was only partial.

As many of you know our forum software is old and with no active web-developers this is very likely not going to change soon. So our security is not as good as it likely should be.

We have forced a password change on all our users here and on the Official PR Tournament forums and ask you with this notice to not use the same or similar passwords that you use here on other services. Please notify people that might not read this forum anymore as well of this.

We apologize for not being able to provide you with the security you deserve, but being a volunteering group it's sometimes hard to provide our players next to the game development also the best web service.

We hope you understand and once again we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

-PR Management

Posted By: [R-DEV]AncientMan
Posted On: February 6, 2016 | 10:40 pm

PR Master Server Update

Hi everyone. Time for an update on the current situation with the master server.

Firstly, it's back up. You can all go play now! Yay!

But for those still reading, I want to give you all an overview of what happened over the last week, and what's happening in the future, so this doesn't happen again (or so it doesn't happen as bad again). To start with though, I want to apologise to everyone for the downtime. It sucked, and I know how much everyone was wanting to play, but couldn't.

What is this Master Server?

The master server is what controls your online player logins, and the ability to see servers in the ingame server list. This service used to be provided by GameSpy, and many games used this. However, in 2014, GameSpy was shut down, and Battlefield 2 became abandonware. To keep PR alive, we reverse engineered the original GameSpy master server and launched a replacement service. Also Forgotten Hope 2 was invited to use our master server as well, in the spirit of community relations.

What happened to it?

Last Saturday, the master server was attacked by a DDOS attack. This caused our server provider to null route the IP address running the master server, effectively shutting it down. When the master server is down, no one can play PR online. Also, since FH2 is using the master server, they were also affected by this downtime. Obviously, quite a bad situation to be in. This wasn't a new thing to us though, it's happened several times before, where we've had outages for a few hours here and there.

Why did it take a week to come back up?

Shortly ...

Posted By: [R-DEV]AncientMan
Posted On: January 30, 2016 | 3:34 pm

PR Master Server Down

Update 6 Feb 2015
Hey guys, unfortunately I won't be able to get it back up tonight (AU time), ran into some issues. Hoping it'll be tomorrow morning now. Sorry for the bad news.

Update 5 Feb 2015
We just had a management meeting a few hours ago to discuss all our options. We have a solid plan going forward.

Right now, I'm waiting on my account at a new provider to be verified and validated, and then the server to be provisioned for the new separate master server.

Once it's provisioned, the master server will be moved and activated, a process which should be very quick. But, due to waiting again on a 3rd party to handle verification and provisioning, I can't give you an ETA. I sure as hell hope it's soon though, I desperately want to get you all back playing PR this weekend...

Once the new master server is set up, I'll make a new news post with an explanation of what's going on, why things have happened like they have, what's our plan for the future, etc. Keep hanging in there :)

Update 3 Feb 2016
Hey guys, the master server will likely still continue to have issues until the weekend. I'm currently travelling for work, and can only do so much from my phone in a hotel room.

When I return home, the situation will get sorted so you can all get back to playing your favourite game, and we'll have a much clearer picture of everything to present to everyone. Hang in there :)

Update 2 Feb 2016
Hi guys,
First of all thanks for bearing with us and all your support. You've been great!
Unfortunately we're still dealing with DDoS attacks. Every time the Master Server is up-and-running again, it gets taken down. Same goes for the forums, so it seems.
What does this mean for future of PR? Not much. We already have plans to switch to a more robust inf...